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I have been wanting to make a fan fic for a while, so here it is!

-Seth's P.O.V-

I couldn't believe it. I had matured so much over the year and what do I get in return for this? I had to go to SUMMER SCHOOL. Leah said it was because Sam and the Pack had pulled me out so much during the school year they wanted to make sure I had everything in my head that I need for next year. I was just plain out pissed. That was the nice way to say it.

When I was dropped off at the school building, I saw all of the dumbasses of the school including Quinn Jones and Walter Simons. Wow. I so should have commited suicide. Haha, as if that was a possibility.

Well, I walk in, and everyone stares at me, all like why the hell is a smart kid like Seth doing in a class like this?


On the bright side, at least Jacob promised to go and get me a king size Hersheys bar before I got home.

I walked thought the building reading. The looks of the students, their faces wondering why I was here, after all, I had only bothered to show up for about a fourth of the days of the school year.

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