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Everything happens for a reason ~ Chapter 1~ For a reason

"We're gone be here for a while" you say with reassure in your voice. "I'm not going to hold my breathe." I say. You take a deep breathe. The school comes into view. My stomach does little summer saults. "Listen too me make the best of this." You say putting your hand on my shoulder. I shrug you off. "Im going to do what I have too do." I say opening the car door and getting out before you can respond. I look at everything around me. You swerve off. I take a deep breathe calming myself. I walk up to school quickly. I look down at my phone. My first class is English. I reach the door i take a deep breathe calming my nerves. "Your not that girl." I whisper too myself. I open the door and walk in. The room is quiet as i walk in. I feel everyone's on me. My teacher who is gorgeous just stares at me. I smile. "This is Mr.Fratz English 4 right ?" I say breaking the silence. The teacher stares for a few more seconds before clearing his throat and looking away. "Yes , you must be Janiece Michaels." He says checking my name in attendance. "Would you be related too Janaila Michaels ?" He says looking up at me. "No , Sir im not." I say. He nods. "We'll we were just finishing up introducing ourselves too the class." "What would you like too say about yourself ?" Mr.fratz says looking at me. I smile turning towards the class. "We'll im Janiece Michaels ill be 17 next month." "Yes this is all my hair and natural hair color." "I can sing." I say. "Sing." A deep voice says from behind me. I turn and my heart skips a beat. Your beautiful in a rugged way. Your skin is a creamy white. Your features hard but still manages too have a softness too them. Your eyes a warm honey color. Your tall maybe 6'4 your build smaller than a football players but more built than a swimmers. You have a small smirk on your face. Your baiting me. "Baby do you dare too this , because im coming at you like a dark horse oh oh oh oh cause once your mines there's no going back. Baby im a dark horse." I sing looking straight at the beautiful stranger. I stop and smile. The whole room is still silent. "That was amazing ms. Michaels." Mr.Fratz says breaking the silence. I turn my back on you. "Thank you." I say quietly.
The rest of class goes by smoothly. You dont look at me or try too talk too me again. I brush it off though. I meet a girl her name is Jennifer. She's pretty. Her skin is a clear white. Her hair black and silky reaching the middle of her back. She's on the taller side like me about 5'7. With a slim build. "So that's really your natural hair color ?" Jennifer says looking at my blonde hair. I smile. "Yes mam" I say poking at my fruit salad. "Where did you move from ?" She says. "New York city." I say. "Have you lived on forks your whole life ?" I say looking at everyone. "Yeah , I cant wait to leave though." Jennifer says with a longing in her voice. "I actually want too go to New York City." She says with a small smile. "New York is a huge scary but amazing city." I say feeling sadness fill me slowly. I shake it off quickly though. "But who is Janaila Michaels ?" I say. Jennifer smiles. This girl she came here her freshman year."
"Her paintings are up there with vangoughs" "There really amazing."
"She lives here in forks with her family actually." Jennifer says. "Yall do kind of resemble." Jennifer says typing something in her phone. "See look." She says handing me the phone. Janaila is beautiful. There's a slight resemblance between me her. I hand Jennifer her phone back. "She's beautiful." I say. "Yeah , and her husband Seth oh sweet jesus." Jennifer says fanning herself. I laugh. "He's a cutie im assuming ?" I say shaking my head at Jennifer . "Girl he is beautiful." She says. "But him and Sem are neck and neck at who is more gorgeous." Jennifer says popping a grape into her mouth. "Who is Sem ?" I say. She smiles. "You know Sem.""Sing" Jennifer says mimicking beautiful strangers voice. I laugh because she does it perfectly.

"He's alright." I say eating a piece of pineapple. Jennifer smacks her lips. "Okaaaay and Robert Pattinson isn't totally grogeous." Jennifer says. "Alright Sem is Gorgeous." I say with a small smile. "He moved here last year." "He's nice but a loner." Jennifer says. "Him speaking too you was out of character for him." Jennifer says popping more grapes into her mouth. "But you sound like an angel." Like a mix between Jhene Aiko and Mariah Carey. " Jennifer says praising me. I shake my head. "Im not as good as them but thank you ." I say popping another piece of pineapple into my mouth just as the bell rings signaling the end of lunch. "You know where your going next ?" Jennifer says. "Yeah ill be fine." I say "alright , I'll see you tommorow." She says walking away. I walk back into the building. The hallways are almost empty everyone getting to there classes. The late bell rings and i still haven't found my class. I should have had Jennifer show me where the room was. "Lost ?" I hear your voice from behind me. I turn and find you leaning on a locker with the same smirk placed on your lips. "Why aren't you in class ?" I say. "Let me see your schedule." You say. "Why so you can reminise it and stalk me ?" I say with a smirk of my own. Your smirk widens. You walk closer too me. "You would probably like that Hun ?" Your right in front of me now. You smell amazing. Your scent a mix between vanilla , deep woodsy earth with a pinch of cinnamon. "If I could pick a stalker it definetly wouldnt be you." I say. You smile and nod your head looking down at me. I feel tiny compared too you. "Let me guess you would have Taylor lautner ." You say. "No im more of a Robert pattinson James Franco type of girl." I say. You actually smile and my heart pitter patters in my chest. "You don't seem like that girl too like the guy with secrets the guy with a black leather jackets." You say your breathe fanning across my face making my thoughts cloudy. "Maybe im the girl who sees beyond on the leather jackets and wants to know their secrets." "How would you know ?" I say. Before you can answe me. Someone else speaks. "Ms. Michaels are you finding the classes alright ?" Mr. Fratz says breaking the moment. "Yeah , Sem was just helping me map out the easiest routes." I say quickly in an even tone. "Alright , well yall need to get to class." Mr.fratz says. I nod. Sem stares Mr.Fratz for a beat too long before turning and waking away. I watch as he walks away and turn finding my class was right behind me the whole time.

An - Sooooooooooooo , whats up .. Yes im still writing my other story. But I just got the inspiration too rewrite this story. I hop you like it ;) please review (comment) !!! XOpj30~<3~ !

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