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Edward held my hand as we entered the familiar lunchroom.
Though we had checked to see if all the old teachers had left (which they had), I had a very bad feeling.
Every head turned to face us, I watched their reaction as the took us in. the seven unnaturally beautiful, pale people and the big dark muscled guy.
The reactions I saw reminded me of the first time I had seen the Cullens, right here, in this very cafeteria thirty-five years ago.
The eight of us made our way to the old Cullen table, which was (to our surprise) still empty. Renesmee grabbed Jacobs hand then sat down next to me.
“Mom” she whispered grabbing my hand. Images flashed through my head of the children in the in the cafeteria. Her thoughts were painted with nerves. This was her first day at school ever. We had taught her all we knew, I had even learned some new things.
“I know honey” I said to her. I felt exactly the same. This was the first time any of us had been to school since Edward, Alice and I had left. We had stayed in Forks for Jacob and Renesmee’s sake and decided to go back to school after a few decades.
I felt Edward stiffen beside me.
“Oh my god, are they married?” I heard a girl whisper. With shock I realised that I had forgotten to take my wedding ring off. I hadn’t wanted to, I had complained about it all last week. But the others had said it was important to keep the high school charade perfect.
I shot an apologetic glance at Edward and saw that he was looking guiltily at his own ring, still on his finger. I grinned widely as he looked at me.
“Change of story I guess” I said to him.
“you just got back from your honeymoon and were made to go back to school” said Alice who had noticed the rings too.
“Bella, what’s wrong?” asked Jasper who had finally picked up on my agitation.
“I don’t know, I just have this feeling that something bad is going to happen… Alice could you please check”.
“Does it look like I can” she said throwing an icy glance at Jacob. She had never managed to shake her resentment at her loss of sight the wolves created.
We sat there listening to the gossip starting to form about us. We had already told some people our cover stories. It was the usual – all the things that I had first noticed. But word had spread about Edward and I. Also some had notice how much Renesmee looked like the both us. After a long argument I had finally agreed to the story of her being my twin. I still thought she looked more like Edward.
Once again Edward and I had most of our classes together and when the bell rung we made our way to English.
As we neared building three Edward muttered, “I swear I know that voice”.
We went to hand our slips to the teacher and I froze. She looked so familiar. The nameplate on her desk read ‘Mrs. Cheney’.
Cheney, Cheney. I wracked my brain for a human memory that wasn’t of Edward. Cheney, that name was so familiar. There had been a boy, Ben Cheney. I remembered he had gone out with my best human friend, Angela Webber… Crap!
Edward inhaled sharply when he realised too. Only a second had passed and Angela looked up at us. Her eyes widened and her face drained of colour, she gripped the desk for support.
“Bella?” she whispered, then her eyes rolled back and she crumpled to the floor.

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Comment by Jalissa☆C.--ILoveTwilight Ѽ on May 27, 2009 at 10:57pm
omg you should totally write more to this one.
its amazing.
please keep writing!!!
oh and if u do please keep me updated!!!!
keep up the good work! =D

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