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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 12 - Overwhelmed

I walked slowly through the forest. Well more like saddled my stomach was huge now. I couldn't see my feet anymore. The forest was quiet today. It was odd usually birds we're chripping and squirrels were running around. Today I needed too make a kill. I had no blood left. I listened as my feet crunched as I walked over the leaves. It was so loud I almost missed the sound of it. I was on my back I'm seconds. I could feel something crack I heard the growl of the cat. I held both knives in my hands and started stabbing the cat. I just kept stabbing and stabbing. The cat swiped at me cutting my face. I screamed in pain. My hands never stopped moving though. My bones ached and I felt a coolness of blood seeping from my stomach. The baby. Amena. Was all I could think about. I had to survive for her. I I steadied my hands stopping the stabbing of the cat and brought the knife too my chest. The cat swiped at my face again. I yelled in pain. I forced the life into its chest and push as hard as I could. The cat fell back. I instantly pushed all my body weight and stabbed it again in the head with my knife. The cats cries instantly stopped. I stared at the lion. I just killed a lion. I thought too myself. That only lasted for a second as pain ran through my body. I gripped my stomach feeling Amena move. She was moving so quickly she was crushing bones in my body. I needed to deliver her. Fear and adrenaline coursed through me. I grasped on to the adrenaline and pushed the fear aside. I pulled the knife from the lion. I brought it too my stomach. I didn't think twice as I swiped the knife swiftly down my stomach. The pain was almost unbearable. My thoughts only on it. I fell too my back. I could feel Amena moving. Then everything went numb. I couldn't feel anything. I was paralyzed. I was going to die. Amena was going to die. "I'm sorry baby." "I'm so sorry." I say. "I love you Amena." I say my voice thick with tears. I close my eyes and wait for death too overtake. When I hear her voice. I open my eyes slowly meeting her beautiful hazel ones. She's even more beautiful in person. "Save her , Janaila." I say before falling into the darkness. 

An - 

So what do you think ? I think this is one of my favorite chapters. Please review and tell me your thoughts(: Thanks for reading honeybunns<3

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