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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 13 - a little piece of everything

It was quiet all around me. Too quiet. It was dark. Pitch black. The air surrounding me cold freezing. I was dying or this was death. If i was dead then i still wouldn't be having thoughts. Would I ? Maybe this is a place inbetween living and dying. I was dying. I wanted to feel something but i couldn't. Everything was numb. Was I going to heaven or hell ? Or maybe this was my enternity. Maybe instead of having everlasting happiness or a enternity of burning you get sent to your personal bubble of darkness. Where its nothing. This is your forever. This is my forever.

Sem's pov
I looked down her stomach. I did what i had to do to save our daughter. When I held my daughter for the first time. I can't explain the feeling. My life wasnt about me anymore it was all about her happiness. She was beautiful. "Give her too me." I hear Janaila say. I look down at my daughter whose eyes are wide open staring at me. She's stunning like her mother. "Sem , Janiece has minutes." Janaila says frantically. I hand the baby too her and look back at my everything. She's not moving. Her heart is beating too fast. Blood is everywhere. I bend down putting my lips too. Her neck. "I'm sorry." I whisper lightly. I but down as hard as i can on her neck. I feel the venom seep through my teeth. Her body jolts like she's been shocked and then she goes still again.

It feels like its getting colder. Maybe im really dying now. It feels like it. The darkness is suffocating. The air suddenly changes a tinge of warmth to the air. A light humming noise. The darkness gets clearer and a little brighter by the second. I swear I hear light murmurs of voices. The air is warm now almost too warm. The humming is getting louder. It's too hot now. I feel like im going to explode. I slowly feel like im burning. I finds voice. Im screaming. The screams piercing the darkness. Bright fusions or burnt oranges and mustard yellows explode behind my eyelids. The murmurs are loud all mixing together. The humming loud. My bones feel like there turning into ash by the second. I wish I could back to the darkness. I wish I could have the cold. I wish I could be dead. I would give anything too get the burning too stop.

Sem's Pov -
I picked up her still body. I ran back to the house. Alice set up a room with a table for me to lay Janiece's body down on. I grabbed a chair pulling it right next too table. I take her hand in mine. She's still too still. Her heart is barely beating. "Dont leave me , im sorry Janiece." I whisper too my love. "Stay with me stay alive for our beautiful creation." I whisper. I hate myself for leaving her. I hate myself for letting my fear make me walk away from her and our precious daughter. I hate that I made her hate me. Made her doubt our love. Janiece was the best thing that ever happened too me. She was the epitome of beauty and strength and love. She couldn't even love herself but she loved me more than anything. She loved our beautiful daughter more than anything. And I gave that all away because i thought I wasn't good enough for her. Im not and will never be. But I can be the best father and best man that my two loves will ever need. I need to prove too Janiece that i am truly here forever. That i loved her from the moment i seen her too forever. That im not going to let fear scare me away. "Baby , come back too me." I whisper. Her screams start. I listen to her piercing screams knowing that my venom is coursing through. I hear Amena cry and it brings a smile too my face. "Welcome back Janiece." I say quietly.

The burning is getting lighter by the minute. Soon its only a small tingle in my toes and fingers. The humming is louder than ever. The whispers quieted. Amena. She's all I can think about. I want too see her so bad. The humming turns into a loud thumb that i feel throughout my whole body but especially in my chest. Then it suddenly stops. The tingle is gone. Everything is quiet. I open my eyes slowly too be met with a cream white wall. I slowly sit up and im met with 8 staring eyes. "Welcome back." I look towards the speaker. My eyes land on Sem. I stare at him. Like really stare. He's gorgeous. Like truly gorgeous. Everything is so clear. As a human i couldn't appreciate his beauty. "Where is the baby ?" I say longing for her. "With Janaila." Sem says. "Is she okay ?" I say. "She's perfect." Sem says with a huge smile. I look in his eyes and see love. He loves her. I feel anger course through me and soon im holding Sem by his throat. "You left us remember ?" "You told me too pick between you and her." "Now your a loving daddy ?" I say my grip getting tighter by the minute. " Your not going to hurt my baby girl." I say my voice rough and menacing even too me. I feel a warm hand touch mine. I look to see a light skin man staring at me. "Your better than this." He says. His eye are warm and his voice honest. I drop my hand. Sem gasps for air. I instantly feel bad. I feel crazy. "Your not crazy , your a newborn." I hear a masculine voice say. I look and see and man whose not that much older than me staring at me. "A what ?" I say hearing my voice for the first time. It's clear and crisp with a bell like sound too it. "A newborn vampire." The man says. My mind runs quickly and a small cloudy memory forms in my mind of Sem telling me about the change and being a Newborn. "I need to hunt before i see Amena." I say quietly. "Yes she does." I hear the women next to the penny hair man say. "I'll take her." I hear Sem say. Anger courses through my veins at just hearing his voice. "I'll go too." The light gold skin man says. I look at him again. His eyes hold nothing but kindness. "After I hunt I get too see my daughter ?" I say to the gold skinned man. "Yes." Sem and him say in unison. I don't think twice before jumping out of the window. Im on my feet in seconds running. The speed is incredible. I hear footsteps behind me. I don't stop running until i smell it. My mind is instantly focused on it. Im in a crouching position and leaping within seconds. I grip the lion i bring my teeth to its neck biting down. The blood instantly cools the dryness in throat. I moan at the sensation. I look up too see Sem and a gigantic wolf staring down at me. I wipe the corners of my mouth. "What you've never seen a girl eat before ?" I say looking at both of them. Sem smiles and It makes me want to smile back. But I don't. I cant. "So a wolf hun ?" I say too to the gold skinned man. He gives me a Wolfy nod yes. "So Im a vampire , your a vampire he's a wolf and my baby is a half breed." I say to myself. This is going too take time too get used. I look up at Sem. I stare at j for a few seconds become speaking. "Im ready too meet her." I say in a quiet tone.

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