The Twilight Saga

Emmett life before and after (A ficton)

hope you like my new story im coming up with please comment and tell me what you thought!!!


By: Jada Moneypenny

My story is about Emmetts change it includes his
human life and into his vampire life .

hope you enjoy !!!


i felt ascruciating pain as i was being tour apart
piece by piece as my vision got bluryer and
bluryer all i could see was the blood that was
spread everywear and only praying that some-
one heard my scream .

Chapter 1 (hunting)

I woke up at the crack of dawn on the first day
of summer the best time to go hunting for bears
because thats when they first come out of
hibirnating i walked out my front door and walked
a couple of feet into my yard and headed into the
woods and was finally exited to see a new day
after waiting so long for this one i walked deeper
into the woods and found a bear eating as i bent
down to put a bullet into my 22 shot gun it felt as
seconds as passed as i looked up i was lloking
into the eyes of a 7 ft black bear that just came

out of hibernationit was hungry and irritable

it seemed as
everything went so fast one moment i was
looking the next i was thrown to the ground by
a powerful force i didnt know what hit me intill
i looked up the bear had came charging at me
and then sank its teeth into my skin and pulled
up riping it off peice by peice each tear was a
dreadful sickening heart stoping sound as i
watched myself being torn apart i only prayed
that someone would here my scream intll the
fastest thing i had ever saw flew at the bear
taking it down with one blow the only thing i
could think was "what the hell was that" ithen
the figure flew past the bear and towards me
and then next thing i know i saw a woman the
most beautiful woman i have ever seen so pale
so inhumanly beautiful with long blonde hair and
brown eyes and then it sank in did she do that
as i looked at the bear it was lifeliss as it sunk
to the ground with a deafining crack as its head
hit the ground then i went unconcious not
knowing what was going to go on next if i would
survive or not.

tell me if i should continue or not thx!!!!

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