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Name: Elena Gilbert

Nickname: Lena

Status: Vampire

Born: June 22, 1992

Place Of Birth: Mystic Falls, Virginia

Real Age: 19

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown (turns red when hungry & Angry)

Smoke?: No/ Drinks?: Yes/ Drugs?: No

Occupation: Student

Looking?: Yes

Looking For?: dont matter

Crushing?: no

Crushing On?: No one

Love Status: Single & Looking


Name Katherine Petrova

Species Vampire

Single and looking

daugter alice petrova

Name Bonnie Bennett

Species Human/ Witch

single and looking

Name Caroline Forbes

Species Vampire

single and looking

Name Rosalie lillian salvatore

species Vampire

Single and looking

brother damon and stefan salvatore

Name Alice Pertrova

Species Vampire

Single and looking

Daughter to katherine Petrova

Name Jermery Gilbert

Species Human

Single and looking

Sister Elena gilbert

Name Matt Donovan

speices human

single and looking

Name tyler lockwood

speices hybrid

single and looking

Name damon salvatore

species vampire

single and looking

brother stefan salvatore

sister rosalie salvatore


name stefan salvatore

species vampire

single and looking

brother damon salvatore

sister Rosalie Salvatore


name Rachel and Paul Lahote

both married


kids Seria

Name Seria Black



Parents Rachel and paul

kids none


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