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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 18 - A confusion of Emotions .

The drug had worked. Amena's growth slowly stopped. She was progressing at a more normal pace. She was the happiest baby. I smiled just thinking about her. It was easy too get lost in thoughts about that little girl. But i needed too focus on school. Emmett always joked about how i actually had too focus since this was my first time in high school. I smiled thinking about that big fool. They all loved Amena. They were all "auntie and uncles" too her. I was grateful too every single one of them too. They were giving my baby what i always wanted. A family. "What are you over here smiling so hard about ?" I hear a deep voice say. I turn and see it's the golden skin man. Whose name i know is Emiriah. He smiles and pulls out a seat next too me. I smile back. "My daughter." I say quietly. His smile widens and he nods. "She is a beauty." He says. "Thank you." I say. "I haven't seen you in a while." I blurt out. He smiles and his eyes light up a bit making him even more handsome. "Yes , i know we got a new scent we've all been on duty." He says cooly. "Oh okay." I say with a small nod. "Yeah , you missed me though ?" He says in a playful tone. "No , you probably wanted me too though hun ?" I say in an equally playful tone. "It wouldn't be such a bad idea." He says. I look away from him smiling shyly down at my notes. "Hey don't get shy on me now." He says. I look up at him and just smile. "So tonight down on the res there having a big bonfire i was wondering if you wanted too come ?" He says with a hopeful smile. I find myself wanting too say yes. But Sem is flashing through my mind. "It's just a bonfire Janiece i promise." He says more serious this time but with a playful edge still. "Okay." I say with a small smile. "Cool , i'll see you tonight." He says with another huge smile. I smile. "Yeah , i'll see you tonight." I say. He nods and stands up. He's a giant. I look too find Sem staring at us. His face is blank but the jealousy is coming off of him in waves. Emiriah gives him a friendly smile and says a small wassup before giving me a another smile and leaving the library. I look to Sem who is just staring at me. We haven't talked about the night he spent the night. Nothing and everything changed though. The look in Sem's face though explained exactly how he felt about that night though. I knew he was hurt in turn that hurt me. But what if Sem wasn't the one ? Yes , he was meant too be Amena's father and too love her for enternity but what if he wasn't meant too be my forever. I closed my books packing my stuff away walking past him.


I looked at myself in the mirror. I decided too wear my gray adult onesie with my colorful skull combat boots. My acessories simple. Small diamond earrings with some rings. My hair wavy from being washed and blowed dryed. My makeup a gray smoky eye with a bright orange lip. I smile as i look at myself in the mirror. I look comfy cute. I grab my phone and keys. I left Amena with Janaila tonight. Jennifer comes and picks me up driving us too the res. We can see the light from the from alluminating the sea. Jennifer parks and grabs some blankets out of the backseat. She decided too be comfy cute too. She has on a huge oversized black tee shirt with printed white sleeves. With some high black over the knee socks. With her red chucks. Her hair is in a high pony with a black bow wrapped around it. Her makeup a smoky black and gray eye. Her lips a deep dark purple. Her acessories super simple. Just a sliver chain necklace with some diamond hoop earrings. She looks super cute. "You look cute girl ." I say giving her a thumbs up. She smiles. "If anyone else wore a onesie over the age of 3 i would laugh at them but you manage to make it look cute." She says looking me up and down. I do a little bow which makes her laugh. I smile letting myself enjoy the carelessness of tonight. I feel like a teenager. Just a teenager not a mother or a newborn. Just a teenager and it feels amazing. Me and Jennifer walk down towards the fire. Everyone is either talking , some are dancing. I see a few famailiar faces from school but most you can tell are native to the res. Someone comes up behind me covering my eyes. "Guess who ?" I hear Emiriah's deep voice say from behind me. I smile and turn around looking at him. Of course he has a big goofy grin placed on his lips. "Hey , Goldie." I say. He smiles and his eyes hold confusion. "Goldie ?" His tone evident of his confusion. I laugh. "The first time i met you your skin reminded me of gold." I say. He smiles and nods his head. "We'll i guess i'm Goldie then." He says approving. "But whose your pretty friend ?" He says. I smile and look back at Jennifer who is looking between us trying too figure out the connection. "This gorgeous girl is Jennifer my best friend." I say. "Jennifer this is Emiriah." I say with a huge smile. "And who i am too you ?" He says with a raised eyebrow. His tone is playful but his eyes hold something. It makes me nervous. I laugh and play it off though. "Your my bud." I say. His smile falters a bit but he gets it back at its peak in seconds. "I'm going to get something too drink , you want anything Janiece ?" Jennifer says. I look at her. "No i'm fine." I say. She nods and smiles at Emiriah before walking away. He takes my hand making me look at him. There's a slight tingle as i feel his warmth against my cool. "Dance with me." He says a shy smile placed on his lips. I nod. I let him lead me closer too the fire where theres other couples dancing. The music is a steady tempo imagine dragons voice seeping around us. Emiriah pulls me close moving us too the beat. His scent is bitter but still has a sweetness too it. I close my eyes letting myself just move with him. It feels right and wrong all at the same time. "Your beautiful Janiece." He whispers lightly in my ear. I open my eyes looking into his. His face is illmuinated by the fire making him even more gorgeous. He looks away from me down too my lips. I know he wants too kiss me. I want him too kiss me. I close my eyes stopping my movements pulling him closer. I can feel the warmth of his body radiating off of him. Before i can react i feel air moving around me and cool lips replacing warm ones. My body reacts before my mind can. My lips move with Sem's. I feel complete. Whole. No Janiece. I scream too myself.


I push away from Sem. I stare at him. His eyes are wild and his breathing heavy. "No , Sem , No !" I yell at him. He laughs with no emotion. "Janiece , no you need too stop." He yells his voice heavy , tired. "You know you love me. I love you." "Stop fighting it." He says his voice lower now. He walks closer too me. His eyes tired , drained. "I need you Janiece ." "I need you." He says pleading with me. I want too believe him. But i've heard this all before. I've seen Sem look defeated. It was all an act. Maybe i need to experience something different. Maybe i need too give someone else too love me. Everything in me is running too Sem. I keep myself grounded though. My eyes sting and i know i'm crying. I walk towards Sem. I wrap my arms around him standing on my tiptoes pressing my lips to his roughly. I kiss him until i have too pull away. I look at him. He is so beautiful. "I'm sorry." I say pressing a light kiss too his lips. "I'm sorry." I say stepping away and walking away from him. Not looking back.


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