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I lived with my mother and father in Maine back in the 1829. I was the average school girl. I went to church, took care of my little brother Timothy. Timmy was just like our father what with is honey colored curlls and peachy skin he was only 4 when it started. I on the other hand looked just like my mother I have blonde hair and pale skin and the same light emereld eyes as her. I was only 13 years old when it all started. You see I had a friend namer Miara Simpson she her father was a imagrant from Ireland and her mother was from France. So she had red hair and a french accent from being home schooled by her mother. I was to be married to her older brother Marcus. He on the other hand had a Irish accent from his dad and had Brown hair and eyes from his mother. I was atually excited and gladly awaiting our wedding in the coming spring. But when the incedent happend It was early fall. I had just finished my chores, the sun had just set and I had decided to play with Miara. We where in the woods out behind her house playing tag. It was very childish but we where spending what was left of our childhood before my wedding.

Thats when It happened. I was racing after Miara when I heard a russling in the bushes to my right. I stoped and so did Miara. Then a man with pale skin, brown hair and most disturbingly bright red eyes jumped out and attacked Miara. I was terrified so I turned around and ran towards home. On the way I met Marcus half way to the house. He stoped me and grabed me by my sholders. By now I was crying.

"Kathrine." he looked at me in surprise like he didn't exspect for me to be here. Then I remebered that he had been chopping wood out by the wood shed all day. He had a expession of worry on his face. We realy did love eachother we just couldn't exspress it the way you would now a days.

I pointed tords Miara and the man where. And like lightning he was off to save them.

I should have ran home, lock the door, and fetch my father but in the spur of the moment I ran back. when got to where Maira was last I saw her my eyes came to the terrible sight of Marcus's blood drained body cold and and pale layed upon the cold earth. Tears began to drip from my eyes. I wraped my arms around my self as if I could hold in the sadness and rage that filled me.

After a while once my tears had ran dry and my heart wasn't as heavy but I still could not make my self look at Marcus. But Miara was no where to be found I looked around but she was not around. Than from behind me a terrible growl. The next thing I remember was lieing on the ground with pain erupting from my neck and spreading through out my whole being. Then all I could hope for was death, but of course I wouln't be that lucky.

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