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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 5 - Dont play with me

"Your a what ?" I say opening my eyes looking at Sem. "A vampire Janiece." You say slowly. I step away for you. I smile and shake my head. "Your weird Sem." "Your not a vampire." I say looking at the beautiful boy in front of you. "Im not joking Janiece." You say seriously. My smile falls and i realize your really serious about this. "Sem , this isn't funny." I say. "Come on." You say taking my hand. I snatch it away. "No."
I say slight fear tingling through out my body. "I'm not going to hurt you." You say your voice honest. You put your hand out waiting for me. I slip mine into yours slowly. You lead us outside a little into the woods. "Stay there." You say looking at me. I give a slight nod. You turn and your gone in a split second. "Up here." I hear you say. I look up at you and your up in a tree. I can barely see you. Then your on your feet in front of me in seconds. I stare at you and then up at the sky. My mouth is hanging wide open. "How did this happen too you ?" I say finding my voice. I feel light headed too many questions running through me at once.

"My father was knock as the town photographer in Colton , Kansas." Sem says. "One night he was photographing this wedding in front of movie theater." "When it suddenly exploded." "Everyone in the theater died that night." Sem says shaking his head slowly. "My father had then men who did it caught on tape." "The only proof." Sem says looking at me. "One night at around 4 a group of men came in and killed everyone in my home." "My mom , my two sisters , my father everyone." Sem says his words low. My heart aches for him. They shot me twice. One in my chest and one in the leg." Sem says. "They ran out of bullets though." Sem says. "After they left i left to get help."
"That's where I met her." "I was bleeding everywhere." "I was dying." Sem says looking away for
me. "I wish I did." Sem whispers. "The woman was stunning." "She was tall , had pretty skin and ruby red eyes with ruby lips to match." Sem says with a small smile. I remember her whispering in my ear. "I'm only doing this because your cute." She says before biting me. "The pain is something i wish I could forget." "It feels like your on fire from the inside out." Sem says shaking his head. "I would never wish that on anyone not even my worst enemy." You say looking at me. Small tears fall softly down my cheeks. "You were meant to live." I say walking towards you. "You were meant to be forever." I say wrapping my arms around your neck. "You were meant to be the rough edged lovable man." I whisper stepping on my tip toes. "You were meant to be with me." I say pressing my lips slowly to yours. My heart explodes as our lips slowly move in one. Tears fall slowly as im overwhelmed with emotion. I've never felt anything like this before. We pull away at the same time staring at one another. "Meant to love me." I whisper.

An - Okay , so whadya think ? Love it hate it inbetween ? Kay , so they kissed and Sem's confession. Please review (comment) i greatly appreciate it . Thanks loves<3 Oh , and I think we all know that I dont own twilight or anything related but i do own this story and its characters so please dont steal it .

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