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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 10 - Time to grow up

My head is pounding. My body aches. I want to cry but it will take too much energy. I've been feeling like this three days after our dinner. You've apologized and apologized but it's not your fault. I think o know what's going on but I'm not ready too face it. I can't. So I just curl up in a small ball trying to find some form of comfort.everywhere is dark around me. I hear a small murmur. I walk slowly trying to get closer to the mumur. Soon the mumur turns into a small faint cries. I'm surrounded by huge dark trees. The air is heavy with a fresh rain smell. I hear a woman whispering. I stop when the woman comes into view. Her back is turned too me. Her hair is a wild curly vibrant violet. Her skin creamy brown. She's cradling something too her. The babies cries start again. She starts whispering too it again. She gently raises the baby too her shoulder. The baby is stunning. My heart races. Her eyes are wide like mine but so much more pure. Her hair full and curly like mine. But she has Sem's heart shaped lips. Her skin a light caramel. She's beautiful. "Amena" I whisper. The baby's eyes light up at my voice. So alert. I step forward but quickly stop when the woman turns around. Her eye's are a light amber gold color. Her features similar too mine but so much more beautiful. Her eyes soften as she looks at me. The baby turns her head too look at me. "Mama." She whispers. 

My eyes shoot open I find myself in a dark room. I get up slowly letting my feet touch the cool ground. I walk to the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. I look horrible. My eyes are slightly sunken in. My face a little pale. But my stomach is slightly bloated. I reach down pulling up my shirt slowly. I rub my stomach softly small flutters start. Tears fall slowly down my cheeks as I watch small movements and feel flutters. "Janiece?" I hear Sem say. I turn too him but he's staring at my stomach. I don't know what too say. I walk slowly towards him. He never takes his eyes off my stomach. I reach him taking his hand gently putting his hand on my stomach. "Amena." I whisper slowly and the flutter starts again. Sem moves his hand like he had been shocked. "You already named it ?" Sem says with disgust. "It is a baby Sem our baby." I say covering my stomach protectively. "Janiece that baby is going to eat you alive literally." Sem says with a humorless smirk. "Sem , it's a baby our baby I'm willing too do whatever it takes for her too have a good life." I say tears thick in my throat. "You do what you have too do Janiece." Sem says. "Were in this together Sem she's ours." I say. "I'm sorry Janiece but I can't." Sem says walking out of the bathroom. I ran after him grabbing on him begging him to stop. "Please Sem we need you." I say tears rushing down my face blurring my vision. "Janiece you need google a decision right me or it ?" Sem says his voice emotionless. My heart aches and I feel sick to my stomach. I step away from Sem. "I love you so much , more than I love myself." "But this baby our baby is so much bigger than the both of us and it has created a love that I can't diminish it in anyway." I say. The tears gone. My voice full of love , heart ache and pain. Sem nods his head lightly. "I hope you live too see this baby full of love Janiece." Sem says his voice full of disgust and hatred. He walks out the front door closing it softly behind him. I'm left alone. Silence surrounding me. My legs give out. I grip my stomach tightly. "I am going to see you live Amena , I am." I whisper too the small flutters in my tummy. 

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