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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 16 - Who do i really want too become ?

"Do you think she's ready ?" Jasper says his voice catiuous. He's looking at Carlisle and Edward. "I think she is." "She's shown get resistance too humans before." Carlisle says. "How about we ask her ?" Esme says chiming in. She gives me a warm smile. "Janiece do you think your ready to go back to school ?" Edward says. "Yes." "If i wasn't please believe i would say so." I say assurance in my voice. They all stare at me for a second before looking at Carlisle. "If she thinks she's ready then i think she's ready." Carlisle says looking at me with a small nod. I smile and give him a small nod back. "If at anytime you feel unsure Janiece call anyone of us." Jasper says. I give him a small smile. "I know Jasper i will." I say. He nods and leaves the room with that. "We need to go school shopping." Alice says with a huge smile. Everyone laughs at that. "Alice , it's not the first day of school." I say. She shakes her head. "It is for you." Alice says taking my hand. "Go get the baby and lets go." She says pretty much pushing me the stairs. I walk too Amena's room and find Sem in there cradling her too his chest. She's fast asleep. He's lightly humming something that i don't recongnize. I take out my phone and snap a picture. Sem looks so peaceful with her in this moment. I walk quietly out of the room. I grab my purse and head back downstairs. Alice is waiting for me by the door. "She's going to stay here with Sem." I say when she see's i dont have Amena. She nods and loops her arms with mine.


I basically run back into the house wanting too see Amena. I knew she was safe but still i missed my little peanut. I could hear her little giggles coming from the kitchen. It instantly brought a smile too my face. I found her in the kitchen with Sem , Emmett  and Rosalie. Amena spotted me her eyes lighting. She reached for me. It had been a week since she was born but she almost looked a month old. She had more hair. Her hair the same blonde color as mine. Her eyes a little brighter. Her face fuller. Giving her the cute chubby baby look. She was the cutest little thing. "Hi , baby." I saty picking her up cradling her too me. Everything starts going blurry and soon i'm watching Sem holding Amena humming too her. It turns into him feeding her something. Something pink. Soon i can taste it. Strawberry icecream. Amena smiles as she remembers how much she enjoyed that. I smile. Everything goes unblurry and were back in the kitchen. I hold Amena in front of me. "You really liked that strawberry icecream hun ?" I say staring at my beauty. She smiles and giggles. I smile back not being able to help it. "Tell daddy you don't need any icecream yet." I say looking at Sem. He's smiling. I give him a small smile. "What did you get ?" Rosalie says breaking our moment. I smile and shake my head. "Everything , Alice would have bought the whole store if i let her." I say pulling out a chair. Everyone laughs because they know it's true. "You nervous about going back ?" Emmett says. "No , not really." "I mean i'm different now but i'm kind of excited too go back." I say. "Have people noticed that i've been gone ?" I say to Sem. He seems a little surprised that i'm addressing him but quickly gets hisself under control. "You were the hot topic for two weeks." "The rumour changed every day." "Some said you left because you got a big record deal , Some said you ran away with a older photographer." "Some said that you moved back to new york."  Sem stops and smiles his eyes lighting up. "Some thought me and you ran away together." He says his voice light. I can't help but smile. "We'll there going to be disappointed." I say. "Yes they will won't they." Sem says shaking his head lightly. "Do you know what you want to wear yet ?" Rosalie says saving the moment once again. I give her a small grateful smile. "No , i have no idea." "I need some help.


The sun is slowly rising. The sky a mix of oranges and pinks. I walk too the bathroom and start the water. I walk back too my room. I look over at Amena who is sleeping peacefully. I grab my towel and robe. I walk back too the bathroom. I stop the water. The bathroom smells like vanilla. I strip down and settle into the tub. My body instantly relaxes. I close my eyes and let myself just relax. I stay in the water until i feel it start too cool. I step out wrapping myself in my towel. I look in the mirror. I really look at myself. I look different but i'm still me. My skin is smoother than it was. Everything slightly altered. But i find my small blemish marks from acne. I smile and feel comfort sink in me. I'm still me. Yes my life is completely changed but i'm still Janiece Michaels. I smile and finish drying myself off wrapping myself in my robe. I walk back too my room finding Amena still sleeping. I take out the outfit me and Rosalie decided on. We chose a black lace sleeved leather sweetheart cropped top. With some black high waist pants. I dress slowly. I sit down in front  of my vanity starting on my hair. My straightened my hair. I comb into a high slick ponytail. I tie a little black bow around it. My makeup is a light gold bronzy eye with a black winged eye liner. My lips a bright hot pink. My acessories are simple. Just some gold rings. A black pendant ring and a jewel three stone ring. My earrings small and bright pink matching my lips and heels. I spray some vanilla purfume on me. I stand in front of the mirror staring at myself. I look pretty. I look like me. It feels good. "Gah , Gah." I look over to see Amena stirring awake. I walk over to my bed and look at my beautiful baby. She smiles at me. I feel warmth run through my body. "Hello , peanut." I say kissing her cheeks. She giggles. I pick her up cradling her too my chest. She smells so sweet and like a baby. "I love you." I whisper too her. She stares at me and love reflects in her eyes. I grab her clothes. I wash her up quickly. She loves the water. I dress her quickly. I coordinated her outfit with mine. She has little black leggings with a cute little black tutu baby top. Her hair i comb into a little ponytail tying a bow around hers too. She looks so cute. "You look so cute baby." I say standing in front of the mirror. She stares at herself and then looks at me and smiles. I smile and kiss her cheeks. "Come on , lets get you some breakfast." I say grabbing bag and books. We walk downstairs everyone is in the kitchen. I smell something cooking. We get into the kitchen. Everyone turns and looks at us. I set Amena in her high chair. 


"You look so good Janiece." Alice says looking me up and down. Rosalie gives me a thumbs up. Bella gives me a small smile. And Renesmee tells me how hot i look. It makes me feel amazing. They all gah over how cute Amena looks. Esme gushes over our matching outfits. She makes us take pictures. I feel like a little kid on the first day of school. "All her stuff is in my room on the bed." "There's some bottles in the refridgerator." "All her toys are pretty much in all over the place." I say quickly. "Calm down she'll be okay." Esme says. "I know , i know im just nervous." I say looking at Amena. "You can call me anytime." "She'll be fine i promise." Esme says brushing a piece of hair out of my face. I take a deep breathe trying to calm my nerves. This would be the longest time i would be away from my baby , my daughter. "I know , she's in good hands." I say kissing Amena lightly on her cheek and handing her to Esme. I hear the door open and close. I know it's Sem. A buzzing in the room starts. It happens ever since i met him. I turn and look at him. I find him already staring at me. He looks amazing as always. He looks me up and down approval in his eyes. Someone clear there throats and were back in the kitchen with everyone. "Goodmorning Everyone." Sem says with a small smile. He walks past me and too Esme. He takes Amena in his arms cradling her too his chest and kisses her cheeks. "Hi pretty girl." He says too her. Amena giggles and just stares at her daddy with love. It warms me all over. I smile. "Ya'll better get going if yall don't want too be late." I hear Esme say. I watch Sem as he gives Amena one last kiss and hands her too Janaila. I see the apprehension in leaving her too. He looks at me and i give him an encouraging smile. "Have a good day you too." Esme says. I smile and say a quiet thank you. We walk quietly too Sem's car. The car ride too school is filled mindless conversation. We reach the school. That's when my nerves set in. I look at Sem. He gives me a reassuring smile which makes me calm down. He takes my hand. "You'll be fine." He says bringing my hand too his lips giving it a light kiss. The kiss gives me goosebumps. "Come on." Sem gets out walking around the car and opening the door for me. I step out the cool air hitting me lightly. I take a deep breathe letting my nerves settle. Sem takes my hand. He looks at me his questioning. I give his hand a light squeeze. Everyone is talking and its normal. Then it seems like everyone is suddenly staring at me. I smile and look at Sem who is also smiling. I start to laugh and soon it's me and Sem are full on cracking up. We get to English and eventually calm down. "Thank you." I say looking at Sem. He smiles and nods. "Your welcome." He says. The class fills and people don't even try to hide their shock of seeing me. I just smile and say a few hello's. Class starts and Mr. Hottie begins. He scans the room and his eyes land on me. He stares at me in shock at first. He quickly gathers himself and gives me a wide smile. He's still cute as ever but he doesn't even compare to Sem. "Welcome back Ms. Michaels." He says as he does attendance. The door opens and closes. Her eyes land on me and her mouth drops. Jennifer looks the same expect for her hair. It's cute into a cut bob and shows off her cheek bones more. She's still beautiful. She walks up too me. So many emotions are running through her eyes. Hurt , Happiness , Relief , Anger. "How could you just disappear without telling me Janiece ?" She says tears thick in her voice. "I'm sorry Jennifer." I say my voice careful. "No , we were supposed too be friends." "Friends don't just disappear without telling one another." "I thought you were dead Janiece , Dead." Jennifer says. "I was the last person to see you." Jennifer says her voice raising. I let her get it all out. I know i deserve this. I couldn't call her though. Not while i was pregnant. It was too risky. She stops too take a breathe. A few tears have fallen. "I'm sorry Jennifer." "I truly am i'm sorry for not being a good friend." "I promise this time i will be a good friend." "I promise i don't make promises i can't keep." I say looking her straight in the eye. She looks at me. Her eyes glossy. She looks stunning. "Okay." She says with a small nod. "Okay."

The rest of the day goes pretty normal. I only call Esme and Janaila 3 times. They take all my questions in stride. I smile as i hear Amena over the phone. I tell her i love and let the day droll on. Everyone stares at me and i hear whispers. I'm pretty sure the rumours are ridicules but i honestly don't care. Me and Jennifer are supposed too hang out tonight and i'm pretty sure she's going to have questions. I can't tell her the truth. I hate lying too her. But my families safety is what's most important. Finally the last bell rings. I meet Sem out by the car. The car ride home is filled with every little detail of my day. For the first time in a long time. I feel content. Like some sense of normalacy. It's crazy because this probably the crasizest situation i've ever been in but it's where i feel most normal. We reach the house i barely let Sem park before im out the car and in the house. Janaila is in the kitchen with Amena. I barely speak a hello before i'm holding my baby. She blurs everything out and shows me her whole day. I smile as i see she enjoyed herself. We go back to being in the kitchen. I walk over to Esme giving her a small hug. "Thank you." I whisper too her. "Your welcome sweetie." She says. I turn and look at Janaila. "Thanks." I say. "Anytime." She says with a wave of hand like it's nothing. Everyone comes into the kitchen. Jasper's the first one too speak. "Did you have any temptation ?" He says. I laugh. "Let her tell us about her day before you start bombarding her." Rosalie says. "No , it's okay." I say. "Yes , i had temptation." "The blood smelled amazing." "I remembered though i was humane and instantly the thought of killing a person overrode the temptation." I say quietly. Jasper nods and gives me a small smile. "Good." He says before walking out of the kitchen. I smile proud of myself. "Da da." Amena says reaching for Sem. He smiles taking her from me. I watch as she hugs too him. "Yes she does." Edward says answering the question in my head. "Carlisle wanted too talk too you about something tonight too." Edward says. I nod. "Alright." I say looking at my daughter. "Janiece we have something we want too show you though." Alice says. "Go grab Amena's coat Sem." Esme says. Sem is back in seconds with Amena in her little leather jacket and red beanie hat. I smile at how adorable she looks. Alice , Bella , Edward, Janaila , Seth ,Esme , Sem , Amena and myself head out. We run through the forest. When i smell something famaliar. I realize were headed back too my house. Alice stops in front of the front door. "We realized that you might want a space of your own." She opens the door slowly letting me walk in. "Oh my goodness why ?" I say shocked. Everything is shocked and so beautiful. The house is simple but stunning. I turn and look at them. There all smiling. My eyes sting and i know i would be in tears right now. "Thank you , Thank you so much." I say hugging each of them. I walk throughout the whole house seeing everything has been updated. We reach Amena's room. Her room is too cute. It's all different shades of blue. I grab Amena's in my arms hugging her too me. I turn too them. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart." "Not only for me but for accepting my baby too." I say my eye really stinging. "Your welcome Janiece." Esme says with a warm motherly. I turn and look at everything in Amena's room too. "This is our home baby , our home." I say kissing my daughter on the cheek. 


An - This was a happier chappy. Don't ya think ? This is one of my favorites. What did you think ? What do you think Carlisle wants too talk to Janiece about ? What is Janiece going to tell Jennifer ? Please review and tell me your thoughts. Thanks for reading Snuugs(: I do not own Twilight or Anything Related Stephanie Meyers does. But i do own EHFAR and EVERYTHING related so please do not steal please and thanks(: <3 !!

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