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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 7 - Memories make you who you are

Sem staring at me . My heart is racing too fast and i want too look away but I can't. "Go stand over there in front of the mirror ." Sem says quietly. I turn and walk over to the mirror. I stand in front of it staring at my reflection. "Who were you at this moment Janiece ?" Sem says quietly. "A girl trying too find who she is." I whisper. I step closer to the mirror my bending forward lightly my hand on my face. My stomach aches and my heart clenches. "Open your mouth slightly." Sem says stepping closer too me. I do as he says. I hear the Camera snap. "I used to hate myself." I say pushing a little piece of baby hair into my face. "Everyone at school made fun of me because i was a little thicker and shorter." "They used to tell me my hair was too big and messy." I say. Tears catch in my eyes giving them a glossy look. "Stay like that." Sem says. My mind is racing with thoughts. "One day this beautiful stranger though she looked like an angel told me i was gorgeous." I say straighting my back turning around so im facing Sem. "That was the first time anyone had said that too me." I say in a whisper. I turn and look over my shoulder. "Those two weeks before school started I learned how to make my hair curler put on makeup and went shopping." "I wanted too feel gorgeous all the time." "I wanted to feel accepted like the gorgeous woman had made me feel." I say quietly. Sem snaps a few more shots. "The first day of school 8th grade year i remember I was so nervous." I say with a slight smile. I turn around and stand slightly lopsided with a small shy smile. "Put your hand a little higher on your arm." I do as he says. He snaps. "Everything about me was perfect." "I looked gorgeous on the outside." "But on the inside i was insecure." I say. "I faked it until i made it though." I say bringing my hand lightly on my neck. My expression one of confusion. "Relax your eyebrow a little bit." Sem says to me quietly. "That day changed everything." "No one made fun of me again." I say turning to say. "You get enough shots ?" I say. "Yeah , go ahead and change." He says with a small smile. I give him a small one back. I turn and walk back to the bathroom. I wipe of my makeup. I do a dark smoky eye with golds , grays and purples. I do a dark purple lip. I braid my hair in the front pinning it back. I change my hoops for huge daimyo nd studs. I strip down and put on a dark blue body jumper. I grab some gold bangles and my sandals. I put on a gold pendant with a diamond charm. I look myself. I shake my head thinking back too this night.

Flashback -
Im at my locker grabbing my purse. I turn around and Kyle Manson is right behind me. "Um , hi." I say looking at him. He is really cute i say too myself. He smiles and takes me in. I feel self conscious. "Are you going to magagales summer bash tonight ?" He says. "Maybe." I say. "You wanna go with me ?" He says with a small smile. I smile. "Yeah that would be cool." I say. He nods still smiling. "I need your number so i can text you when im on the way." He says. I grab a pen out of my bag. I write quickly on his hand. He nods and looks at me again. "I'll see you tonight then." He says turning and catching up with his friends. I walk home smiling so hard cheeks hurts. I walk in the house and i hear clashing of stuff hitting the floor. I run to the kitchen too see my mom throwing dishes on the floor. She's drunk. Again. "Mom , stop." I yell . She stops and looks up at me. Her eyes are dark. "Where did you put it ?" She says. "Where did you put the bottle Janiece ?" She yells. "I don't know what your talking about." I say confused. "Dont play with me , Where did you put it ?" She yells again. "I don't know mom." I say. She walks towards me grabbing me and pushing me against the wall. "Dont play with Janiece." Her breathe full of alcohol. Tears fall softly down my Cheeks. "Let me go mom." I yell. Her grip just gets tighter. "Please." I beg quietly. She lets me go and turns her back too me. She grabs her purse off the table and walks out the front door. I walk too my room and stand in front of my mirror. I watch the tears fall slowly down my face. I eventually lay down in front of the mirror. The sun goes down and the stars come out. I don't know how but i move. My body aches but i ignore it. I dress quickly in a long sleeve light jumper thing. I braid my hair in the front. I do my makeup a little dark. My acessories minimal. I look at myself. I look perfect but i feel horrible inside. My phone dings. It's a text from Kyle saying he's on the way." I look at myself all te excitement from earlier today gone but i force myself too smile. It looks real enough. I find myself in car with Kyle's older brother and his older Brother friend John. We were silent the whole way to the party. We got there music was blasting and there were a lot of people there. I felt weird and uncomfortable like i looked like i belonged but i didnt. I shouldn't have came but it was too late. Kyle pulled me too the dance floor pulling me close. It felt weird but i just went with it. But Kyle tried too do too much. I pushed away from him. He looked confused. I gave him a small smile saying i needed some air. I walked outside. The warm summer air hitting me helping clear my head. I looked up at the stars. They were so beautiful and there were so many of them. "You okay , Janiece ?" I hear Kyle's say from behind me. "Yeah , it just got a little crowded in there." I say turning too him. I turn and see he's closer than what I thought. He's looking at me again like he did at the lockers. Something turns in my stomach. "We can go back inside now." I say. Kyle steps closer too me. I step back my back hitting a tree. Kyle traps me against the tree pressing his lips harshly against mine. I mumble against his lips. I don't want this. But he isn't stopping. His hands are at my waist pulling me close too him. I try too pull away but he's stronger than me. I open my mouth slightly gripping one of his lips and biting as hard as i can. Kyle steps back grabbing his lip. I start running. I dont stop for anything. My lungs are screaming for a break but i don't stop until i reach my house. I find the house empty. I run to my room where I fall too my knees. That's where I just scream and scream until everything is silent. Just quiet.

An - So wadya think ? This chapter was a heavy one . As we all know i do not own twilight or anything related but i do own EHFAR AND ALL ITS CHARACTERS SO PLEASE DO NOT STEAL !! thanks loves <3

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