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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 3 - All we are

I've been ignoring you for the past couple of days. You've tried apologizing and apologizing but its going on deaf ears. I don't wanna hear it. It's the same old story. I hurry and get dressed. Im wearing a black and white striped skater dress. With my neon yellow combat boots. My hair in a high bun. My makeup white and black. My lips a glossy clear color. My jewelry minimal. Some diamond stud earrings and simple charm necklaces. And some rings. I grab my bag. Im walking down the stairs just as Jennifer pulls up. Your standing in front of the door. "We need to talk." You say. "I have to go to school." I say. You don't move though. "Janiece I'm your mother and the adult of this house." "Your not going to disrespect me by not speaking to me in my own home." My mother says. I shake my head laughing at you. "The adult of the house ?" I say. "I take care of myself." I says "Half of the time your passed out somewhere but your the adult of the house right ?" I say. My phone dings in my pocket. I know its Jennifer wondering whats taking me so long. I walk down the rest of the steps and wait for you to move from in front of the door. "Excuse me." I say. "If you leave dont come back Janiece." You say. I look at you and see nothing but seriousness. I've been waiting for this day. But it doesn't prepare me for the hurt i feel. "I won't" I say brushing past you.

I hurry and get into the car. "What took so long ?" "We're going to be late." Jennifer says pulling out of my driveway. "Im sorry." I say barely above a whisper. My eyes sting with tears but i will myself not too cry. "Hey , are you okay?" Jennifer says. I nod and just look out the window. We reach the school and i tell Jennifer to save me a sit in class. I rush to the bathroom finding relief to find no one on there. I go into a stall and let everything out. My heart is beating too fast. It's hard too breathe. I realize that I'm having a panic attack. I haven't had one in years. The late bell rings and i know cant go to class like this. I need some fresh air. I walk out of the bathroom. The hallways are clear. Im at the door. "Where are you going ?" I turn to look at Sem. "You coming ?" I say. I turn and walk out the door. I feel you next too in seconds. "Where are we going ?" You say. I look at you. "Where ever you take me."

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