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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 15 - Focus on what is needed

I watched as Amena's tiny chest slowly rose with every breathe she took. She looked so beautiful. Peaceful. She was amazing. She was mine. Forever. My whole body warmed at the thought of that. I was beyond scared too be her mother. But i was going to do the best i could. I wanted Amena too have a better life than i ever had. I want to give her everything she deserves and more. I want her too be proud of me. "She's stunning." I hear Sem say from behind me. I turn and look at him. He gives me a small timid smile. I'm pretty sure if i was still human my heart would be beating out of control. Sem was gorgeous there was no denying that. I couldn't get caught up in the beauty though. "Can we talk Janiece ?" He says quietly. I stare at him. I want to run into his arms and love with everything in me. I can't though. I can't let him back in like that. The only reason i let him be apart of Amena's life was because when he looked at that little girl all you could see is love. I knew he would love her for the rest of his existence. For me though i wasnt so sure. Last time i was positive that Sem was all in. we all see how that turned out. "Sem , lets just be the best we can for our daughter." I say quietly. "Janiece." Sem says quietly. "Please , Sem." I say. He looks at me for a few more seconds before walking out of the room. The pain that's racking through me is almost unbearable but i'm doing this for Amena's sake. She's all we need to be concerned about right now. I lightly skim my finger over my precious babys cheek. "I love you." I whisper.



"Can i talk to you ?" I look up to see Janaila in the doorway. "Sure." I say walking towards her. I follow her outside onto the porch. We both sit in silence for a few moments. "I didn't know about you." Janaila says breaking the silence. "I didn't know about you. Amena did." I say quietly. Janaila looks at me a small smile placed on her lips. "You know what's crazy is that doesn't surprise me." Janaila says. I smile. "He left when i was about 3." I say diving right into it. "He left a little bit after i was born." Janaila says. "My mom did it all by herself." "She was young like you." Janaila says with a sense of admiration. "At least she did my mother is an alcholic." I say my voice low. Janaila looks over at me. "My mother fell into a deep depression though after her husband left her and she lost my twin siblings." "I had too take care of everything myself." "I know your struggle Janiece." "It's going to get hard sometimes but remember that Amena is more important than anything else in this world." Janaila says with a smile. She grabs my hand lightly squeezing it. I look at her and see nothing but love. "Thank you." I say lightly squeezing her hand back. "Do you think there's any more of us ?" I say. "It could be." Janaila says. "Do you want to find out ?" She says looking at me. I look out at the stars. I never had a real family before. It was alot too deal with at one time. "If your okay with it then yes i would." I say looking back at my sister. She beams. "Okay." She says.

An - So , this was a short one . Did you like it ? What did you think about her Conversations. Yes this is a series. And yes every question will be answered just have to be patient. Thanks for reading Snug(: I do not own Twilight or anything related. I only own EHFAR and everything related too that. Soo , please do not steal it. Thanks(:


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