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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 6 - Beginning of a downfall.

Everything moved so fast at once. Maybe too fast but we didnt care. Sem had a piece of my heart no my soul. My eyes are closed but i can you staring at me. I him lightly too myself feeling the morning sun shine brightly on my face. You bring your hand too my face tracing the lines and curves of it. "Shower , and ill cook us breakfast." You say quietly. I smile and open my sleepy eyes taking you in. Your breathtaking. "What are we doing today ?" I say pushing myself closer too you. You smile and something flashes in your eyes. "Im going to photograph you." You say quietly. I can hear the excitement and fear in your voice. "I wanna tell your story Janiece." You whisper lightly pressing your lips to mine. I inhale lightly taking in your woodsy scent. You pull away staring at me with nothing but love in your eyes. If at the time i knew what i knew now i would have known it was all a lie.

We walked into the small studio. There was a piano in the middle of the space. "The bathroom is right that way." Sem said from behind me. I nodded grabbing my stuff from him. I walked too the bathroom and looked at myself. I didnt have any makeup on. My hair was a huge curly mess. I looked young. I looked like myself. The person i wish people could see. I shook my head clearing my head. I grabbed my makeup bag and started on my face. I kept my eye shadow light with golds and bronzes. My lips a soft pink. I wetted my hair making it curler. I changed from my sweats too a fitted v-neck and floral high waisted jeans. I kept the acessories simple. Just some hoops and a few braclets and rings. I looked at myself. It was like déjà vu.

Flashback ..
School starts in two weeks i told myself. My stomach dropped. I looked at myself hating my reflection. I shook my hea turning off the light. I grabbed my jacket and walked downstairs. I looked in the kitchen too find my mom with her head down on the kitchen table. I shook my head and walked out of the front door. You could feel the change in the weather. It was cooler but it felt nice against my skin. I walked to the small diner. I sat in the same booth i do everytime i come. I opened the small menu looking at food i know I didnt have the money too buy. I set the menu down and looked out the window. I spotted some girls from school. They were all tall and thin. They had on short mini skirts. They all smiled and giggled. I saw the boys waiting for them at the end of the street. Tears sting my eyes. I wanted that so bad. I wanted to feel like people wanted to know me. That they wanted me. But I know they didnt. They all called me fat and said my hair was ugly and a mess. I hated myself. I let a few tears fall. "Hello." I heard a soft voice say. I looked up and my mouth fell slightly open. The woman was beautiful. She had the prettiest creamy white skin. Her hair an auburn red color long and flowing softly down on her back. Her features sharp but still having an softness too them. Her eyes a gorgeous chocolate reminding me of chocolate drops. She looked to be about 5'7 maybe 5'8 with curves. She was beautiful. "Im sorry if im brothing you but is that your natural hair color ?" The woman says staring at my hair. "Yes." I say quietly waiting for an insult. "It's beautiful I have never seen it before." "It's not quite blonde but its not quite white its stunning especially against your skin." The woman says with a friendly smile. I look at her eyes too see if she's lying. I find nothing but kindness though. "Thank you" i say quietly. "Your welcome." She says. "I just had too say something." "Your hair is gorgeous and you have the prettiest skin color too." "Your have an Exotic look." The girl says. A warm feeling rushes though me and tears prick my eyes. Her compliments are foreign and make me uncomfortable. "Your gorgeous." She whispers too me before waking away. I watch the stranger walk away. I leave a few minutes after her. I run all the way home. I run too the bathroom and stare at myself. I watch as tears of confusion run down my face. I want to believe the stranger. I wipe my tears and stare at myself. "Gorgeous." I whisper too myself. That was the day i changed forever.

Present time ..
I walk out of the bathroom. I find Sem sitting at the piano. "You ready?" I say. Sem looks up at me and smiles. "If you are ?" He says with a small smirk. I take a deep breathe and nod. "Yes , im ready." I say.

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