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Today is the first day you will not forget. I looked blankly into his eyes, why would they put me through this kind of torture again and again? Did they think that I REALLY forgot the last time they did this to me? Well at any rate I did NOT want to put up with this for a second longer. Look at me, I said you can't honestly believe that I'M so stupid that I actually believe that! He gasped and jumped back a little, this one is putting up a little bit of a fight, he said looking into the mirror, that was obviously a 2-way. Maybe I said I just don't like being lied to! This is not the first day I will remember or, not forget as you would put it! It's fine, he said, just settle down and we will straighten things up. What? How DARE he try to settle me down, like I was a crazy animal that needed straitening out. So this is how it was going to be fine, I would play at his little game just long enough to get the hell out of here. Well, I said, I'm so sorry I just got a little jumpy. I feel a little sick,- and well... a little scared, I lied a little timidly. That's OK, he said, but really I could see the, "Shut up you creature and do what say" in his face. I got up and pressed my arms to my side, as if in a submissive pose. He looked (well glared really) at me for a while then finally said, that will do. Let her go, back into the "community". I could hear the quotations in his voice. I smiled a weak smile at him, thank you I said in a low voice. Yeah yeah, he said as he opened the door and let me into the arms of the "protectors" of the community. I had already tired of this and it had only been a few days, or maybe it had been weeks, I really had no clue. The "protectors" ( I'm going to call them LH, Livestock Handlers, because that's how they treated us, like we were livestock) dragged me through the large doors and into, Gohea, our "community". Quickly I freed myself from from there grasp and lead myself to find the way to my house.

While I was running through the streets to get on my road Razeyl came up from the trees (I would feel just plain silly calling it a forest). What did they do to you this time?, he asked calmly. The same as always, useless brainwash methods. Ah, he replied as we continued to my house. Razeyl was taller than most of us and had dark hair that was not black but, so deep brown you might mistake it for black at first, and granite eyes that if used properly could convince you to fear him but, Razeyl was kinder and friendlier than the others here, when he had no reason to be. I would not complain though, his company was probably the only thing that kept from going completely psycho. What happed while I was away? I asked in a little friendlier tone. The delivery guy finally stocked our refrigerators, though I'm not that excited, I did just finish my last supply. Well at least theres that, I said sarcastically. Hey look at the bright side you get to eat. We had finally gone the full stretch that reached my house. He kicked a rock that went sailing down the street, I was surprised it missed everything in that direction. Luck I guessed. Well I suppose you should go inside he said walking away. I caught a glimpse of a grimace on his face before he vanished back into the streets of Gohea.

I followed the path of dirt into my house's porch and gripped the steel colored handle to twist it open. I got inside and immediately flung the clothes I was wearing onto the couch and dashed to the bathroom to wash all the "smells" from myself. I got halfway to the bathroom when I noticed something was off about my surroundings. I took a step back and looked into the living area. Then it hit me there were no papers scattered everywhere. All week I had the stupid "required" Community papers fill out. That was my job to file and fill form for the community of Gohea. It was a sucky job and was assigned to me rather than chosen. But, today all the papers were gone. I frantically scurried around the house in search of them. I found them in neat little piles organized according to what they were for. Razeyl, I said aloud as I smiled at the finished paperwork. I would have to thank him later. I finished my get-yourself-clean mission and slid some clothes that would be appropriate for going out to my favorite nightclub. I headed to the downstairs closet and picked out some silver stilettos to go with the dress. I grabbed the keys to my Audi and headed out. When I got to the car I could smell him waiting in the car for me. Hello I said as I pushed the key into the ignition. He gave me a half smile and said, you enjoying the lack of work I've giving you tonight. Yes, I said with a witty little smile. I thought you would he said as he flipped through the CDs I had lying in the back. What!, no classical music, he said sarcastically and he flickered a smile at me. I keep the Good stuff in the house. Sure he said. So were are we going? I gave him a wicked smile and said, I'M going to the nightclub, YOU are going to hide out in the bushes like you always do. Not today he said, I want to go someplace today.....with you. While saying this, giving me a stare that made my "wicked" smile pathetic. Oh. Really? I said, that so unlike you to just find your way into my car and expect me to take you somewhere without previous planing. I turned the key to start the car and without any further discussion drove of to the nightclub on 453 St. Wow, he said actually looking shocked. Your going to let me go with you without putting up a fight. I smiled and said, well, thanks to you, I'm in a good mood. Huh, I'll have to finish those stupid papers for you more often. No you will have to keep your butt out of my house, He grimaced at that. I'll try, he said in a way that made me think that he had no such plan to "try". Well I said as I parked we're here! Oh, look at that I'm late! I got out of the car and went running into the crowd before he could say another word. I knew he could follow me sent had he really wanted to find me but, I might as well try.

Inside I met Danica at the bar. She was practically hopping up and down with excitement. I smiled at her and wove my way through the crowded building. Guess what Liz?, she said, without showing a bit of excitement now. What?, I said in a fake exited voice. I'm getting a Ferrari for my birthday this Tuesday. Oh, Really? I asked. Yup, and I know that's a fact. She hung her head and made a timid smile. I peaked she said quietly. Okay, I said who's getting it for you. Tony!, she said bouncing up and down. Well, He must really like you but, were are you going to drive it? I said perplexed at why she would care about a car like that when she had no wear to drive it but around Gohea, I mean Gohea isn't small but, it was no larger than the state of Arizona itself. And for us that was pretty much running distance. Well I didn't get you a car I said but you will like it I am sure. Ooooooh, she said in a girly voice, I can't wait. Hey, I'll order today. The bartender looked at us both for a wile then she said, Bring us two extra dark, please. The bartender came back with two tall warm glasses. Thank you sir, and she left her money on the counter as we walked of two a better table.

We sat and laughed for about half on hour had gone buy and we had finished our glasses. Do you remember, I said a little quieter know. I remember everything she said in a mocking tone. I ignored her and went on the last time you got to......... provide for yourself. She gave me a sad face and said, I did say I remembered everything didn't I? Yeah I think about that time and time again, but it only makes me depressed she said. Why you want to find a way to “provide for yourself? Cause if you found a way I am SO in. No, I said, just thinking about it. Then Razeyl came up from behind me and said, you are what you are. No denying that. But I think you should find away. Maybe we should break out. Besides, who – . What?! I said loud enough for five tables around to hear, even over the music. What are you thinking! Breaking Out? Are you nuts. You think I haven't tried that? Look, he said, you tried doing it the physical way, climbing over boundaries, thrusting yourself across the walls, and the like obviously don't work. So heres what I say, Let's do it the smart way, the way should have attempted all along lets do it the.........vampire way. He said all of this so confidently as Danica and I sat their, jaws, just, hanging.

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