The Twilight Saga

Every Beginning Has An End... continued...

Chapter 13:

Bella’s POV:

My shield shot out as we smelled their scent. It was something I had never smelled before and so I wasn’t taking any chances. I saw everyone tense. Edward ran over to me and took my hand. He searched the field for Renesmee. She was running towards us with Jacob in his wolf form right behind her. The wolves were gathering in the back and our family was running to join us. Carlisle was on the phone with Eleazer. The Salvatori was on their way. Why? It’s not like we were getting attacked. We didn’t even know if they were a threat. Maybe he didn’t want to risk it. I searched farther into the woods but they weren’t in sight yet. Charlie created his shield around mine. There was no way that anyone was getting through us, although Charlie wasn’t as strong as I. He hadn’t had the threat like I had in the beginning that sparked my rapid growth of my shield. Still, it had to help. I wished the rest were with us. I knew the rest of the wolves would be with us soon. Then I saw them. There were only two. A female and a male. It seemed as if they were just visitors. Hmm, good. I looked up at Edward with a smile on my face but it disappeared as I saw his malicious look in his eyes. He was furious.
I looked back at Carlisle and he had a very shocked look. So they knew them, but how.

The couple walked closer and I noticed the female was smiling. She had beautiful blonde hair that almost reached the ground and her mate had jet black hair that was so short it was almost a buzz. He was muscular but not as big as Emmett, not many were. He had an evil grin plastered on his face and let out a sinister laugh as he saw Edward’s expression. Then his gaze shifted towards the wolves and it quieted his laugh. He looked warily over to the female but she just shook her head without removing her eyes from me. Why me? What’s up with the crazy female vamps holding a grudge against me? I didn’t do anything. It was starting to get on my nerves.

“Why are you here?” Carlisle asked. He had his arm wrapped securely around Esme.

“We have just came to thank you for ridding us of the Volturi is all.”, the female said very innocently. How fake could you get?

“That’s a pack of lies and you know it Clarissa!” Edward almost yelled.

Her eyes were like daggers as she looked from me to Edward. “Why, I don’t know what you mean?”

I wrapped my arm around him silently asking him to explain. “You haven’t came here to thank us. Who are your followers. Who have you created?! How many are there you evil witch.” Edward was shaking before he could finish. I had never seen him so angry before. What was his reasoning? She created someone? I wasn’t the only one confused. I looked around and everyone else was looking at him with questions in their eyes. The only one who seemed to understand anything was Carlisle. Perhaps they knew her before Esme and the rest were created.

“It seems your gift is still as strong as ever. Although I hear that you are not the only one who has ‘special’ powers.”

“There are those of us who have unique abilities but you seem to already know this. I see your spies have served you well over the centuries. You do know that we won’t let you escape here after what you have done so you might as well tell us where your followers are. If not then we will find them, there’s no doubt about that. I will destroy every one of you if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Oh, I do wish.” she said with a very evil sneer.

He narrowed his eyes. “Africa, hmm. I thought you were the colder type” He smiled back.

Her eyes grew wide. Apparently he wasn’t supposed to have heard that thought. Her mate looked over at her with huge eyes as well. “What did you do?”

“Next to the river? Very nice, no wonder you were able to go without being noticed. And underground, very nice.” Edward said. He was taking advantage of her first shock when he discovered it was in Africa. Whatever it was. “Although I am surprised even you were able to keep them tame. Wouldn’t you give us all the benefit of explaining your actions?”

She let out a hiss and without any warning at all she flew back towards the trees but we were on her and her mate who had tried to follow and thankfully Charlie had reacted fast enough and had dropped the shield. Edward was the first to grab her and I assisted holding her down. Emmett had taken care of the male and the wolves had us surrounded while the rest of my family was almost on top of us ready to back us up. “We will destroy them” Edward said these last words before he twisted her head off and removed it from the rest of the her body. I was shocked that things had taken such a turn. Rosalie, Alice and Jasper helped assist with the body while Emmett took care of her mate and seconds later there was a fire going. We all looked at Edward with extremely shocked and confused expressions. Emmett was getting a little jittery. He didn’t like waiting. Then I saw everyone relax and my own muscles relaxed as well. I looked over at Jasper who just smiled back. I looked around and Renesmee was trying to get Jake to phase back but I was guessing he was having his own silent conversation with his brothers.

“Edward, what the hell is going on man?” Emmett asked impatiently.

Edward sighed. “We need to get everyone together. We are going to Africa. Clarissa and Collin(her mate) along with some other followers had created an army of immortal children to wipe out the Volturi but when they heard of our existence and our power they expanded the army. It is larger than any other we have faced and stronger. They’re only objective is to wipe us out so that they can take over and destroy the human race.” We had all stopped breathing. I now let out a huge sigh as the realization hit. But at the moment I didn’t understand how much trouble we were in. I hadn’t been a vampire during the battle of the immortal children before. I didn’t understand just how dangerous and uncontrollable they were. But I would sadly find out…

Clarissa’s POV:


The first thing I notice is Bella. I have heard so much about her and I can already feel the extremely powerful pull of her presence. I grin as I realize that I am getting to observe something others could only dream of, or have nightmares about. Either way it was a one in a lifetime chance, only because shortly after I knew I would die.

“Why are you here?” I looked up from the girl. Hmm, Carlisle still looked as dashing as ever. I don’t know why I was expecting some sort of change. He would be the first to go. He had been apart of the Volturi and I would never forget it. I smiled as I realized that at this moment my creations were getting ready for battle. Although the Salvatori wouldn’t be fooled with a surprise since they had precious Alice. At least I had done my research.

“We have just came to thank you for ridding us of the Volturi is all.” They weren’t fooled, of course. I hadn’t really been planning on it though.

“That’s a pack of lies and you know it Clarissa!” Edward almost yelled. This surprised me. I had heard so much about him, how he had so much control. Didn’t seem like it. His voice startled me. He sounded so furious. But I didn’t let it show.

“Why, I don’t know what you mean?”

“You haven’t came here to thank us. Who are your followers. Who have you created?! How many are there you evil witch.” How dare he! He would regret it. I was glad that I had told my little ones to get rid of Carlisle and Edward first. But it would be a great lost. He was extremely hansom. If only he had given us a chance.

“It seems your gift is still as strong as ever. Although I hear that you are not the only one who has ‘special’ powers.” Which was evidently extremely true.

“There are those of us who have unique abilities but you seem to already know this. I see your spies have served you well over the centuries. You do know that we won’t let you escape here after what you have done so you might as well tell us where your followers are. If not then we will find them, there’s no doubt about that. I will destroy every one of you if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Oh, I do wish.” And it would be the last thing he did, I had already made sure of that. I smiled as his eyes narrowed at me. He knew it and there was no way around it. I was ready and he knew that this was a battle he could not win. I smiled as I thought more about my followers back at home. Apparently I thought to much about them…

“Africa, hmm. I thought you were the colder type”. Well crap.

“What did you do?” Collin asked me. I…I… just gave it away. How could I have been so stupid! I became upset and without meaning to flashes of my little ones flashed in my eyes. I remember how they had so much fun in the river and digging holes throughout the entire countryside.

“Next to the river? Very nice, no wonder you were able to go without being noticed. And underground, very nice. Although I am surprised even you were able to keep them tame. Wouldn’t you give us all the benefit of explaining your actions?”

This couldn’t be happening!! I tried to calm my thoughts to prevent from revealing more than I already had. But, I realized it was already too late. My only option was to flee since there was no chance of surviving a fight. I ran towards the forest but before I had time to escape I felt him pounce on top of me. I knew then that my life was over. I would never get to see my little darlings ever again. “We will destroy them.”


She had one more gasp of air before she fell into a deep hole of nothing and would never resurface.


Chapter 14:

Clarissa’s POV:

This couldn’t be happening!! I tried to calm my thoughts to prevent from revealing more than I already had. But, I realized it was already too late. My only option was to flee since there was no chance of surviving a fight. I ran towards the forest but before I had time to escape I felt him pounce on top of me. I knew then that my life was over. I would never get to see my little darlings ever again. “We will destroy them.”


She had one more gasp of air before she fell into a deep hole of nothing and would never resurface.

Bella’s POV:

“How could this have happened without someone finding out about it?” I asked Edward.

“There were some that found out but were quickly destroyed. They kept hidden. Normally the immortal children would have just dug themselves out but since Clarissa and the others brought them their meals they had no reason to. They will do anything that Clarissa has told them to, she is what has kept them alive. I have never heard of someone being able to control them so much before. She has done a lot of research. There were some that escaped but Clarissa took care of them before there were any sightings or suspicions. I… I don’t know how to explain just how dangerous this is going to be.” He looked me in the eyes and with a movement so fast it even shocked me he had me I his arms. I would have blushed if I could as he held me in front of everyone. He kissed my neck lightly and I wrapped my arms around him as well. “I don’t want to lose you.” He looked up at me and I could tell he was in agony.

“It will be alright. We will be ok. We have so many with extraordinary powers. There’s no way that they will be able to hurt any of us.” He shook his head.

“You don’t understand. They will out number us.” This shocked me and everyone around me. “I can’t tell by how much. Clarissa didn’t let as much slip as I would’ve hoped for. Is there any way that I can get you to stay here?” He didn’t ask with much hope.

“No way. But Renesmee?” I called for her. She walked up behind me. Jacob had phased back and was holding on to her waste. “You will stay here. You aren’t experienced enough.”

“But Mom, I am old enough. You have taught me so much, I can handle it.”

“No” Edward, Jacob and I said at the same time. “So, how is this going to work?”

Edward looked up at Carlisle. “I’ve already called the Salvatori. They are on their way. Sam, I am afraid that I have to ask if the rest of the wolves will be with us?”

Sam nodded. “Of course, we will help as much as we can.”

“Alright then. We will wait for the rest and then we will head to Africa where I assume we will begin looking for their base.”

We all went inside to try and enjoy our last moments of relaxation. Edward and Carlisle seemed to have no hope. But I couldn’t give up. If not for myself then the others. I couldn’t let them believe we were going on a suicide mission. Ugh, this was so frustrating. How could this have happened? When will it ever end? Will it ever end?

Everyone sat down including the wolves that had arrived. Carlisle and Esme were cooking for them. Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. No one asked any questions. He walked outside onto the porch and sat down on the steps. He wrapped his arm around me. I leaned into his shoulder. “Is there really no hope? None at all? Will anyone survive?”

“I promise I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“I’m not worried about me.”

He let out a laugh. “I hoped that maybe after everything you’ve been through you would have some sort of self-preservation but you are the same girl I fell in love with.” He looked down and let his shoulders slump forward. When he looked back up at me he looked as if he had aged so much, not with physical appearances but with the look in his eyes. He seemed as if he had been through so much. As if he was tired, tired of having to fight. “There is a small chance of victory so yes, we can have hope. But I feel as if I am letting everyone walk up to their death. I just want all of this to be over. I want to be able to relax and just enjoy my life with you.”

I smiled. “Don’t worry, we will make it through. Charlie and me should be able to hold everyone back.”

“There are flaws in Charlie’s power. True, he might be able to keep everyone back but it will also keep any of us from attacking them. If he lets go of it for a split second to let us attack then they will be on top of us. He isn’t able to wrap his shield around people like you are yet. We can’t count on that yet.”

“You can’t lose hope. If we don’t have hope then there’s no reason to fight and we won’t win.” He was about to say something when he stopped. He stood and I followed him into the house as I held onto his hand. You couldn’t have explained whatever it is that you thought of before we went in?

He looked back at me and laughed but began to explain to everyone why we had just been called to the living area by Carlisle. “There are many Texans who are coming to help us. Carlisle called them and explained to them the situation, as you can imagine they will do anything to help us prevent the immortal children’s plan from coming true. There are ten that are coming and will possibly be seventeen. They will be here in a couple hours. I know it seems like we should leave out now but if we wait for them we have a better chance. They are all experienced with this sort of fighting and will benefit us greatly. I ask that you wait patiently and relax as much as you can till they get here. Once they are here they will begin explaining what exactly we will be going up against.”

Everyone went back to what they were doing and he walked over to me with a new light in his eyes. He had hope…

Edward’s POV:

I looked down at her hoping that I had some kind of energy in my eyes. I didn’t want to let her know that we had no hope. I didn’t want her to know that we were all going to die and I especially didn’t want her to find out of my plans to save her. I couldn’t just let her get killed. “Would you like to go outside for a minute?” She nodded her head. She was glad to get outside where there wasn’t so much tension. Everyone was on edge. Emmett’s thoughts resembled everyone’s but in a louder way. He basically shouted to me When are we leaving?! But he knew that we needed to wait. Jasper was dealing with a lot right now but tried to calm everyone down. It helped…a little.

“Do you really think they will be able to help us?” she asked.

Her hope was overwhelming. Just listening to her almost gave me hope but I knew that we wouldn’t get out of there alive. At least I wouldn’t but I would make sure she did. “I do. They are way more experienced than us. None of them have any powers but are all very good fighters.”

She sat there quietly just thinking about things. She wrapped her little arms around me. I pulled at her chin and our lips met. I tried not to make it seem as if I was enjoying our last few minutes alone but it was pretty obvious. She pulled away.

“No. Stop. You’re not going to say good-bye to me. We are going to make it through. Everyone will make it through.” She held my face in her hands. I remember when she used to use all of her strength just to try and get me to move but now she could easily get what she wanted.

“Alright. I’m sorry, I just…I’m paranoid. This isn’t something I really want to deal with.”

She sighed. “Promise me something. That after this we will run away together. We will just go somewhere in the mountains where no one can bother us and we will just enjoy the peace and quiet without having to worry about anything.”

How could I promise her that? “That would be nice.” I avoided her eyes and picked up her hand. I really hoped my plan would work. Hopefully she would agree that we needed to stay in the back of the line so that her power would be more helpful but I would actually have Jacob grab her and run. If there was anyone with a chance of outrunning anyone it would be me, him or Leah. I chose him so that Renesmee wouldn’t have to suffer without him. He already knew to run and to not stop until he got to the river. I just hoped that Bella wouldn’t put up much of a fight. He would of course tell her that something was happening to Renesmee, that there was another group of immortal children that had been told to attack our home. I knew that this was not the case. She wouldn’t put up much of a fight. It would be too late before she found out the real truth. I just hoped that she would be able to take Renesmee and Jacob into hiding after the immortal children defeated us. We would do as much damage as we could to prevent them from being able to destroy everything after we were gone. I looked over at her. She was looking at me…again. She knew something was up.

I sighed. “It’s just that I am a little suspicious of these Texans. There had been rumors that they were involved in the battle before but were a favor of the wrong side. But I’m sure its not true. After all if they had created them they would have regretted it. Even the creators regretted the immortal children. Most of them were killed by their own creations. It’s not something anyone wants to go back to. But this Clarissa and Collin pair are not your average vampires. Their minds are so black and white. They have one goal, to destroy the human race and to do that they are trying to destroy us. I really can’t even begin to understand them. It’s not like we have a horrible life. Keeping it a secret can be kind of interesting and challenging sometimes.” I smiled as I remembered how hard it had been to keep it from her. That seemed so long ago but at the same time it seemed as if it were yesterday. What if she had known that this would have happened? Would she have chosen this life? And as if she could read my mind she answered my unspoken question.

“I don’t regret anything. I don’t miss my human days at all. I still have everyone I love and nothing has changed other than my balance improvements. We are going up against an army of vampires that wants to destroy is, just like any other day.” She smiled at her joke. I saw she was trying to play it off to not worry me.

“Are you not scared at all?” I asked her.

“Of course I am. I’d be a fool if I wasn’t. But, I figure why stress and fret about something that you can’t do anything about yet. If there is anything that I have learned through all of this, it’s to enjoy every normal minute you have if there ever is one.”

I starred blankly at her. I was a century older than her and yet she was wiser than I. I pulled her into my chest. I kissed her forehead. We sat there for a few minutes and enjoyed our moment of ‘normalness’ as much as we could. Then…they arrived. We were to begin getting ready for battle. We were getting ready to die…

Jacob’s POV:

I sat in the forest by myself in my human form. I needed a minute to myself. I didn’t need to worry about Ness at least. She was to stay here. I thanked Edward and Bella for that. But how was I supposed to keep Edward’s promise? Bella would kill me for keeping her away from the battle. What if Edward died? I cringed at the thought. Would it be my fault? How was I supposed to leave my brothers there to fight for themselves? Why was it that Edward and Carlisle thought there was no hope in any of us escaping? I felt the waves of vibrations rush through my body as I started to become overwhelmed. I calmed myself. I needed a few more minutes to myself. I smelled her before I heard her quietly walk up behind me. Renesmee. I turned around and she was tip toeing towards me. I reached out for her hand and she took it while sitting down next to me.

“Why are you out here all alone? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

“Sorry. I just needed to think through some things.”

“Like what?”

I looked over at her. “The battle. Something feels off.” It wasn’t a complete lie.

She looked down at our hands. I felt a cold tear hit my hand. “Is there anyway that you will stay here with me?”

I felt a lump in my throat form as I heard the sadness in her voice. More tears escaped her eyes. “Don’t worry. I promise you I will be back. I have a plan. I can promise you that me and Bella will return to you safely. I promise.” I squeezed her hand to add emphasize to my words.

“What do you mean you and my mom? What plan?”

“I can’t tell you, all I can tell you is to not worry.” She looked deep into my eyes and could see that I wasn’t lying I assumed for she dropped it.

“When will they be here?”

“Any minute I assume. We should probably head back up to the house.” We stood up and ran to the house with no hurry. When we arrived we saw everyone standing outside waiting for our allies. I noticed just how big our gathering us. The entire Salvatori was there along with all the wolves. I couldn’t even comprehend how big their army was if they outnumbered us. With a shift in the wind we breathed in their scents. We soon saw them come out of the shadows of the trees. There was a gathering of about thirty. They had found more. I looked over at Edward who let out a sigh of what I would guess is relief. He looked over at me and smiled a feint smile. Will this help? He nodded slightly. Will we defeat them? Will others make it out alive? He shrugged. Bella noticed and saw that he was looking at me. I smiled at her. She grinned back but she knew that something was going on. Dang. it was so not easy keeping things from her anymore. Edward smiled as he read my thoughts. How is it that that still got on my nerves. He let a small laugh escape his lips. Bella looked up at him while smiling. She was glad to see him laugh.

They stood a few feet away from Carlisle. Carlisle closed the gap. He shook hands with everyone. “I’m so glad that you could make it and I thank you for bringing more. But I must have you understand just how dangerous this will be.”

“Don’t worry Carlisle. Most of us have battled against them and those who haven’t have heard the stories so many times it feels as if they have been there themselves. We are honored to fight along the Salvatori and legendary wolf packs.” Hmm. Nice. I looked at Seth who had a smug smile on his face. I searched for Noah and saw him sitting with Ashley and Seth. They all seemed to grow as she said these words. I rolled my eyes as Embry flexed his muscles. “So where do we begin?”

Everyone stood as we got ready for whatever they needed us to do. “We would like it if you would explain their fighting tactics.”

“Alright then. Well I wouldn’t exactly call them tactics. They just go for the easy kill. They are strong though and have no limitations when it comes to hesitation. They are afraid of nothing. Do not underestimate them.” Everyone gathered closer as we gathered as much information as possible. “In a normal battle we would split up but with these abominations we must stick together or they will just pick us off much faster. We will attack as a united front and hopefully take them by surprise. Try and take as many out in the very beginning while they are still in shock as you can. Other than that there isn’t much I can tell you. I could tell you just how dangerous they are but you won’t believe me until we get there. One thing I must tell you though is that we take no surrender. It will just be a trick. There were many that made that mistake last time and it just caused more chaos. Kill everyone.”

I looked around wide eyed at her conclusion. It hadn’t really set in what we were about to go do. We were going to go kill infants who hadn’t chosen this way of life. They had been forced to do this and yet our job was to exterminate them. We all loaded up into cars and headed towards the airport. We would arrive at our destination in a few short hours. If only they could have lasted a little longer…

Bella’s POV:

We arrived in Africa and planned to search for their underground hiding spots. Edward knew that they were all in the more extreme environments. We searched in the desert next to the river and the scent hit us with an incredible force. We headed underground. I picked up Clarissa’s scent and Collins. They had been through here a lot. We guessed that this was the main entrance. Edward insisted that we be in the back of the group because we would be more effective back there so we were behind all the wolves. I heard gasp from both sides as the tunnel we had been following revealed the army that was getting ready to destroy us. My shield burst out as the battle began. There was chaos everywhere. It was odd how calm I was as I realized that this would be where I drew my last breath. We would all die. There was no hope after all. We fought our way through the front of their army as more began to pour through the tunnels…


Bella’s POV:

I looked over at Edward. He met eyes with me and I thought I would burst into tears, but of course I didn't. They were all around us. Everywhere I looked there were more coming in. I was stuck in that spot with fear and acknowledgement of what I was seeing. The most beautiful creatures I had ever seen were growling at us and even fighting amongst each other. As I looked around at this horrific site I realized we would die here. We would all die here.

Jacob's POV:

Edward! They’re every where, we can't take them! I ripped another one to pieces and it let out an agonizing scream. One tried to get its little fingers around my ankle to break it but I grabbed it before it had a chance. I didn’t realize how fast they were going to be. Edward was right. There were going to be no survivors. “Jacob! Renesmee!!!” and with Edward’s sign I went to search for Bella. She was in the very back. I leaped over our family and friends. I caught a glance of Leah being jumped on by multiple infants. I searched for Noah. He had just kicked away another one from Ashley. How?! How was I supposed to leave my son and family. I couldn’t! Edward looked back at me with a horrid expression. He was at my side in an instant. “Jacob, there are more going home. We need to get back there now. Me, you and Bella.” His mouth was barely moving as he told me this. My body shut down as I realized what he was saying. Our plan to keep Renesmee at home backfired. They were going after her. Our fake plan was the real one now. I ran and he followed. He grabbed Bella’s hand and we ran out of the tunnel. My heart felt as if it would explode any minute. I was furious. There was no possible way I was phasing back yet. The only purpose of my life was fixing to be killed and she didn’t know it. “Stop!” Edward yelled. I looked over at him as we came to a halt. “Do not think she is going to die! Don’t! Get it together, we have to save her. I will not let my baby girl die. Bella get Renesmee on the phone. Jacob, calm down and phase back now!” He began pacing back and forth as I tried to let the heat in my body dissolve. He was right. I couldn’t save her if I was having an emotional break down.

“Why, why do we need to call Renesmee. What do you mean we need to save her, from what?” Bella asked.

Right. She didn’t know. “There is a small pack of infants going to the house. But I don’t understand. Clarissa didn’t tell them to do that. If she had then Alice would have seen it in her visions. All I know is that we need to get back there now.”

We looked at him in confusion but it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if we knew why this was happening. It didn’t matter if we were scared or in pain. It didn’t matter that at the moment I couldn’t breathe. All that mattered was that we needed to saver her, now. I phased back and quickly changed clothes. Bella had just told Renesmee what was happening. So at least if we were there to late she wouldn’t be caught by surprise. I reached out my hand for the phone. Edward motioned for us to follow him so I ran as I brought the phone to my ears. “Ness? Are you ok? I promise I will be there as fast as possible.”

“I’m ok. I.. I’m just scared. I don’t know if I can take them. Are you going to get here fast enough?”

“I’m going to try sweetie. I’m so sorry. You just hang in there. Do not try and fight them, do you understand me?”

“But I have to. I have to try.”

“No, you run! As far as you can, do NOT fight them Renesmee!”

“I’ll be fine Jake. I can handle it.” And with that she hung up.

“Renesmee!” I yelled into the phone but there was no one on the other end.

“Jacob, what’s wrong?” Edward asked.

“She’s going to fight them. I told her to run but she won’t listen.” I began having trouble breathing. Bella grabbed my hand.

“It’ll be ok. We will get there in time. They’re taking to the water. We will get there much faster, won’t we?” she turned to ask Edward.

He looked over at us. “I don’t know.”

“Wha… what do you mean you don’t know?” Bella asked as she began to tremble.

“They had a huge head start. The only reason I knew about their plan is because I heard the thoughts of one of the other abominations before I killed them. Clarissa didn’t have as much control as she thought she did which is an inconvenience for us. We will be extremely lucky if we get there in time.” I thought I would collapse right there. But my body did not fail me. I ran faster and faster. I would make sure that I gave everything I could, even though it might not be enough.” We saw the airport up ahead and in what seemed an eternity after that our plane took off. All I could think of was one thing, the most beautiful thing, my warmth, my heart, my smile, my laugh, my love, the only thing that mattered… My Renesmee.

Ashley’s POV:

I tried not to let the terror show on my face as I shot a glance at Noah. Seth was right next to me and was trying to fight off everything that came at me. He had already been bit several times and had yelled out several times. He was dying. The poison was taking over. I looked over at Noah again feeling helpless as he took out another infant. But I had to focus at the moment because one lunged past Seth and I was momentarily dodging an airborne screaming baby. It was like the worst horror movie. I ripped it out of the air and ripped it to pieces with my teeth. I felt like an animal and in my state of shock I let out a very disturbed laugh as I realized I was an animal. Get it together Ashley. We need your head in this Sam shouted at me with his thoughts. It was agonizing having to listen to each others breath taking cry’s of pain through our minds. I felt everything that they did but Sam was right I needed to focus. I wasn’t doing much good here behind Seth so I leapt forward. I was able to take down two more. They outnumbered us three to one still. I couldn’t tell how many losses we had and I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. Then I noticed that Alice was right next to me. She covered my back as one lunged at me. She was so fast. Seconds after that Jasper appeared next to her. It looked like she was having a vision so he covered for her as she tried to focus on what she was seeing. I helped as much as I could. She quickly snapped out of it. She let out a sigh that was barely audible. I searched for the cause of it. She layed her hand on my shoulder blade. "Hang in there, there is help coming". We continued to fight and I hoped that that back up was coming soon. It was pandemonium but it looked like they had stopped flowing in. So as long as we continued to hold our own we might get out of here. And with that we heard yells from the tunnels. We all stopped to see adult vamps leaping from the tunnels onto the abominations. They were here but who were they? We didn’t stare long. We took advantage of the distractions and together took out another dozen. Their numbers started dwindling as our new comers took out a large number of them. The battle seemed to drag on and on almost as if it were a stalemate…

Renesmee’s POV:

I hung up with Jacob as I smelled the things that were here to kill me. I don’t think he realized that they were going to be too late. Way too late. I ran out of the door and they were running at me with more speed than I could have though possible for them to move with. They looked like little angels but I knew were not even close. The one in the lead lunged right at my throat but I easily dodged him. I continued to dodge them over and over again. I was pure defense at the moment but they were getting impatient. I lunged at the one in the back. The slowest one. I dug my teeth into his neck and saw the head roll on the ground. His body went limp and I pulled out the lighter that I kept in my pocket. His clothes caught easily but I didn’t have time to destroy him completely for there were others behind me. This took place in a matter of seconds but when I turned around the larger of the infants jumped at me. I felt a burning sensation in me left forearm. I screamed in agony as the venom began to flow through me. The last thing I saw before I fell into a hole of nothingness was a beautiful blonde wolf leaping out of the forest. I heard an ear splitting growl as he lunged forward and pulled the abominations off of me. Then… I saw black as the fire spread through me.

Bella’s POV:

I had never felt so much rage before. Not even when I battle the volturi for the first time and they tried to come up with false accusations against my daughter, not even when I had seen Edward lay there in pain, not even when Nessie had gone missing. I was furious now because the most evil of all creatures were going to try and destroy my innocent daughter. I let out a tearless sob. We were on the plane and several people turned to look at me. Edward wrapped his arms around me. At the moment I didn’t care if I should feel embarrassed or if I was drawing attention to myself. At the moment I didn’t even care about the army of infants who were trying to take over the world. The only thing that I cared about at that moment was getting to my daughter in time. Jacob sat across from us and he was shaking involuntarily. I reached over and held his hand to try and sooth him. Him phasing inside of a flying airplane wasn’t exactly going to help the situation. Finally after hours of waiting we landed. As soon as the plane stopped I unbuckled and was running maybe a little too fast for normal humans. Edward grabbed my hand and tried to slow me a little bit. I knew he was more practical than me but I really just didn’t care. I fought the sensation to run faster and quickly found us a cab. I gave him a fifty and told him to go as fast as he could to Forks. We sat on the edge of our seats as we saw the line of tress come into view before we reached Forks. The cab driver was surprised when I told him to stop but obeyed. We all jumped out of the car and waited for him to drive away before we sprinted into the forest. Jacob ripped though his clothes behind me and was flying next to us as we used all of our strength to push to speeds we had never reached before.
Edward was ahead of me though and as we got close to the house I heard him take in a huge gasp of air. Then he lunged forward past the trees. I saw the house at first and I racked through the shapes to see my little girl laying in the grass. She was screaming. I saw a blonde wolf sitting next to her whimpering. When he saw us come up he turned into a protective stance over her and began growling with a ferocity I had never seen before. His eyes moved to Jacob’s form. Jacob in turn just sat there. At first I was so confused as to what was going on but then I saw how Jacob was trying to communicate with his eyes. He was speaking to him in a way only wolves could, through thoughts. The blonde wolf sat up but I could still see the hairs on the back of his neck standing straight up. As Jacob ran inside I saw the little bodies laying in the grass next to the big wolf. I took the lighter out of my pocket and took care of the remains. Renesmee let out another scream and as I saw her body convulse from the pain I knew what had happened. She had been bitten, she was turning into a vampire. I looked over at Edward who dropped to his knees and held his head in his hands. He was listening to her. He was having to hear her silent cries of pain. He was hearing her suffer. Then as Jacob ran out of the house I heard Edward’s tearless sob…

Chapter 16:

Jacob's POV:

I ran back out of the house. I took a wide path so as not to frighten this mysterious wolf. "Ok, I know you are scared and I know that you don't understand anything that’s going on but I need you to phase back." He sat down but shook his head. "Well all you have to do as calm down. I know that’s a lot to ask at this moment in time but it's easy. But you won't have clothes so perhaps you'd feel more comfortable in the trees. I will go get you some clothes." I saw him nod and he walked into the trees. I ran into the house and went inside Emmett’s room. I saw a dresser and grabbed what I thought would be ok for now. I wasn't really sure how big this guy was but from the size of his wolf form I'd say he's about the size of Emmett. I ran downstairs and outside. He was standing there still shaking but I as I walked up he relaxed some. I gave him his clothes. Ya, he's Emmett's size. Well at least I got that right. He stood back up.

"What am I?" He asked hesitantly. He was looking at his hands. I remember what had flashed through my mind after my first phase. Monster.

"You are a werewolf. Well, sort of. Technically we are shape shifters because we don't have to have a full moon and we control when we change. There is a lot to learn but right now I really need to get back to Renesmee." At the moment all I could think about was her. She was in pain and I was having to stand here and explain things to him.

"Renesmee Oh, the girl. What's happening to her? What are those other to things out there? They smell bad. Is Renesmee going to be ok?" He would have continued on that long line of questions without giving me time to answer if I had not cut him off.

"I know you have a lot of unanswered questions but right now is not the time. I need you to go in the house and just wait until we can get everything figured out." I began walking out of the forest before I was finished talking and once I got that last thought out I ran. I was at her side almost instantly and she was reaching out trying to find something to hold. I gave her my hand. I wiped at her forehead which was pouring with sweat. "It'll be ok Nessie. I promise. It will all stop. You have to just hang in there. So you hear me?" She let out another scream and I knew that I would never be able to grasp how much she was going through at that moment. "Edward isn't there anything you can do? You stopped it before with Bella, stop it now!"

"I can't. It's too late. We didn't get here fast enough." He held on to her other hand and Bella was patting at her leg. Bella moved around and placed her head in her lap.

"Renesmee. Listen to me please. I know that you are hurting. I'm so sorry. It will stop but please. Please control yourself as much as you can. You must. We need to carry you inside so I need you to keep your legs still ok. I know it hurts more than anything but you must try." Renesmee let out a whimper but nodded her head in a fast jerk. Edward pulled her off the ground and carried her inside. I followed. He layed her on the bed and I went over to her side. I tried to comfort her but nothing seem to work. She let out moans and whimpers of pain over and over and over again.

"Will my heat of my hand make it worse?" I had never been in the room during a transformation.

"No, she won't feel any heat or coldness while the transformation is taking place. You can stay there." Oh, I guess that makes sense. We all sat there trying to reassure her but from what I could tell they knew it wouldn't help. But it gave us all something to do. Then we heard a knock at the door. We had all been so preoccupied we didn't hear or smell his entrance.

"Umm, is there something I could do to help?" His eyes were rimmed in red. I turned back to Nessie. At the moment I couldn't worry about him. Edward saw how I was a little to busy so he got up.

"No, I'm afraid not but if you will allow me I would like to explain some things to you. Would you care to walk downstairs with me?"

I looked up. The boy hesitated but wasn't able to pass it up. He had too many questions that needed answering. He nodded his head and began walking downstairs. He stole one last glance at Renesmee. Renesmee, not us. They walked downstairs and Bella followed as I tried to quiet Renesmee's cries of pain. I held her hand and rested my head on her arm. I wanted her to know that I was here and that I wasn't leaving so I continued talking to her. A tear ran down my face as I slowly fell asleep.

Bella's POV:

We followed him down the steps at a human speed. He went and sat down on the couch but wasn't comfortable at all. He seemed unsure of us. "Umm, I don't believe we caught your name."


"I'm Bella and this is my husband Edward. The young girl upstairs is our daughter Renesmee. I know that you are probably noticing some odd things about us. We aren't humans as I'm sure you have figured out. We are Vampires Brandon. But don't worry we do not kill humans." His hands began to tremble but not from rage. I could tell he was frightened.

"I don't understand. How do you not hurt humans? What about Jacob?"

"We survive off of animals. Jacob is a werewolf like yourself. Renesmee is being transformed into a vampire as we speak. My voice was stronger than I would have thought it would be.

"Because she was bit." He said.

Edward nodded. He began answering unspoken questions. "Yes, werewolves can hear each others thoughts but only when they are in their wolf form. You run at a higher temperature than humans."

The boys mouth popped open and he scooted farther away from us. "How.. how did you know I was thinking that? I though you said only wolves could hear each other?"

"I have a gift. Some vampires are given gifts during their transformation. I can read minds. I can't read Bella's but that is because she also has a gift. She is a shield. A mental shield." Edward continued explaining things to him. We told him about the rest of the wolves and imprinting and we told him about our family as well. Once he had answered a few dozen questions I layed my hand on Edward's shoulder.

"We should check up on the others."

"It's not like they will answer us Bella."

"I know that but Jacob can check." He could hear the wolves. We discovered that there was no limit to them hearing each other no matter how far away they were from each other.

"If we can get him away from her long enough." Edward walked upstairs and I sat next to Brandon.

"This is just so much to take in. He was staring at his hands. He looked disgusted. I felt like reaching out to him but I knew my touch would not feel comforting.

"You aren't a monster. You had no choice. It was in your blood. But you can use it for the good like the other wolves. You mustn’t be disgusted in yourself."

"Are you sure you can't read minds?" He asked and surprisingly smiled at me.

"No, I just had a friend that went through what you have. I figured you're probably thinking the same things he was." He nodded his head and then I saw Jacob run down the stairs. He was going to make it as short as possible. He hated being away from Renesmee. "Will you be alright down here if I go upstairs?" He nodded his head. "Alright, well there’s plenty of food in the kitchen. You can help yourself to whatever you'd like." I ran upstairs and I felt him gasp as he saw my speed. But I was upstairs before he was able to say anything about it. Renesmee was being more calm than before. She was so strong. Edward looked up at me. He motioned for me to come sit next to him. He mouthed the words I need to talk to you. I nodded my head. We waited for Jacob to come back upstairs. I stayed next to Renesmee as Jacob gave Edward the news and then when he came back inside I met Edward outside. "So?"

Edward looked up at me with a small smile on his face. It is almost over. There are so many bodies that we aren't sure who we’ve lost. Jacob did know that there were several wolves bitten. There had been a bunch of adult vampires that had appeared out of no where that fought with us. They helped. All the abominations are almost destroyed. There are only about a dozen left and I'm sure that they will take them without anymore injuries or casualties. They're going to come home as soon as it's done."

I let out a huge sigh of relief. I was still worried about who we might have lost but there was nothing I could do. So I would try to help Renesmee as much as I could. "Bella?"

"Yes?" Edward seemed worried. Was he not telling me something?

"I'm worried about Renesmee and Jacob. He imprinted on her and the reason wolves imprint is to create a better line of wolves and sons. But if Renesmee changes and can no longer have children, well do you think that would jeopardize it?"

Oh, actually I hadn't thought about it. "I don't think so, there have been wolves that imprinted on vampires before. Plus Jacob will love her no matter what." Edward seemed to roll that over.

"I know that. Alright, we'll worry about that when it's time. It's going to be a major pain to keep him away when it's time for her to wake up."

"I don't want to be the one that has to break it to him."

Edward let out a small laugh. I sat down next to him and we just tried to relax for a few minutes. We were trying to let Jacob let everything settle in. Edward leaned down and kissed me lightly. "After she's done changing it will be a major relief you know. She will be able to take care of herself more."

I looked up at him. "She'll still need us every now and then." He smiled back. He was fixing to say something when Brandon walked outside.

I smelt blood but it was his blood and so it didn't trigger anything. Just that odd burning. "What happened?" I asked.

"Uh, well I cut myself and I was going to clean it up but then I realized that there wasn't a wound anymore...and well I was wondering if it's supposed to do that?" His eyes were huge as he examined his forearm.

I smiled. "Yes, you will heal very fast when you are injured. It's a wolf thing."

"Oh ok. Thanks." He turned and walked back inside just shaking his head back and forth. We followed him inside and I was cleaning up the spill when I saw Edward cringe. He then gasped.

"What is it?"

"The venoms spreading further." Translation: she was in more pain. I dropped everything and ran upstairs. She had a grimace on her face. Jacob jumped as she squeezed his hand. He had fallen asleep. He looked up at us entering the room.

"What's wrong with her?"

"Nothing, nothing. Renesmee, it's alright, it just means that it's going farther into your blood stream. I know it hurts more sweetie but you're doing such a great job. We continued to soothe her and then Edward got a call. He didn't leave the room and continued to hold Renesmee's hand. He hung up after not saying much.

"They're on their way home."

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