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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 2 - Nope

Thank god it's Friday i mentally said to myself. I made myself get out of the bed. I took a quick shower. I left my hair curly. I grabbed my bleached high waisted jean pants and a black and white striped vneck shirt. I kept my eye makeup simple. Just gold with a cat eye my lip was a bold red. I grabbed a scarf wrapping it around my hair pulling it back. I looked at myself. I looked pretty. I felt pretty. I wonder what "No Janiece" I whispered to myself. I wasnt going to think about him. I grabbed my pearl necklace and my rings just as my phone dinged. It was Jennifer texting me saying she was outside. I grabbed my bag and books sliding my feet into my flats.

"Goodmorning , you look cute." Jennifer says with an approving smile. "Thank you so do you dollface."
I say looking at her. Her hair is pulled up into a high ponytail. Which shows off her pretty skin. Her eyes are wide and the prettiest ice blue. Her makeup is simple. Her eyes a light sliver making her eyes pop even more. Her lips a light baby pink. She has on a white button down shirt that she has tied in the front with a deep purple pencil skirt and some comverse. I smile loving her style. "So there's this grand opening party tonight at the new club opening." Jennifer says pulling out of my driveway. "Oh my god i didnt know forks knew what clubs were ." I say with a small laugh. Jennifer rolls her eyes with mock annoyance. "But did you maybe want to go ?" She says turning into the school parking lot. "Yeah , it might be cool ." I say. She smiles and i can tell she's excited. "Do you just want to spend the night at my house then ?" Jenn says grabbing her stuff. "Yeppers." I say getting out of the car. "Your parents won't mind ?" I say waiting for her. "No , my mom works alot so she likes me to have friends stay."
Jenn says as she closes her door. I notice how she just says mom. But I don't ask her about her dad. She'll tell
Me about him when she's ready. We walk into the school. A few people still stare here and there but its normal now. Forks is way different than New York but it has a sense of peace I've never felt before its nice.

"Your looking for him." Jennifer says breaking me out off thoughts. "For who ?" I ask even though i know who she's talking about. "Dont play stupid." Jenn says giving me a mock glare. "We'll i
Guess I don't know who your talking about then." I say with a small smile and shrug. "Un hun i bet." She says. We walk into my Fratz class with a few minutes to spare. The room is empty. "Hey im going to run to the bathroom before class starts." Jennifer says setting down her stuff. I open my notebook and finish writing the notes from my math class. "Those are for math not English class mam." I hear you say. I feel my mouth curling into a smile before i can stop it. I look up at you and instantly regret it because i probably look slow. Your gorgeous. I quickly snap out of it though. "Thank you for clarifying that." I say looking back down at my notes. "Anytime" you say. I hear murmurs of people coming into the class. Your at your sit now. I want to turn and stare at you like the crazy person i am but I don't. I don't i finish the notes before class starts and just as Jennifer sits im her seat.

"Do you know what your wearing tonight ?" Jennifer says from my bed. "No , im looking now though." I say looking through my clothes. I find my blue fitted pencil skirt. I grab my white leather jacket. "Hey , can I wear those studded cheetah booties ?" I tell from my closet. "Sure." Jennifer yells back. I grab my stuff and walk out to my room. "Where are you ladies going tonight ?" I hear you say. I turn and look at you. Your normal
Today thank god. "There's a party for the new club opening." I say grabbing the rest of my stuff. "Hi im Jennifer." Says quietly. You smile and take her in. "I"m Nes Janiece's mother." You say sweetly. It makes me sick its all an act. "It's nice too meet you." Jennifer says genuinely. "Likewise" You say. I put everything into one bag hoisting it onto my shoulder. "I'll be back Sunday." I say turning off my lights.

Me and Jennifer walk out to her car. "You look like your mom." She says. "I look more like my dad." I say. I look down in my bag and see i forgot my house key. "I'll be right back." I say running back into the house. I hear the clink of the glass being set on the table. I walk into the kitchen. Your back is too me. I see the crimson settling in the glass. "Yeah , we'll be here for a while right mom ?" I say holding back the tears. "Janiece ." I hear you calling my name but im out the door before i hear anything else. I hop into the car slamming the door behind me. "You okay ?" Jennifer says worry in her voice. "Yeah , can we just go." I say quietly. She nods and were off. I pretend like i dont see you looking out of the curtains.

"You look bomb girl." Jennifer says snapping a picture of me. I laugh and pose for more pictures. Soon I take the camera from her and snap pictures of her. Jennifer has on some hot pink leather pants with a cream mesh shirt and some black studded heels. Her makeup is a light smoky eye with a golds and grays. Her lips a hot pink matching her pants. Her hair is into French braids that meet into one ponytail which is braided too. Her acessories are minimal. Just some stud fake diamonds matching braclets with a statement ring. Me my hair is big and wild. My makeup torquise and purple with a touch of gold. My lips a nude color. I have on my big studded rhinestone earrings. I have on my studded bangles too. "We both look bomb tonight." I say as i snap another picture.

The club is nice. It's dim lite with the only light being neon lights. It's packed and there playing a new usher song. Jennifer got pulled by a cute dude. She's been gone ever since. I move along to the beat. Dancing by myself. They start playing Miley Cyrus new song 23. I feel hands wrap around me. I instantly know its you. I smile and you match me as we move to the beat. I turn around and look at you wrapping my hand around your neck. I stare at you and you stare at me. Your eyes are darker now. Like a deep gold. I pull you close. "Put on my J's and dance the whole night away. Im naughty by nature like I'm hip hop hooray . My hands in the sky, i wave em from side to side. My feet on the floor , im bout to turn up now. " I sing too you before turning around and moving to the beat. The song starts to end. But your boy loosing your hold on me. "Turn around" you whisper in my ear. I turn slowly the music slow. "I should've let you leave. But, i let you watch me slip away. I could've set you free. But I'm selfish. I watched you stay." You sing whisper too me . Your voice is deep , rich and honest. Tears sting my eyes. So many emotions are vibrating throughout me. I want too run away far far away. But your keeping me here. That scares me. I shake my head trying to clear my thoughts. I step back from you. I see the pain in your eyes. It hurts me. I turn walking away from you and not looking back.

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