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We had left the nightclub and I did was driving home ALONE. Razeyl left after shortly after his speech in the nightclub and Danica went off looking for someone to dance with, I stayed at the table for a wile longer thinking hard about what Razeyl had said. Did he really think we could do something like that? I mean he was always the one to break off into his own little world of thoughts that seemed outrageous but, this time he was serious. I had asked myself if he thought we could do something like that but, I hadn't asked if I thought we could do it. It was an insane idea. I tried to drive for a wile longer through town. I found a dark spot near the "forest" and parked my car. I got out and tried to close the car as quietly as possible. I didn't want to be heard. I leaned my body against the car and sat their for a moment. I was a still as a statue in that stance for an entire hour.

Then I got a sudden rush of energy and went running, flying through the trees. I ran and ran and let the smells of the forest fill my nostrils. Finally I came to a sudden halt I smelt something alive. I turned on my heals and spotted a brown rabbit. I leaned over and with a lightning fast strike of my arm I grabbed the animal and brought it to myself. I looked at it for a wile, I stroked it with the tip of my fingers. I could hear the animals heart beating, then I had the sudden urge. It was totally unexpected and out of nowhere, I pulled it up to myself and bit the animal in the area of the jugular. I let instinct take over and drank until there was no more (there was not very much blood in this animal). The taste was off, not what I was used to. The blood that I was human and had things in it to stop coagulation, not the best in the world. The animal now lay lifeless in my hands. It was not the best thing on the world either but it was far better than the crap they gave us now. Finally I rested the carcass on the ground and stood their for a wile. Find something to eat? I heard a voice say, behind me. In a split second I spun around and crouched to attack just as I realized who was talking to me. That was the weird thing about Razeyl, he was almost always.......unforeseen. He was the only vampire that could sneak up on me.

Why do you do that! I demanded. What?, he said, looking perplexed at what my problem was. Sneaking around and showing up when your least expected. I made one of those faces that said, DUH STUPID!!!! He was so clueless, and for as old as he was you would think he would be wiser. Sorry, he sounded sincere. Why did you follow me in the first place, I asked. Well I was hoping you would be thinking about what I said earlier. And that you would be more sharp than that, when it was so close to sunrise. They always have you in that brainwash room because you never watch you back in daylight. They like to get you when your much weaker, because they're cowards, He frowned at me. So what, your going to watch my back from now on? No, he said quickly, just going to watch your back as long as it's daylight he finished with a grimace. I don't think your watching me would help, if you remember, I”m stronger than you. Yeah, sure, he said. All of a sudden he grabbed both my arms and pushed me up to a tree. He pinned my arms to me sides and against the tree.

What the..... ? I flipped my hands and scratched the bark to the outsides of my body and slid my arms around and in front of myself. With as much force as before he flipped my hands upside down and he twisted himself so he could push me to the ground and force my arms around my back, all in one move. I was trying to escape at the moment, but also couldn't help thinking about awesome that last move was. He was now holding me down with one hand and crouching at my side. I heard him say in a very soft voice, Now who's stronger? I couldn't help but start laughing. Why, he said, is that so funny? He let me go and I whipped myself back up and around to look at him. Well? Well, I'm glad you were only trying prove a point. I stalked off. Of course, he right behind me talking into my ear again.

You know, I said, a passerby might get the wrong impression if they saw us fighting in the woods....... No they wouldn't, he interrupted. ALONE, I finished. He raised one eyebrow and looked me. I assure you that is someone passes us by they would not come to that conclusion. Were walking to the area were my car HAD been but was now replaced with a Shelby Cobra. Were. Is. My. Car? I huffed in four large huffs. I drove it back to your place, He said this as though he was proud of himself. He probably was. Well, note to self lock doors at all times. He snorted, as though a lock would keep me out. Yeah, I was just being annoyed at you. So you gonna take me home? I asked but of course he would, even though I could run, he was right is was getting close to daylight and I would be weaker. Home? He asked. REALLY? Thats were you think we're going? You know your real funny Liz. Were EXACTLY are we going I asked. Knowing that I was going no matter what I really wanted. Just get in the car and you will see. I did as he said, after all he was stronger than me. UGH.

We drove for about in silence for about an hour, at which time I blurted out, you drive like an old man! He made an, evil, wicked smile and before I could say anything else he, as stubborn as he was, started driving as fast as 150mph, he probably could have gone faster but he wouldn't want to hurt his “precious car”. We came to a halt in the path to some gross old farm house that was in desperate need of repair, or maybe destruction. So this is what you do on your weekends? Come to gross houses that really shouldn't be around any more? Look, he said, Shut you Mouth before you say something you'll feel stupid about later. I was slightly shocked at the way he addressed me. Razeyl had NEVER before told me to “shut my mouth”. I really couldn't imagine him saying it to anyone. While I was thinking through his confrontation he got out and came around, opened my door to offer his hand. He looked sorry, lets go, he said. I refused his hand and used the side of the car to pull myself out of the car. I looked around. The house was in the middle of a tall grass field. There was nothing for about 5 miles around the building. Come on, Razeyl grabbed my hand and we started running towards the building.

When we were about halfway there I looked back at the “old farm house” it was no longer old and gross looking but built of dark colored stone, a Gothic looking mansion. We arrived at the large wooden doors. This building was amazing. I would HAVE to ask Razeyl how he did this. And then just before he opened the doors to the mansion, It was not Razeyl that did this. This was a Krysinal. A vampire secret home, this could have been the last one if any others were still around. This particular one looked to be built in the thirteen hundreds. That would explain the Gothic look. The Krysinals were protected from humans and was and looked like an “old farm house, from the distance humans could come. One question did arise in my mind though, why the hell would Gohea be built over a Krysinal? I immediately asked this question once we got inside the mansion. The inside of the mansion was twice as amazing as the outside, but I would focus on that after Razeyl answered my question. Razeyl answered me, Well, he began, as you know all Krysinals are average to poor condition in appearance from a distance. I doubt you realize that when a vampire is within four miles of the Krysinal they also are inviable, to humans that is. Ooh, I said waiting for more. He continued, That is why it is so safe for vampires, ad why there is nothing else in the five mile radius. That part had clicked in my head as soon as he had said it. Anyhow, There were, if I'm correct, many vampires in this area before Gohea. That is why the Krysinal was built in the first place, to house the vampires. Now, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Gohea was built here due to fact of the vampire population. And as time went by they just continued to add vampires such as yourself and-. Don't remind me, I cut him off, I get the point.

I let him do whatever he did while I admired the architecture. The front room was quit large with a staircase on either side. When I looked up I could see the stairs lead to the many rooms in the mansion. All along the walls hung picture frames. Paintings of vampires that had lived here I assumed. The ceiling is what really caught my eye. A beautiful dome painted with images of winged vampire creatures. The colors of the ceiling were so vivid, vibrant, as if they had been painted just yesterday. In front of me, straight across from the entrance doors and in between the stairs was a large opening that lead to what looked like a ball room. Thinking about the ball room mad me imagine the mansion filled with ladies and gentlemen dressed in the clothes that they wore in the thirteen hundreds. Ladies walking around in those puffy, satiny gowns, and then I imagined them all bearing a wide grin to show off their teeth. I laughed out at that. Razeyl made a concerned face.

He was now walking down the staircase to the left of me. He had a roll of paper in his right hand. I finally asked him the question I wanted to answer to all along. Why exactly did you bring me here? In the same time I asked the question he was at my side. He answered, so you can meet Viggo Merrick. Oh, I said and who is this Viggo Merrick? You called? This voice came from the ballroom. I looked up to see the man I would not expect to live in this mansion, the old farm house yes, but not the mansion. Viggo was taller than I but not Razeyl. He had chocolate brown hair in curls that surrounded his head. His eyes were red but they looked like the color of a precious gem. Sapphire or perhaps garnet, or maybe a ruby. His lips were thin and pale even for a vampire. He wore a shirt with many holes, it looked to be as old as Razeyl, and a pair of jeans with a hole in both the knees. Over that he had a long brown, leather jacket that nearly touched the ground. Viggo spoke again, So this is the Elizabeth Razeyl has told me all about. Well he said he did not tell me all about you. He failed to mention how beautiful you are. He smiled and continued the flattery. Black hair in lovely waves that flow over your shoulders. And golden brown eyes that seem to argue with your lovely pearl skin. I tried to look flatted but I hated this kind of attention. He may very well have noticed my slight irritation because he changed the subject. |

So Razeyl, do you have the map? Right here, he held up the paper he had brought down with him. Viggo took the paper from his hand immediately. We both, Razeyl and I followed Viggo up the left stairs and into the first room. He unrolled the map and placed onto the table that sat in the middle of the room. The room wasn't very large, just a room for the table and a few people to overlook the contents of the table. It was not that long before I realized what it was. There before my lay the probable only map of Gohea and a partial map of the “facilities”. For an escape plan, I assumed. I was in shock at what great detail they had put into the map. I wondered if it had all been Razeyl's work or if Viggo had as nice hand righting as he. When I looked up from the map they were both staring at me. Well, what do you think? This came from Razeyl. I was slow to reply, I think that you are a little insane, but I'm not really surprised that this is why you brought me here. But will you help us finish?, this was Viggo's question. I thought the question through, then finally said, yes. For about an hour I told hem various areas of the “facilities“ and room, the ones I had been in, I also made comment on the two way window. When I had filled them in on all the areas I had learned of , he said, Thank you so very much dear Elizabeth. Your work will help you gain your freedom or, so we hope. I hope you will stay the for the night? I will be having a masquerade. And would just love it if you would join, I'm sure Razeyl will be their? Sure, Razeyl answered, but I wondered if he new what he had just said it in reply to. His eyes were glued to the map. Okay, I said but I will need something to wear and -. I will arrange something for you, he cut me off. Well then see you then.

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