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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 4 - Stop running , for what though ?

"Come on" you say grabbing my hand. Your hand is cool in mine. Almost too cool. You lead me to a bike. You grab a helmet putting it on me quickly. You sit on the bike. I follow your lead. I sit down on the bike wrapping my hands around your waist. You start the bike making it roar to life. We're off in seconds. My stomach flips with fear and adrenaline. We speed down the street soon were just surrounded by trees. The smell of earth invades my senses and instantly calms me. You start to slow and a small cottage comes into view. You stop and help me off the bike. You help me take the helmet off . You have a small smirk on your face. "What?" I say. "Your hair its all over the place." You say your smirk growing. "Shut up" I say pulling my hair out of the bun letting it fall free. I run my fingers through it hoping it doesn't look to wild. I look to find you staring at me. "What?" I say with a small smile. You smile which makes my heart race. "Nothing , come on." You say taking my hand again. You lead me into the cottage. You open the door for me letting me in. I take everything in slowly.

"This is your place ?" I say. The small cottage is beautiful. It's warm and cozy. The kind of place you read about. There's photographs everywhere. "Yeah." You say shyly. "It's amazing." I say walking up to some of the photographs. The one catches my eye though. It's a tree. The tree is bloomed in full color. It's stunning but the other half of the tree is dark and decaying. Its one of those photos that look like paintings and you just have to stare at its beauty. "I took that last year." Sem says breaking the silence. "I had never seen anything like that before."
He says quietly. "It's unreal." I say not knowing how else to explain it. "Your amazing." I say turning and looking at him. "Thank you." Sem says quietly. It's weird seeing him shy and demure all of sudden. "When did you start taking pictures ?" I say. "About 5 my dad let me see his camera." "I remember being so happy." You say with a sense of longing in your voice. "That's how I feel about singing." "It's a safe place , happy place for me." I say. Your staring at me again. I stare back walking towards you. I stop right in front of you. I stand on my tiptoes wrapping my arms around your neck pulling myself even closer. I can feel your breathe on my lips. My breathe is short. My heart pitter pattering against my chest. "There's no going back Janiece." You whisper your breathe fanning across my face. "I know." I say. I close my eyes slowly pressing my lips against yours. "I'm a vampire."

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