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Ending to a Beginning-9-30-2015 My Wedding Day

I looked at the sun outside. It was beautiful. It warmed me up. It reminded me of Seth. My heart ached a little bit. I missed him but i knew i would be seeing him in 8 hours. I smiled thinking about what he would look like when i walked down the aisle. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I was happy today i didnt wake up with feeling sick. I looked at myself. I realized i was glowing. I stayed like that. My mind just thinking about the last 5 years. I thought about how we over came so much. It wasnt easy but we did it. And here we are today getting married. I smiled. I felt tears coming. For some reason i couldnt help myself with crying. It just felt right. I let the tears fall. It was mixed emotions. My mom wouldnt be here to see me but i knew she was watching. But then again i was marrying the man of my dreams. I wiped my face. I smiled remembering my mom at my 14th birthday party. "This is supposed to be a happy day no crying." I smiled thinking about her. "I love you." Mom i whispered. I heard a knock on the door before Alice came in. She was bouncing with happiness. I laughed. Then i started screaming. "I'm getting married." I said yelling. Alice grabbed my hands and we started jumping up and down. Rosalie came running into the bathroom. She joined in with us. Then everyone came and eventually every one was in the bathroom jumping up down. Mama Esme grabbed the camera and snapped a picture. I smiled. When we all calmed down Alice went back into "Planner" mode. "Okay so girls after Janaila's gets in her "Pre wedding out." We'll go to breakfast. I smiled. I felt like was starving. I hurried and got dressed in the dress that Alice had picked for me. It was simple but cute. I smiled. I brushed my hair into a high ponytail and brushed my teeth. I walked out and everyone just smiled at me. "Come on im starving." I said. We all walked downstairs. Secretly i was hoping to see Seth. But i knew Alice planned this to the last second. Maybe i could "Dont even think about it." Alice said. I laughed. We got to the dining room and the hotel had breakfast on the table. Everything was wonderful. I thought that i would be to nervous to eat but it all tasted so good. I smiled. I was full. My stomach showed it too. I patted it. Everyone laughed. "Okay girls time to start on hair and Makeup." Alice said looking at the time. I smiled. We all went up to the room. It was beautiful. It reminded me of the room when me and Seth went to Paris over the summer. It had a vintage but modern feeling too it. Alice started on Nessie first.


She curled it delicate little curls. Then pinned it back on the sides. For her makeup she did gold tones with a touch of blue. Nessie looked even more stunning then usual. I felt a twinge in my stomach. Before i knew it was running to the bathroom. It all rushed out fastly. I grabbed some tissue and wiped my mouth. I turned to find everyone looking at me. "Nerves." I said weakly smiling. I felt better but i felt odd. I got up and brushed my teeth again. Everyone went back to what they were doing but i could feel the atmosphere change. They were worried. "Guys please dont worry." I said. "You know im strange and my body has a mind of its own." I said. I could see everyone relax. I smiled. I watched as Alice did Rosalie's hair. She did a swoop bang then put in in a high pony tail and the rest was curly and hanging on her shoulders it was beautiful. Her makeup was the same as Nessies. She started on Bella after that. She also did a half up haldf down but Bella's looked teased but it ended with curls laying on her shoulders. It was beautiful. She did her makeup like the others too. She started on Leah's hair. She parted Leah's giving her a swooped bang then she curled it. She did Leah's makeup like the others. She started on Emily's hair. It was similar to Bella's but the top wasnt teased and but the curls layed on her shoulders too. She did Mama Esme's hair after her. I I grabbed my sketch board and started sketching what i saw. I pretty much what the room looked like and how beautiful every one looked. Mama Esme looked like a goddess. Her hair was braided on the sides but then it fell into a curly ponytail. Her makeup was a little bit more simple but it still resembled the girls. She looked beautiful. "You look beautiful Mom." I said. She looked at me. There was a gleamer of happiness in her eyes. "That is the first time you called me Mom." She said. I smiled nodding. "Yes i realized Mama was not right i realized your my mother." I said. She grabbed me in a tight hugg. "I love you Janaila." She said in tearless sobs. "I love you too Mom." I said letting the tears fall. We pulled away and she wiped my tears away. I smiled. Alice started on Mama Sue's hair. She did it simalar too Mom's but she made the curls fall down one shoulder. She also did her makeup more simple. She looked amazing. I smiled and grabbed her in a hugg. She hugged me back. Alice did Nalia's hair quickly. She did a little bump in the front with a curly ponytail. She swiped a little bit gold eye shadow. After Nalia got done she ran to the mirror and looked at herself. I laughed. Finally it was my turn. It was already going on 4:30 when Alice got to me. She didnt let me see myself. I smiled as i looked through my sketch book. I stopped when i saw "The Mystery girl" Alice looked down at the picture. I heard her gasp. "I know who that is." She said quietly. My heart leaped. "Who?" I said quickly. "I cant tell." "But you know." She said. I sat there the rest of the time. I didnt know who this beautiful little girl was. I just sat there as Alice worked her magic. Soon i felt her hands slowing and i knew she was done.


"Ready?" She said. She turned me around slowly and i gasped i what i saw.


Seth's Pov-

My hands were sweating. I was nervous. I cant wait to see her. I know she's going to be beautiful. I cant believe this day is actually here. I mean im Marrying Janaila Michaels. I smiled. I tied my tie. "You ready?" Jake said. I smiled and nodded. "Of course ive been ready since freshman year." I said. Jake laughed. "Oh we know." He said that got everyone laughing in the room. Carlisle walked over to me. "You better take care of her Seth." He said. That was the first time i was actually saw him as the "Over protective father." I nodded. "Sir i will." I said. He smiled. "I'm going to keep you too that." He said. He smiled breaking the tense moment. I smiled back. I looked at my watch. It was 4:50pm. 10 minutes until my biggest dream came true.


Janaila's Pov-

I looked at myself. I looked at my dress. I thanked god that Alice was able to find it for me. I looked at myself. I was beautiful. I actually really felt beautiful. The dress made me feel like a princess. It was a creme color with little sleeves that stopped at my shoulders with flowers everywhere. It just was beautiful. Alice made my now Hazel brown hair it she had it pulled to the side in falling spiral curls. She place flowers in them. I got my chinese bang. My makeup was simple but with my blues in there. I looked beautiful i couldnt believe this was me. I felt the tears coming. I wiped them softly. All the girls looked at my with Awe in there eyes. "Thank you so much for sharing this day with me. I love all of you so much." I said barely getting the words out. They all came and hugged me. I smiled. "Okay time to get married." I said. They all clapped. We walked downstairs and stopped when we came to two doors. My heart was racing. They all kissed me on the cheek and linked arms with their escorts. I smiled. Music came on softly me and Seth decided to play Still in love by beyonce as they walked down the aisle. I smiled. The music played softly and everyone one by one walked down the aisle. Nalia ran to me. She hugged me. "I love you bugs." I said. She looked at me. "Beautiful." She said in her little voice. I smiled. My music started for me. Carlisle took my arm lightly. The doors opened and everyone stared at me.


I smiled as i walked down the aisle slowly. Everything looked beautiful. There were white and blue lillies on the floor. I smiled. But the only thing i really looked at Seth. I felt the tears coming to my eyes. I let them fall. I realized i started walking faster. Everyone laughed. I finally reached Seth. Papa Carlisle kissed me lightly on the cheek. Then he handed me to Seth. I took Seth's hand. Papa Carlisle walked to the front. Everyone sat down. I smiled and looked to Seth's eyes. All i saw was love. "Seth and Janaila have decided to say their own vows." Papa Carlisle said. Seth took a deep breathe. "Janaila from the first day on September 7th 2011 you have changed my whole world." "Janaila you have shown me so much over the last 5 years." "We have grown together and i love you more than i can explain." "You are my everything, Im nothing without you." "I love you Janaila and cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you." Seth said with tears sliding down his face. I reached my hand to his face. I wiped them. I took a deep breathe.


Seth's Pov-

She looked so beautiful. She looked like a angel. She stood there looking up at me. She took a deep breathe. I could tell she was nervous. She let her tears fall. "Seth i love you more than anything." "Seth you have shown me what a man is supposed to be." "Thankyou for picking me." "You love me when at one time i didnt even love myself." "You showed me i was beautiful." She said. "Seth thankyou for loving me." "Thankyou so much." "The last 5 years have been amazing and beautiful." "I am excited to spend the rest of my life with you." She said quickly. "I love you." She said. I couldnt help myself. I bent in and kissed her. Everyone laughed.


Janaila's Pov-

I didnt want him to pull away. But he did. Papa Carlisle spoke. "It is my absoulute pleasure to present Mr. and Mrs. Clearwater." "You may now kiss your bride. My dad spoke. I laughed and before i knew it Seth's lips were on mine. He opened my mouth and i kissed him back. We pulled away and looked at everyone. They were all clapping and i was cheering. We went straight to the reception. I smiled. I was straving. The meal was incredible. At that moment it all hit me. I looked at Alice and she nodded. She smiled. "Congradulations." She mouthed to me. I looked at Seth and he looked at me confused. "It's nothing." I said pressing my lips to his. It was cutt short though. It was toast time. I smiled. Everyone went and Jakes was the funniest. "So i remember when Seth came home only 15 years old and told me he had found the one." "He looked like a crazy one." "But apparently Janaila you were." "Guys im so proud to say i have been there from the beginning." He said with a smile. Seth walked over to Seth and gave him a hugg. I ran over to him and gave him a hugg. I smiled. Everyone's was so touching. I grabbed the mic. "Thankyou so much for this amazing night." I said feeling the tears coming. I grabbed Seth's hand. I turned Seth's way. "Me and Seth have more exciting news." I said looking at him. "Were pregnant." I yelled. Seth looked at me. "What?" He said with his beautiful smile crossing his face. "It's true." Alice said. I smiled. I nodded. Seth picked me up and swung me around before pressing his lips to mine. He grabbed the mic. He put his hand on my tummy. "I'm going to be a father." He said lowly. He bent down and kissed my tummy. I smiled. Everyone clapped and cheered. I smiled. Our music started playing and Me and Seth went to the dance floor. It was Sia's- My love. I smiled. I looked at Seth he looked back at me. "So this has been an amazing night." I said smiling. Seth bent down and kissed me. "Yes it has." He pulled me closer to him. "I love you." I said. I pressed my lips to his.


Seth's Pov-

This was amazing. First i married the perfect woman. Now i'm going to be a father. All my dreams coming true in one night. I smiled and looked down at my perfect woman. Then it hit me. "Is that the mystery girl?" I said. Janaila smiled and nodded. So the mystery was solved. We knew about our baby girl 5 years ahead. I smiled and pressed my lips to hers.


Janaila's Pov-

Yes this was an ending to my childhood. I am a wife and soon to be a mother. But this is also the beginning of my life. The life ive always dreamed of. Seth was my life now. This was an Ending to a Beginning.


Songs that i wrote too-

Christina Aguilera-

I am

Bound to you

The right man



My love



Stay in love



Thankyou so much for reading Janaila and Seth's story. I really apperciate it. I hope that the Wedding you enjoyed it. If you want to see all the outfits they will be at WWW. under the name Peanutjazz. Thanks again and please give a chance to my new Baby Ariana. Thanks for reading.

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Comment by Marissa on December 20, 2011 at 8:07pm

will you please do more i love this story its wonderful your really good for a 13 or 14 yea old =)

Comment by EdwardRob Cullen on October 1, 2011 at 2:26am

OMG OMG OMG just freaking awesome !!!!! I hav a lot of superlatives in my mind bt they r just too much !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay and congrats to the couple

Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on September 30, 2011 at 6:53pm
oh best thing in the world., congrats to the newly weds!!!!!

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