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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 22 - Settling us into a new normal

"Come on baby , come on." I say reaching Amena. Her face is serious. Her lips bent in concentration. I watch my baby move slowly her legs wobbly. "Come on Amena , just a little more steps." I say encouraging her. Amena wobbles all the way into my arms. I grip her closely just showing Amena with kisses. "Good job baby , you walked." "You walked." I say. "Did you get that on camera ?" I say to Sem. He's smiling from ear to ear. "Yes , our baby walked. You walked baby." Sem says giving her a big kiss. I smile watching them interact. "Good job baby you want some ice cream ?" I say standing up walking too the kitchen. Amena smiles and I know that means a yes. I set her down into her high chair. I quickly give her some strawberry sherbet ice cream. She dives in quickly. I laugh and just smile at my daughter who is growing up so fast. I feel Sem wrap his arms around my waist. "She's amazing Janiece." "We did good." Sem says kissing the back of ny neck. "Yes , we did Mr. Michael's , yes we did." I say pressing myself closer too him. 

"Her growth has stopped rapidly." "She is growing at an more human pace." "I don't think that she needs anymore slow growth drugs." Carlisle says to me and Sem. I look at Sem who looks at me. "Your sure that rapid growth won't start up again when we take her off the drug ?" I say. Carlisle gives me a small smile. "I'm positive." Carlisle says with a sure nod. Sem takes my hand squeezing it lightly. "Okay , we can try." I say to Carlisle. We walk out of his office downstairs too the living room where everyone is at. I smile hearing Rosalie and Emmett playing with Amena. We walk into the room. "What are y'all doing in here ?" I say in a playful tone. Amena turns at the sound of my voice. "Mama." She says reaching for me. I stop at the sound of her little voice. "Mama." She says again starting too whine. I move grabbing her quickly in my arms. "You said Mama." I say kissing her chubby cheeks. "She said Mama." I say too everyone. They all clap and cheer for Amena who just looks at me smiling shyly. "Good job baby. I love you." I say kissing her cheeks lightly again. 

"Yes , Tommorow night is perfect." I hear Sem say quietly. "Yes , tonight here." "She'll be gone all day with her sister." Sem says quietly. "Yes , I'm sure." Sem says. "Alright , bye." Sem says hanging up the phone. I feel sick. Like literally sick too my stomach. I thought Sem was different now. I thought he was different. I take a deep breathe. Getting myself together so I don't strangle him when he comes in. I'm more hurt than upset. Sem comes in cuddling up too me on the couch. I feel the anger radiating off of me. "Your sister still coming tomorrow ?" Sem says rubbing my shoulders lightly. "Mmhm." I say not being able to speak. "You wanna go for a walk ?" Sen says twisting a piece of my hair. "No , I'm going lay down." I say standing up. I start too walk away Sem grabs my hand stopping me. "What's wrong , Janiece ?" Sen says standing up. He stands in front of me making me look at him. Just him standing this close makes me want too slap him. "What's wrong ?" Sem says making me look at him. "Nothing , Sem I'm fine." I say. Sem stares at me I start back at him before he drops his hand letting mine go. I turn and walk away from him. I stop by checking on Amena. Seeing she's sound asleep. I walk too my room grabbing my ear phones. I stick them in my ears turning up the music drowning everything out losing myself in Jhene Aiko's voice. The morning comes and I shower and dress quickly. I dress in black jeans a black lacy top. My makeup is dark and smoky. My lips a deep purple. My hair big and curly. I dress Amena quickly. She wears white leggings A pink peplum top. I come her hair into two puns wrapping black bows around them. She looks adorable as always. I drop her off at the Cullens. "Why are you so quiet ?" Janaila says. "Sem's cheating on me Janaila." I say calmly. "What , I thought y'all were doing good ?" Janaila says her tone confused. I shake my head thinking the same thing. "I don't know. I just know I'm not going too deal with it." I say. "Well make sure that you take time too figure everything out." Janaila says squeezing my hand lightly. "The rest of the car ride is quiet. Both of us lost in our thoughts. We get to the airport where Ariana is waiting for us. We see her abs she runs too us. We all hug and have a total movie moment. "So shopping and dinner ?" Janaila says. Me and Ariana both nod. 

"The food here is amazing." "I remember Seth brought me here when I was pregnant." Janaila says. I smile looking between her and Ariana. "Its crazy how much y'all look alike." I say.  Janaila and Ariana both smile. A pretty waitress comes taking our order. Ariana and Janaila both order. I just order water. I catch Amena staring I know she notices. "Can I ask you a question ?" Ariana says looking at me. "Mmhm." I say with a small smirk. "Do you have an eating disorder or something ?" "Because you never eat or every time your around me you never eat." Ariana says quietly. I laugh too myself a little. "No , I do not have an eating disorder . Vampires just don't eat that's all." I say calmly watching Ariana's reactions Her face changes from concern to confusion. "Did you just say Vampire Janiece ?" She says foo me slowly. "Yes , I did Ariana." I say. Ariana looks at Janaila. "She's not serious is she ?" Ariana says. "I don't eat , I'm cold as ice." I say. "I know it's hard too believe but I'm not lying I'm serious." I say looking Ariana in her eyes. I see the disbelief draining from her body being replaced with curiosity. "Do you have any big secrets ?" Ariana says  to Janaila. Janaila smiles and I start laughing. "Seth is a shapeshifter , a wolf." Janaila says. Ariana looks down at her hands. She's quiet. We both give her time too process her thoughts. "Okay , Okay." "Its crazy and unbelievable but okay." Ariana says. I smile at her. Janaila doing the same. "Okay." I say. 

The ride home is filled with questions , laughs and stories. Ariana understands that are has too keep pur secrets. It feels good too be able too honest with her. The good vibes die though as we pull up too my house. Sem's bike is in the driveway so he's home. I reapply my lipstick and check my makeup. Making sure I look flawless. "Do you want too stay with me tonight ?" Janaila says. "Yes let me just pack a bag for Amena." I say. "You can come in , see my place." I say too Ariana. I honestly just didn't want too go in by myself. I open the door too find Sem sitting on the couch. "Hi." Sem says. "Hello." I say hurt bubbling in my stomach. Sem walks towards me slowly. "Don't touch me Sem." I say. "Your cheating on me." I say too Sem. My voice shakes and I feel nauseous. Sem laughs actually laughs. I smack Sem. Like smack him. It doesn't make me feel any better. I turn and start to walk away from him. "Marry me , Janiece." Sem says. I stop and look at him. "So you cheat on me and expect me too marry you ?" I say disgust on my voice. "I didn't cheat on you , Janiece." Sem says walking towards me. I shake my head. "I heard you Sem , on the phone yesterday." I say. Sem starts laughing again. "Its not funny Sem." I say getting angry again. "Come out guys." Sem says. Soon the room is filled with all my family and friends. "I was on the phone with Janaila." "I wanted you too hear the conversation." Sem says. I look at him smiling. "I hate you sometimes." I say trying shaking my head smiling. Sem slowly drops to one knee. "Janiece Leah Michaels , will you please do me the honor of being me wife ? Will you marry me ?" He says too me. "Yes." "I'll marry you Sem." I say. He grabs me in his arms pressing his lips too mine. He slides the  one huge diamond ring on my finger. I hear our family and friends clapping and cheering. I look at Sem. "I love you."

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