The Twilight Saga

He left, I was torn never did I know the consequences of not being
conscious of the thinks you make in your life. And somehow when the
results come you regret everything that you've done. Especially the
things you never ever wanted to happen. Now I regret.

Chapter 1

Since I got married to Jacob Black the day, the love, my love left. Many
things happened that night, first, I almost got killed by the brother
of my love. Second, my love left. Third, Jacob made love with me.
Fourth, after he proposed to me. Fifth, i stupidly accepted.

After that all things just rushed by, I knew I was having a baby with
Jacob and had no choice to live with him. Charlie was happy, and Renee
thought that I wasn't happy. She was right.
Now I live at a wooden cottage Jacob found at a very cheap price in the
middle of the forest. It was okay, and it was near Katie's school, my
daughter. Everything was rushing by when I was 18 now that I'm 23 I
regret all things I have done. I knew Edward was going to die. But
stupid me didn't have the guts to go to Italy with his sister and saved
him. Only Alice came, and luckily they were spared.

I glanced at the clock 10:00 pm. Katie was asleep, Jacob hadn't come
home probably drinking with his friends and decided to sleep.

The next morning, Jake wasn't home yet. I dropped off Katie at school,
when I got home, the door was open.
"Jake?" I said
"Bella...." a voice murmured
It was a very familiar voice, a voice that made my bones melt and soften. So velvet, almost seducing.
"Bella..." the voice mumured

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Comment by ♥♥TwILigHt♥♥ on May 3, 2010 at 12:18am
i like it :)
Comment by Alice Cullen on April 11, 2010 at 10:41pm
i like it. you should writ more. please let me know if you do?!?!?!?
Comment by ஐGabrielleஐ on March 22, 2010 at 5:35pm
great story you should write more

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