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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 23 - Us (:

"You like your dress baby ?" I say looking g at Amena. She looks up at her eyes wide filled with happiness. "Pretty Mama." She says in her soft voice. "Yes , baby pretty." I say bending down kissing her forehead. I stand back up looking at myself in the mirror. I look beautiful. My dress is tight fitted see through lace bodice with diamond beading down the sides. My hair which is a light turquoise color now. Is curled in an half up half down curly hairstyle. My makeup simple with a touch of light pink. My lips a hot pink. Nerves flutter through out me. "Mama , ready ?" Amena says reaching her hand out too me. I look at myself one more time. I take a deep breathe calming myself. I take Amena's small hand in mine. I look down at her. "Yes baby mommy's ready." I say giving her hand a light squeeze. 

"You remember how to throw the flowers ?" Alice says to Amena. Amena nods and looks up at me. I smile down at her. "You ready ?" Jennifer says too me. She looks beautiful. Her skin is pale but has a creamy soft look too it. Her makeup a light pink. Her lips a pale pink. Her hair In big wild curls. Her dress a pale pink fitted beaded mermaid bottom. She looks beautiful. "You look amazing." I say to Jennifer. "No you look stunning Janiece , honestly breathtaking." Jennifer says tears in her eyes. "Don't start , don't start." I say too Jennifer. She smiles and shakes her head lightly. "You know I'm a sucker for happy moments." She says letting small tears drop. I smile and hug my best friend. "Thanks , Jennifer for never giving up on me." I whisper too her. "Never." She whispers back. "Everything's ready to go." "Whenever your ready." Alice says. I smile. "Were ready." I say. I grab my flowers. Jennifer hands the basket of flowers too Amena. They both step in front of me. I hear the light humming of Lykke Li's voice. The nerves vibrated through out me. I knew I could I would be blushing right now. The doors of the small room openly slowly. The sun shining throughout the whole room illuminating everyone's skin. It looks like something out of a dream. I only see one person though. Sem is the true definition of beauty. His skin looks like glittering diamonds. His eyes like warm melted butterscotch. A beautiful smile placed on his lips. He looks tall and lean standing waiting for me in all white. His eyes hold mine. Love radiating off him. I move slowly capturing every moment. I watch as our baby lightly drops the flowers. I smile as she cheeses at everyone. Finally I meet Sem at the altar. He takes my hand bringing it too his lips kissing it lightly. My nerves explode all at once p overwhelming me with emotions. This is what life is all about. Small moments like this. I smile at him. He smiles back. He can feel it too. Everything we been through was supposed too happen too create this moment. This moment of peace , happiness. "I love you." I whisper. "I love you too." He whispers back. 

"You take Janiece too be wife Sem ?" Carlisle says with a wide grin. "Yes , I do." Sem says squeezing my hand lightly. "Janiece do you take Sem too be your husband ?" "Yes , I do." I say. "Well with the power invested in me I now present you Mr and Mrs Sem Matthews." Carlisle says in a proud voice. Sem looks at me. It feels like everything is moving in slow motion. He brushes a piece of hair out of my hair out of my face. His eyes never leaving mine. He presses his lips too mine. At that moment everything , everyone disappears. It's just I and Sem. And nothing ever felt so right in my life. 

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Songs I used while writing .. 

Lykke li Melodies & Desires

Time flies (:

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