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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 8 - who I was , who i wants too be , who i became

I look at Sem through blurry eyes as cool tears fall down my cheeks. "We done ?" I say my voice shaky. "Yes." He says quietly. I walk back to the bathroom. My stomach is turning remembering that night. Those few moments changed me forever. It made me hard and close minded. Not letting anyone in. It made me hate myself even more. I close the door behind me. I stare at myself in the mirror. I watch as small tears run slowly down my cheeks. My heart aches and head hurts. I wanna go home and curl up in the bed and forget my past. I shake my head and start to take off my makeup. I redo it this time a simple gold eye with a cat eye . My lips a deep purple. My hair free and curly. Wild. I change into a short oversized sweater that reaches the top of my knees. I slide my black over the knee socks on. I grab a gold pendant and some big studded hoop earrings. I look at myself in the mirror i look like me now. Simple and sexy. Everything on the outside looks right put together but in reality I'm a mess. I walk out of the bathroom. Sem is sitting at the piano. He is simling at me. I walk up too him stopping in front of me. "You look beautiful." He says as he stands up walking toward me. "Thank you." I say. "The piano." Sem says looking at it. I walk towards it. I feel Sem's cool hand take mine. "I'm here Janiece." He whispers lightly in my ear. My heart stutters and Sem helps me on the piano. It's cool against my legs. I close my eyes and start too hum to myself.
"I remember my first talent show was my sophomore year." I say quietly opening my eyes slowly. I hear the click of Sem's camera. "I was so nervous i threw up twice that day." I say with a small smile. "Stay like that." Sem says quietly. I hear the flash of his camera. "Okay." Sem says quietly.

Flashback -
I stared at myself in the mirror. Maybe i should have worn a dress. Something more dressy. I shake my head lightly. No i wanted Simple. This wasn't about what I looked like it was about my voice. I touched up my lipstick one more time. Spritz my hair with a little more water making it as full and curly as i could. I made sure my socks were still over my knees. "You can do this Janiece." I whisper too myself. I take a deep breathe and walk out the bathroom. Casey love runs toward me with a irritated expression. "There you are we've been looking for you." She says grabbing my hand. "Your up." She says basically pushing me on the stage. The lights are bright and the smallest of murmurs of quiet now. You could hear a pin drop. I walk to the mic slowly. The music starts and i feel the beat in my body instantly relaxing me. I open my mouth and the flow out of my mouth. I hear gasps and murmurs now. "When you gonna come back down , When you gonna come back down?" "I'll meet you on the ground." "I'll meet you on the ground."
"How you gone feel the rain up in the clouds ?" I stop and take a deep breathe before letting out a big note. "How you gone feel the rain ?" I say letting the note quiet. The room is quiet them erupts in applause. Tears run slowly down my cheeks. I walk off the stage walking past everyone. I walk outside looking up at the night sky. Tears still falling softly.
First ever in my life i know what it feels like to be loved.

Present day -
I look at Sem as i quiet. He sets down the Camera climbing on the piano
Lying next too me. He pulls me close to him. My knees touching his. I look him in the eyes there a light brown. He's beautiful it's almost painful too look at. I see the pity in his eyes for me. "Don't feel bad for me."
"I'm a big girl Sem." I say quietly. I reach my hand lightly caressing his face. "Everyone has a journey." I say sitting on my lightly bringing my face closely too his. "I love you Sem." I say against his lips not giving him the chance to say anything. I pull away when my lungs can't take anymore. "I love you." He whispers brushing a piece of hair out of my face.

An - so what do you think ? I like Janiece's story. I kind of went through what she went through as far as the body image problems but yeah . Well comment below. Thanks for reading. I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT OR ANYTHING RELATED BUT I DO OWN EHFAR SO PLEASE DONT STEAL IT . K ? thankssssssssss<3

Songs inspired or used - DONT OWN EITHER ONE !
Midian - up in the clouds
Miley Cyrus - adore you

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