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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 19 - Learn from the past , Not dwell on it

"Amena , say Mama." I say too my beautiful baby. She just smiles and gurgles at me. "Say mama Amena." I say too her again. She just reaches for me still smiling. I smile shaking my head as I pick her up. "You'll say it one day." I say giving her a light kiss on her forehead. I hug her too me. "Come on we have too get you dressed for da da." I say walking over too her closet. I pick out a sweater with jeans and a huge flower headband. I give her a quick bath. I dress her quickly. I comb her hair into two little pigtails putting the headband on her head. I stop in front of the bathroom mirror. Amena stares at herself. Like really looks at herself and smiles. I smile as my baby sees herself for the first time. "Your beautiful , Amena." I say.

"She's already eaten." "She'll take a nap around 1." I say quickly. "Janiece I know my daughter." Sem says briskly. I look at him taking the quiet blow. I give Amena a light kiss before handing her over too Sem. Sem kisses het lightly on the forehead. I see all the tense feelings leave his body and love replace it. Its beautiful. "So you'll bring her back later tonight ?" I say. Sem looks at me. "Yes." He says coldly. I nod and Sem walks away. I watch as he puts her in the car strapping her in and then himself. I watch them drive off until there out of sight. I close the door. Settling myself into the quiet. Its nice. I lay down on the couch. Closing my eyes just letting myself relax. I lie there for awhile before I hear my phone go off. I answer it on the last ring. "Hello." I say.I hear someone take a deep breathe. "Hello , is this Janiece Michaels ?" The quiet voice says. "Yes , who is this ?" I say. They take another quiet breathe. "I'm Ariana Julio." She says quietly. "I'm sorry I don't know you." I say confused. "You don't know me , but you might want to know me." She says quietly. I wait for her too continue. "I'm your sister." She says slowly. "How did you find me ?" I say quietly. "I would much rather meet and have this conversation in person." The woman says. "Where do you live ?" I say. "In a little town before you hit New York but we can meet in New York." The woman says. I take a moment collecting my thoughts. "Okay Saturday at 10 at John John's." I say. "Okay , that's perfect." She says her voice a little higher this time. It sounds like she's smiling. "I'll see you then." I say before hanging up. I jump in the shower washing quickly. I leave my hair out curly and wild. I slip on another onsie. I grab my combat boots and hoops. I don't put on any makeup or anything.

I reach the Cullens house knocking lightly before walking in. I find Janaila sitting on the couch with Rosalie. "Were going too New York this weekend." I say. Janaila looks at me with a confused expression. "Okay , why so suddenly." "This girl she called me and said she was my sister." I say quickly. Janaila expression slowly changes from confusion too interest. "I told her too meet me at John John's in New York on Saturday." I say. Janaila nods. "I'm not doing any research on her either I just want too know her from I observe not from what I read online." I say. Janaila nods and smiles. "Well leave Friday afternoon." She says. I smile back. "Okay."

I light some candles around me. I grab my computer turning on the webcam. I look straight into the camera. "Hi , I'm Janicaels." "I'm going too sing an original song." I say quietly. I haven't sang since my change. Nerves rattled through me. "Baby , baby , baby how beautiful you are." "Your like an angel In the sky." "Soooooo beautiful." "Baby baby baby I love you more than my own life." "Baby baby baby promise me your always be my angel In the sky flying high." I sing. My voice slowly dies. Its quiet and I stop the webcam. My voice sounds the same a little richer but still me. I blow out the candles. I close my laptop. I hear a quiet knock on the front door. I open it slowly. Sem is standing in front of me holding Amena who is knocked out. He stares at me. "Is everything okay ?" I say breaking the silence. "You sounded incredible , put her right to sleep." Sem says with a small smile. The smile quickly fades. "You sounded amazing Janiece." Sem says seriously. "Thank you." I say quietly. Sem hands me Amena. I hug closely too me inhaling her scent. I look up at Sem. "Is there anything else ?" I say. Sem eyes darken and his lip twitches slightly. I know he wants too say something. "Goodnight Janiece." He says quietly. I watch him walk away. His steps are heavy there's an aura of sadness surrounding him. I watch him get in the car like earlier watching him drove off. I walk back too my room with Amena in my arms. I cradle her too me as I lay down wrapping a blanket around her. I watch her lite chest rise softly up and down. I kiss her forehead lightly. "I love you Amena." I whisper too my little miracle.

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