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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 14 - What is life ?

I let Sem and the Gold skinned guy go ahead of me. As we reached the house my stomach turned with nerves. I stop right in front of the house. I'm a mom now. I'm responsible for someone's well being. That scared me more than anything. "Janiece ?" Sem's voice was careful an calm. "What if im not a good mom too her ?" I say looking at him. He's are warm and hold love. "Your going to be an amazing mom Janiece." Sem says looking me straight in the eyes. His words calm my nerves and im ready. Sem takes my hand leading me into the house. Everyone is in the living room talking it gets quiet. Sem squeezes my hand lightly before letting it go and walking towards Janaila. I hear Amena coo and my body instantly warms with love. Sem takes Amena in his arms and walks forward slowly. Amena's back is turned too me. I walk forward meeting Sem in the middle of the living room. Amena turns her head slowly. She looks at me her eyes the prettiest shade of ice cold blue. Her skin is a creamy milky caramel. Her features like Sem small and petite. Her lips full and pouty like mine. She's beautiful. Everything around us starts to change and im back in the forest. I hear my screams. I look at the ground and see my body. I look horrible. I watched as i cut myself and how Sem delivered Amena. The look on his face when he held her for the first time. The love in his eyes. Then i could hear me. Me singing her to sleep while she was still inside. Everything started blur and i was back in the living room. "She can take any memory and recreate them." Sem says proudly. I hold out my hand to my baby. She reaches out for me. I take her in my arms and she instantly cradles up to me. She takes a piece of my hair twisting it lightly in her fingers. She looks at me. Her eyes honest and pure. She's brilliant. "I love you Amena." I say in a light whisper. "Love you mama."Amena whispers back to me.

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