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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 17 - Decisions not only for myself anymore .

I decided too walk to the diner where Jennifer was meeting me. Nerves rattled through me as i decided what was the best lie too tell her. I hated lying too her but it wasn't only for me but my daughter and the Cullens. As the diner came into view i could see Jennifer's car in the parking lot. I let the cool fall air calm me down as i walk into the diner. Everyone turns and gawks at me. I smile and walk too the table i see Jennifer at. She looks up at me and gives me a small smile but it's forced. I sit down and take a deep breathe before speaking. "I'm sorry like really sorry Jennifer you were the first person in a long time to actually care about me." "I truly appericiate that too." "Your honestly my first and only best friend i've ever had." "All i can say is i'm going to try to be the best friend that i can be too you." I say quickly and quietly. Jennifer stares at me which feels like forever before finally speaking. "I'm Janiece , just don't leave like that again." "My dad left like that without a word." "I know sometimes life gets hard but i'm here for you." "I just need you to understand that okay ?" She says with tears in her eyes. I see the pain in her. I want to hug Jennifer and tell her that it's going to be all okay. But in reality we all have struggles and we all have to deal with them. They either break us or make us stronger. Jennifer is truly a beautiful person inside and out because she has been through struggles and still manages to share herself and love. I smile and nod. "I'm here Jennifer . I promise." I say. She gives me a geniune smile and i know i'm forgiven. The rest of the dinner goes well. Jennifer doesn't question me on where i was. I can see in her eyes though she notices the difference in my appreance and the way i carry myself. She's not going to ask though about it , she's just going to embrace it. Which i'm thankful for. Me and Jennifer walk out the diner together. She gives me a ride back to the Cullen's house. She reaches over and hugs me. I still but return her hug softly not wanting too hurt her. She shivers and  i know she notices my cool tempature. She pulls away and stares at me for a moment before giving me another smile. "So , tommorow are you riding with me or Mr. Matthews ? " Jennifer says with a small smirk. I laugh and i know she's been dying too bring that up. "I'll see you at 7 Jennifer . Bye." I say getting out of the car. She beeps and pulls away.


I walk into the house. I instantly smell cookies. I used too love the smell of baking now it's just makes me sick. I walk into the kitchen to see Amena on Renesmee lap watching Esme pat cookies down. I smile at the sight. Esme looks up and gives me a warm smile. "Hello , dear." She says. Renesmee looks at me smiling. Amena looks up her face curling into a huge excited expression. "Say hi mama." Renesmee says waving lightly at me. Amena watches her hand movement and slowly raises her hand mimicing it. The small movement scares and excites me at the same time. I'm happy that Amena is so intelligent but it scares me because i want to be able to enjoy her chidhood. Enjoy being a kid. Amena looks too me for some kind of approval. Her expression is confused i know she thinks she done something wrong. I walk over to my baby. Grabbing her kissing her forehead lightly before handing her back to Renesmee. "Is Carlisle ready too talk ?" I say to Esme. She looks at me and she can see my worry. "Yes , dear i think he is matter of fact." She says. I nod and look at Amena again giving her a small smile. Her face is still confused. I walk out of the kitchen too Carlisle's office. I knock lightly on the door. Carlisle welcomes me in. He gives me as small smile from where he's sitting at his desk. I give him a small smile back questions forming in my head to ask him. "Please sit Janiece." He says pointing too the chair in front of his desk. I sit down as i hear Sem enter the room. Carlisle speaks another warm greeting too him before offering him a seat. "So i called you both here too talk about Amena and her growth." Carlisle says. We both nod wanting him too continue. "Amena will be fully advanced in seven years." Carlisle says slowly. The uneasiness from earlier is at it's peak. "She will stop aging. She'll be perfectly fine." "As we know there's Renesmee who is a hybrid and another vampire we met a while back named Nahuel whose been alive for over a 100 years." "If yall are okay with her growth pace then this conversation is invalid." "But i have been working on this new drug since Renesmee was born too help slow a hybrids growth." "Give them more time to exprience the different stages of their lives at a more normal pace." Carlisle says looking between I and Sem. "The side effects are small." "Just lost of appetite for a day or two." "Drowiness." Carlisle says. Carlisle stops talking giving us the floor. My mind is reeling. I look too Sem who looks at me.


"Your sure this will not hurt her in anyway ?" I say breaking out of my thoughts. "Yes." Carlisle says. "You think this will really give her more time to grow and develop at a normal pace ?" Sem says. Carlisle smiles and looks between us. "Yes , i think it will." "She will feel more "human" and less vampire." Carlisle says with a sure nod. I smile and look at Sem. "We can try." I say looking at him for approval. "If at anytime i see that this is not working we stop understand ?" Sem says looking Carlisle straight in the eye. "Yes , i understand." Carlise says in the same tone. "We can start tonight." "I'll have to inject her with the drug too get the fastest reaction." Carlisle says. I nod and look at Sem who looks back at me. I see concern in his eyes but i also see hope. We both want our daughter too have some sense of normalacy and this may be the best way too get that. Me and Sem walk downstairs together. I can hear Amena laughing. I smile as i walk into the kitchen. I see Bella playing with her. Amena has a matched up cooking in her hand. Esme looks at me giving me a small smile. She walks over too me. "You okay dear ?" She says brushing a piece out of my face. I smile and nod. "Yes , i just want too be happy." I say looking at my baby girl. Esme looks at me and smiles. "She is your just a new mother that's all Janiece." "New mother jitters , your doing an amazing job." Esme says sincerely. "Thank you." I say giving her a hug. She hugs me back softly and gives me a small pat on the back. I walk over to Bella and Amena. Amena looks at me and reaches for me. I pick her up inhaling her scent. Her blood burns my throat. But her natural scent is so light and airy. It's the best purfume i've ever smelled in my life. "I love you peanut." I say giving her a light kiss. She smiles and touches my face looking at me with all the love in the world. "Hi daddy's big girl." I hear Sem say from behind me. "Hi , pretty girl." He says bending in giving her a kiss. I smile and i hear a camera go off. I look to Alice snapping pictures. Amena turns and smiles at the same time i do. I laugh and shake my head. My daughter is a little model now. "I'm ready for her." Carlisle says with a small smile. I turn and look at Sem. He nods giving his okay. We follow Carlisle into a small room. He tells us too set Amena on this small table. I roll up her sleeves too her pajama's. She looks at me and Sem with wonder in her eyes. I smile and comb my fingers through her wild hair.


Carlisle grips her arm lightly. Amena watches as he raises the needle. When he starts to inject her with it. Amena beautiful cries pierces the quiet room. Even though i know it's only a few seconds it still brothers me too see my baby in pain. I shush her cries and whisper in her ear how much i love her until Carlisle puts a bandaid on her arm. Sem picks her up gently cradling her in his arms. She quiets and slowly falls asleep. I and Sem say our goodnights and head back too my house. We settle Amena in watching her sleep for a few moments before leaving her too her peace. We find ourselves in the living room where Sem sets a fire. The house smells of burning wood. "Hopefully , it works." Sem says breaking the silence. I look at him i see the worry in his eyes. "Me too." I say quietly. Even though i don't sleep i'm exhausted. I just want to lay down and close my eyes. I stand up walking towards my room. I stop and look back at Sem. I let my emotions speak tonight. "Come on." I say looking at Sem. He stands slowly meeting me. He takes my hand leading me too my room. We lay down on the bed. I cuddle up too him. He's warm. He's home. I feel safe even for just tonight. It's all i want. All i need.


An - So , what do you think ? Do you think that they should have let Amena progress like Renesmee and Nahuel reach Maturity in seven years ? Or do you agree with the growth stunter ? And what about Amena and Sem ? What's your thoughts about that ? I would love too him them. Please review thanks for reading Applepies(: Remember i do not own Twilight or anything related Stephanie Meyers holds all the glory too that ! But i do own EHFAR and everything related so please do not STEAL it ! Thankss (:

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