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I read the draft of midnight sun and let me tell you it is interesting how Edward's brain works. First of all, he is the fastest thinker around within two seconds he has a plan to fix a disaster. Second, he thinks he is a monster and because of the impression he gives people he expects everyone to be afraid of him. Only problem is the draft is only available on the internet, which gives me headaches. But it is worth reading like 1 out of the 12 chapters to get an idea of his perspective. I think Edwards brain is very different from most brains. They should have one book with a few good chapters from each book in Edward's perspective. Maybe even a few specail chapters in about Alice's perspective when she saw the future several times regarding Edward in Italy trying to get killed by the Volturi. It would be cool to know how Jasper feels about Alice and how Rosalie feels about Emmett. Special edition books like these would be awsome and sell out quickly don't you think?

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