The Twilight Saga

Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 9 - unaware of a beginning

I held on to Sem as we rode into school. He helped me off the bike. Taking my hand. I heard whispers and murmurs. I looked at Sem too find him staring down at me. His eyes held love it made my heart skip a beat. "There all staring , were hot stuff." I say to Sem with a goofy smile. "Yeah well we all know who the hot
One is ." Sem says with a smile matching mine. "Duh me." I say laughing. Sem stops us and pulls me close. "Let's give them to stare at." He says before pushing his lips to mine. It feels like we're kissing forever but forever isn't enough. I feel people staring and even hear a few cat calls. Me and Sem pull away and smile at everyone before being on our ways.

The day goes by fast. Everyone stars at me. A couple girls ask me if it true. I smile an respond with "Yes blonde is my natural hair color." There faces are priceless. Sem is already gone by time school is over. I told him not to wait i had to run home to get a few things. Plus he told me he had something special planned for tonight and that I needed to be all "gussied up" I smile as i think about how big of a cornball he is but i love it. I reach my house. Her car is gone. Thank god. I walk into the house and straight too my room. I grab what I need. I grab my black body con dress with my lace over the knee socks. With my rhinestone chocked and braclet too match. I stuff it in my bag and close my door behind me. I walk out of the house and don't look back. I stop at the gas station changing in the bathroom quickly. I wet my hair letting it curl up. I touch up my makeup and apply my ruby red lipstick. I look at myself and I know Sem is going
Too be happy. I smile and slip on my leather jacket and hot pink combat boots. I walk out of the bathroom. I can literally hear the owner of the gas station mouth open. I turn and smile at him. It's starting to get dark earlier. Fall is coming. I love fall. I reach Sem's house i smell something that smells amazing. I open the door slowly and gasp. He rearranged everything so there's a small table in the middle of the room. But there's pictures surrounding the table and there of me. There stunning. The girl who is me is beautiful. He captured every emotion. "Is it too much ?"
Sem says quietly almost shyly. One minute im looking at him and then the next minute im in his arms. "It's beautiful." I say through a thick voice tears stuck in my throat. "Your beautiful Janiece." Sem whispers lightly in my ear. It sends chills down my body. "Here let me take your coat." He says helping me out of it. He sets it on the couch. He pulls out my chair for me. I smile and say a quiet thank you. Soon he sets a plate of spaghetti in front of me. It smells amazing. I dive in and fall in love with Sem even more . "This is amazing Sem." I say. "It must be."
Sem says laughing at me. I give him a mock evil look. "Shut up ." I say with a small
Smile. Sem gets up and comes back with chocolate covered strawberries. He picks me up sitting down in my seat now im sitting in his lap. He feeds me them. By time im done im stuffed. I stare at Sem wondering how i got so lucky. "I love you." I whisper against his lips. "Thank you for all of this i dont deserve it." I say. "Sshh you deserve the world Janiece." "You own me now and my world." "I love you." Sem says earnestly. I look him in the eyes looking for the lie but i find nothing but honesty. I press my lips to his they move slowly against his. The rest of the night no words are spoken but every emotion is shown.

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Music used as inspiration -
Miley Cyrus - adore you
Christina millian - us against the world .

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