The Twilight Saga

Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 21 - Early mornings , Late thoughts

"Where do we go from here ?" I say too Sem. The early glow of the sun lighting up the room. "I honestly don't know Janiece." Sem says his voice quiet. "I thought you were happy Sem." I say quietly. "Janiece , I should have never left." "I should have been a man and stepped up." His voice holding a bunch of regret. "Sometimes sorry isn't enough though Sem." I turn and look at him. The sun is illuminating his face. He looks like an angel. I close my eyes cuddling up to his chest. "I want this too work more than anything , I'm just afraid Sem." I say my voice shaky but honest. "Look at me Janiece." Sem says brushing hair out of my face. I open my eyes too find Sem looking at me. "I love you Janiece , I love you more than my own life." "You gave me the most precious gift I could ever ask for." "My baby , our daughter." "Your an amazing woman and an amazing woman." "I let the fear of not adding up not being man enough for you and let that get the best of me." Sem said his voice shaky. I knew he would be in tears. "You can't leave again Sem Matthews." "If you do k don't know if I'll be strong enough too live for our daughter." I say honestly. "I love you." I say looking him in the eyes. "I love you." I say again quietly. He bends down pressing his lips slowly too mine. You can feel the regret , pain , sorrow , love  and contentment all in this moment. We pull away just looking at one another. "I love you too Janiece." Sem says quietly. 

"So we'll see you next weekend ?" I say top Ariana. She smiles tears placed in her eyes. "Yes." She says quietly. "Hey , where not going anywhere okay." "Janaila says. Grabbing her in a tight hug. "Your are sister now."  I say with a big smile. "I know I'm just being a baby." Ariana says with a small laugh. I feel arms wrap themselves around my waist. I smile as I feel Sems lips kiss the back of my neck. "We need too get going if we want too make it home before dark." Sem says. I nod. Ariana nods giving Janaila one last hug. Then giving me a huge hug. She shivers and pulls back a bit looking at me. I know she notices the difference but she doesn't say anything. I know she will though. I know we have too tell her the secret. "Call me when you get back." Ariana says as we get into our cars. Me and Janaila both nod. "Okay love you sister." I say with a huge smile. "Love y'all two." Ariana says. I blow her a kiss and close my door. I look at Sem who is looking at me with a smile. "You ready ?" He says. I smile. "Yes." I say. 

"She's been sleep since about 7:30." Same says holding Amena. I smile st my beautiful baby. "Thank you so much Esme." I say reaching for the baby. She hands her too me and Amena cradles herself closer too me. For the first time in 3 days I feel relaxed. "Come back tomorrow , tell me everything ?" Esme says with a small smile. "Of course." I say giving her a small hug. "You ready ?" Sem says. "Yes." We reach my house in np time deciding too walk instead of drive. I put Amena in her crib. Sem wraps his arms around me. I smile just watching our daughter together. "Do you want me too go home or stay ?" Sem says quietly. I turn wrapping my arms around his neck. "You are home , Sem." 

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