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Chapter 1


Five years earlier

We could hear the screams out in the night. The screams of women losing their young to the monsters with guns. The soldiers sent by the government to take away the young children with gifts for experimental procedures. Disgusting.

My mother rushed me and my two brothers, Harry and Ethan, into her closet and placed a cover over us. She kissed each of our foreheads and told us to stay here and be very quiet. She promised us that she would return… but she never did.

We must have been in that closet for a good half an hour, holding each other in fear of being taken away and experimented on.

A few days ago the government announced that they would now be taking in people with ‘special gifts’ to make them into the ultimate soldiers. It’s all but who has the strongest army to the government now and those people with gifts seem to be the key to the ultimate army.

Only a few joined which angered the government a little too much. They began using propaganda like they did back in the times of the Great World Wars, but it didn’t work. People nowadays aren’t stupid, so they decided to take people in by force but they couldn’t take in adults or those whose gifts have matured. They posed as a threat so they began taking in children, killing anything that got in their way.

A person whose powers have not yet matured means that they can do anything, whether that is the ability to fly or the ability to breathe fire. A person whose powers have matured means that that person has a settled gift, basically they can’t do all the things they once could and are stuck with one or two powers. It’s very rare for a person not to be matured before the age of fourteen. It has only happened once before a long, long time ago.

At this time I was only eleven years old, my eldest brother Harry was fifteen and my younger brother Ethan was five. Harry wouldn’t be taken but there was a possibility of Ethan and I being taken.

Yes, my brothers and I were ‘blessed’ with gifts that only few seem to obtain. But then again it’s in the Heart genes. Every member of the Heart family seemed to have a gift but each was different.

Harry has the gift of telepathy which means that he can read minds and send mental messages to whomever he wishes. He also had the gift to heal wounds and even on some occasions bring back the dead, but it always drains him. We have a fear of letting him try to bring a human back to life. Luckily, Harry’s powers have matured which means that’s what he’s stuck with.

Ethan and I, however, haven’t matured though I am more used to controlling/creating fire these days. My parents think that I may mature sooner than average.

There was a lot of screaming coming from down stairs. I could sense my father and mother’s anger and fear, but I could also sense something else.

A loud voice said something unintelligent at my parents and then a nasty sound followed afterwards. Gunshots.

Ethan whimpered and hugged me tightly as he wept. I brushed his black hair and kept my eyes on the closet doors. I could hear Harry’s breathing getting heavier and he held onto me and Ethan tightly.

Heavy footsteps came up the stairs and walked around the top floor in search of us. I had never been so terrified in my life.

I could sense that Ethan was about to cry out but I gently stroked his hair and whispered into his ear a soft song.

“Hush little baby don’t say a word,

Mama’s gonna buy you a mocking bird.

And if that mocking bird won’t sing,

Mama’s gonna buy you a diamond ring…”

Harry put his hand over my mouth and Ethan’s. My eyes widened as I heard footsteps enter the room. Not just one, but at least four. Harry held onto us tightly but I could only hold onto Ethan and I did so tightly. I didn’t want them to take us away!

We held our breath as they searched the room, not sure what to do if they found us. We only knew that we can’t let them take us.

After a couple of minutes everything went silent. Thinking that they were gone, we all let out a hazy breath. That was a big mistake.

The closet doors swung open and four men pointed their guns at us, screaming at us to get out of the closet but we couldn’t. We were frozen with fear.

One soldier pointed at Ethan and tried to pry him from our grasp. One shot Harry’s shoulder, making him fall in pain. I turned my gaze to Harry for a split second but when I turned back to Ethan all I saw was a handle of a gun which gave a good blow to my face.

I fell back, screaming in pain and anger. Everything began going dark but I tried to keep my consciousness long enough to keep Ethan safe. My hands began to go on fire but in my pathetic hope of saving him I smacked on the back of the head by a hard object.

The last thing I saw was Ethan reaching out to me and his ear piercing scream of my name, “Valencia!”


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