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At first I was a little surprised that somebody that dressed as he did was going to host a masquerade party. But I guess that should give it a try. I wondered around the mansion for the rest of the day until Razeyl and Viggo came in to the ballroom, the room I had been evaluating and confronted me. We think, Razeyl began, that it would be a good idea if you maintained you own room here. So you can help us out, he added. Oh, Oh no, you just want me to stay here so you can watch me like I'm a child. I. Will. Not. Have. IT. Please, he frowned at me. If you stay you can have all the dresses you want, and your room will be as big as a house.
Absolutely Not!
Come on!
Uh uh.
Did I mention that there is a room in this house that is filled with Cd's..... It's the size of a large bathroom.
Music Cd's?
Why didn't you say that in the first place?
So you'll stay?
Can I raid said Cd room?
Of course!
Where's my room? Viggo stepped in front of Razeyl and handed me a key. You will find your room. Heres a hint, the key will fit into your room's door knob. Oh thanks for the advice. I spent about three hours going up and down the staircases trying to find they room that belonged to the key. Until I became sick of it and leaned on the wall for a moment. I saw Razeyl walk into his room. I followed him in. I was surprised when he was surprised to turn around and see me already sitting in his desk chair. Now who's sneaking around. Wow I replied I've never seen anybody sneak up on you. You must be very focused on something else. He looked at me blankly for a moment, don't you have a room to find? Yeah, about that why can't he just tell me ware the key goes? Honestly I don't think even he knows. I lifted the key to smell it. Maybe it will smell like the room it belongs to? I went flying around looking for a room that smelt as it did. No luck. I high tailed back to Razeyl's room. He was sitting at the desk righting something.
No luck?
Well good luck. He pushed me out of the room and locked the door. I pressed my cheek to the door and said, Raz your a jerk! He didn't reply. So I went looking again. I went to the room at the very top of the mansion. I had not tried before, due to the fact that one could only assume that it would belong to the master of the house. I pushed in the key, It fit. I twisted it and was relieved to have finally found the room I had been longing to find. My room.

The walls were painted a maroon with trim painted black. The drapery was also black. I sighed in relief and estimated that Razeyl had been correct, the room was as large as a house, a small one anyhow. There was another room with a mirror, a sink and a shower. Of course their would be no toilet. I moved across the room to discover a closet filled with dresses. I would have to go get my real clothes from home. Seeing the dresses made me wonder who they were for. Were they all put here for me?

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