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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 20 - Meeting me , Meeting my future

The city is busy. I feel home. I feel like the old Janiece. The version before meeting Sem. The honest most real version of me. Me and Janaila walk into John John's the small cafe is filled with a variety of people. We get a small booth by the window. "You nervous ?" Janaila says. "A little." I say honestly. "Me too." She says quietly. My phone starts to vibrate in my pocket. I look towards the door finding a curly hair woman with her back too me. I answer my phone quickly. "Were in the booth by the window." I say watching the woman she slowly turns and its like being face too face with Janaila. They look so much alike they could pass for twins. She's stunning. She smiles and closes her phone. I give her a small smile back. She walks over too the table slowly. Me and Janaila both stand up as she approaches the table. She stops in front of us and before I know it. Janaila and her are in each other's arms. My whole body warms at the sight. They part and they both have tears running down their faces. I take out my phone snapping the moment. This is one of those times I wish I could cry. The time I actually miss being a human. Ariana looks at me with a beautiful smile placed on her lips. "I'm not really a hugger."'I say making her and Janaila laugh. We all sit down. They both order something. I just order water. The food smells horrible. I smile thinking about how I used too love John John's food. "So how do you figure that your our sister ?" I say in an easy tone with an eye brow raised. Ariana takes a sip of her drink before speaking. My mom has letters from your mom. They were all bestfriends." She says quietly. I shake my head. "I was born three years after Janaila." Ariana says. "He didn't say very long." "I really don't much." "I found out about you through a music site." Ariana says with a soft smile. "You can sing." She says her smile growing. "Thank you." I say smiling back. "And I've seen your paintings especially of the one of your daughter. That was stunning." Ariana says too Janaila. "Thank you." Janaila says quietly. The table gets quiet for a few moments leaving each of us too our own thoughts. I speak first. "Do you want too find him ?" I say too Ariana. She looks away out the window. I give her time knowing her thoughts are probably all over the place. "I feel like I never truly know who I am." "Like I never feel complete in life." "Maybe if I find him he can answer some of my questions." "So yes I want to find him." Ariana says looking between Janaila and me. I take Ariana's hand Janaila taking the other. "Were going too find him." I say quietly. 

The club is just like I remembered. The music is loud. The lights dim. The smell cinnamon , cheap perfume and smoke all mixed together. It feel weird and normal all in one. "You okay ?" Janaila says touching my shoulder lightly. I look at her giving her a small smile. "I'm fine go dance with your man." I say pushing her lightly to Seth. She looks at me like really looks at me too make sure I'm okay before taking Seth's awaiting hand. They go off to the dance floor. Its beautiful too see how intune they are too one another. Love is radiating off of them. I feel a sadness creep throughout me but I slowly push it aside. "Dance with me." I hear his voice before I see him. I turn too find Sem standing behind me. I smile and shaking my head. "What are you doing here Mr. Matthew's ?" I say with a raised eye brow. He steps closer too me. Wrapping his hands around my waist pulling me close too him. "Do you really think I was going too let you come too the city by yourself ?" He whispers too me. I shake my head lightly at him. But pull him closer too me inhaling his scent. He smells amazing like always. "Sem , I'm scared." I say honestly. "Not here , not this moment Janiece let's be young and dumb." Sem says slowly moving us too the slow beat. I move with him letting him lead. I forget about all our problems ahs just feel. I don't push him away when he looks me in the eyes. I don't push him away when he brushes a piece of hair out of my face. I don't push him away when his breathe fans across my lips. When his lips touch mine I don't push or run I pull him forward. Letting myself get lost in the moment. At that moment I'm just a teenage girl in love with a teenage boy who she's hopelessly in love with and prays he feels the same. But even if he doesn't she'll still have this moment where she can pretend he was.

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