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With so many rumors circulating as to how Fan Fiction was deleted, i don't have an idea who to believe.
Some say it was a glitch, some said it was on purpose... But all i want to say is that:

I mean, sure fanfiction got hacked or something. And i know that's terrible and making all of us feel mad and sad. especially the writers
like me, but people, u joined this site, not just to create your story. I'm thinking u joined this site because u like/love/are obsessed /will
die for twilight

as simple as that. and if u do not want to start all over again by
creating your ff again from scratch, then that's fine. But dont delete your
. i mean, what about all your friends? the ffs u supported which
is being reposted ? and if by some miracle fan fiction gets fixed, then
what will u do? u wont be able to get in again because u deleted your
account. do u get my point? so.. please. stop deleting your accounts. i
know tts has loosen so much members already, and I'm concerned that maybe
one day, tts will really be.. u know, deleted, not just the fan fiction
this time, but the whole site... sorry if I'm bugging you out again.
sorry! i can't keep my editorial mouth shut :P

and for people who did not save their fanfics, well, im sorry 4 u guys.
but maybe this time, u will save ur ffs? ... if u get offended, again,
im very sorry!

haha. so wadya think of my speech??? :))

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Comment by ѼForeverTwilighter on April 7, 2010 at 11:45am
Okay. SO I was right! take that people who told me it's impossible to get all the fanfics back!

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