The Twilight Saga

Ok... Like Alice... i have had a vision of wat i will be doing for the , i'll say 4 months...
I WILL BE WRITING A BOOK!!!!!! Its cool right... it was influenced be Twilight, the master piee its self
It Will include the Cullens (edward pacificlly) , but its about a family who movie to forks, and they turn out to be vamps too, and how there arrivel has sent the wolves... well there really mad about it, and you know what there do when there made... OH!!! also, i will put the First 2 chapters on here for you guys to say wat you think about it
im soooo excited now, ok thats all,
Team EDWARD!!!
By Devionna, the Twihard
Oh and..... I LOVE YOU EDWARD.... i had to get that out there, LOL!!!
Isn't this a sexy Pic Of EDWARD! OL!!!!

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