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In the beginning there was the Mother Wolf and Father Creation. They had many litters, The sixth litter however is the only litter that lived. In that Litter was Ezekiel the Eldest, Freynal the Compassionate, Lily the Beautiful, and Lucifer the Deceitful Youngest.

Ezekiel fathered a child with a demoness. The child was then named Thalia Rose Deamon. Thalia mothered four sons with a Vampire; Vintus Fealis Gravesard, Vincete Georgio Gravesard, Darrien Ubec Gravesard, Dante Usae Gravesard. Vintus fathered eight children with six women; Avalon Kartel,Similon Silverwind, Ellismira Kolven, Killowatt Krazy, Rose Grey, Jasper Grey, Aiko Miyazaki and Sora Miyazaki. Vincete fathered none, Darrien fathered two with two women; Bade Xander Capulet-Gravesard-Shadows and Cira Mealia Gravesard. Dante fathered two with a human; Lily Tulia Gravesard and Jordan Vincent Perri-Bane. Jordan fathered one of his two children through magic. He adopted his Daughter Kaylee Luminita Vladmirescu-Perri-Bane after her parent's kingdom was taken over. His son Willhem Alexnader Bane-Perri is his in all but birth.

Ezekiel then fathered a son by Juliet Capulet; Micheal Faust Capulet. Micheal fathered twins Cira and Jeanine.

Ezekiel then fathered three sons and two daughters by Skylar Gates; Brandon,Blair,Blight,Blaine and Carlie.

Ezekiel is the now expecting father of a set of twins, a boy and a girl.

Freynal adopted several children one of them being; Prince Braedon Velimaud Chalitula. Braedon fathered three children with his mate Emily; Willow, Kyle and an unborn.(The unborn isn't truly his). Willow mothered five children with Daniel Raven Biersack; Gawain, Victoria, Keaton, Davin and Justus. Davin killed Keaton and is now mated to Cryo Uchiha. Justus is happy with his boyfriend.

Freynal however fathered one son when he assumed the name Colt Willamswith a human woman named Merideth. His son's name was Aiden Andrew Willams, since age thirteen his son has been called Andrew Dennis Biersack.

Andrew fathered three children with his mate Juliet Simms; Daniel Raven Biersack, Emma Maliene Biersack and Hayley Nicole Biersack.

Daniel as said ealier fathered five children but is cureently mated to Lucy Lopez.

Lily mothered four children; Adelita Georgia City, Damien Domovoi City, Daniel Bleu City and Issebell Cobalt City, of the family only Damien and Daniel live. Damien fathered the twins Nyx and Luna City. Daniel fathered a daughter named Raven Selene City who died at age three.

Lucifer fathered five children with two women; Nico Vincette Dracul, Nicolai Corbon Dracul, Micha Helios Dracul-Wolfe, Belphegor Apollo Dracul-Wolfe and James Willihem Sullivan (Aka Jimmy)

Of the five only Jimmy sired a child her name was Star.

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