The Twilight Saga

Chapter thirty-one- LETS PRETEND LIFE IS FAIR

I stared at my arm or lack there of. There was no pain, the realization that there was no pain was worse. You can be told day after day that your not human, you can feel the burn of the thirst, you can watch the sun set then rise, never moving an inch, never needing too and still you feel normal. Not human normal of course, but you don’t feel different, not in a bad way anyway. Being a vegetarian gave you much more room for a normal existence, but then it also gave you much more room for mistakes. Now as I turned my head, I kept my body other wise stone still on the cool grass, completely calm and without the smallest amount of pain I gazed at Tyler holding my arm in his mouth and for the first time since I lost my heart beat and the need to breath I felt what I had left of my human life slip through my fingers. My hand flickered to my shoulder and then fell back to my side.

Tyler and I stared into each others eyes; I didn’t need to see to know what was happening around me. There were so many noises at once, even my dagger sharp mind needed a moment to pick out each individual growl, scream or in Emmett’s case a booming obscenity. I would have to reprimand him for later(Renesmee already had a much more advanced vocabulary in curse words then any young girl should thanks to her uncle). I half smiled as the sounds grew louder only milliseconds after they were originally heard. Edward, of course, was first, my heart grew cold as I saw the madness in his eyes. I pushed off the safety of the grass and flashed forward, getting between Edward and Tyler just in time for Edwards lips to press feather light, like a kiss, into the nape of my neck and his teeth to crush silently in the same location.

We stood there frozen like a demonic tribute to our kind; my back brushed the wind blown fur of the completely still Tyler behind me. I had no fear in it; I could hear Alice, jasper and Emmett all around him. It seemed Alice had removed my arm from the boy’s teeth and was now asking Emmett if he thought it was right to interrupt us to return it.

After the quickest moment I wrapped my arms around Edwards motionless statued body as the sense of madness started to leave him, I could feel it as his body slowly relaxed under me. I could feel the exact moment when his mind switched from killer back to my sweet Edward; it was in that same moment that he realized his teeth were deep in my neck. Honestly, this was painful, not that I would ever say so, but as jasper had once told me, long before I was a true member of the family, the venom of another vampire is really the only thing that hurts us. Sure having a limb torn off is uncomfortable, but really no more then that. Like an itch too out of reach or being hungry when there was nothing good to eat.

The instant Edwards teeth had torn through my stone skin a strange burn had taken hold on my senses, I held still with my teeth clenched and my jaw welded closed. As I did when the fire consumed me I dared not to move a finger less the sound of my pain slip through my carefully guarded disguise and cause my true love a glimmer of remorse or grief. Which I knew with every fragment of my being would be the out come when Edward realized what he had done.

I was right of course. As Edward regained him self, I heard a low sharp gasp, with his teeth still firmly attached to my neck the gasp was muffled, but I could already hear the self hatred, the hours upon hours of unnecessarily sincere apologies and the years of trying to make up for what I would always believe to be my own fault. Edward slowly removed his teeth, it felt as if he was removing each tooth one at a time, I clenched my jaw tighter and fought against the urge to cry out in pain. The wind that caressed the double sided croissant shaped mark on my throat felt like lemon juice as it only added to the already breath taking amount of pain. I didn’t have time to fake a smile or hide the expression of anguish I knew I wore as Edward looked into my eyes.

“Bella?” He asked as if he was hoping I was just someone wearing a Bella mask and every heightened sense he had was wrong.

I took a silent breath, waited until the pain was manageable and then I smiled. It was a real smile. I had to wait until I knew it wouldn’t look forced because that would have only added to his pain.

“I’m fine.” I only half lied. The pain was starting to waver; it would be gone in only a few minutes. I knew though, thanks once again to jasper, that I would have to work out an outfit plan with Alice to hide the scar that would be framed on my other wise flawless marble skin and like Nathaniel’s arm had for Emma it would always cause Edward nothing but pain to see it there. I mentally shuddered at the thought of giving Alice permission to use me as her own personal dress-me-up-dolly.

“Look what you’ve done!” Emmett bellowed. His muscular arm pulsed with the anger that seemed to radiate from every atom on his body. “You hurt MY sister.” His voice was lower now, more controlled, but a hundred times more menacing.

I sighed softly; Edward’s hand cupped my chin and locked my eyes to his. I forgot where I was, my name and anything else but the color of his eyes and the way his perfectly imperfect smile made my ice cold heart melt. My hand reached on its own accord, up to stroke his granite smooth cheek. His sweet sigh of relief melted the rest of the world around me. I could have stood there for days, hours, heck if the heart wrenching beauty that was my Edward remained the focal point in the scenery I could have stood there unmoving for years, until the sky darkened, the ground under our feet fell away and oblivion came. That would have been the best case scenario, until I heard the every so soft cry of pain that slipped from the muzzle of the colossal wolf.

I turned my head as far as I could with out my eyes leaving Edwards, when finally the loving gaze broke between us it made almost an audible snap. I looked to Emmett; his entire body was focused on the wolf. Although he was a foot or two shorter then Tyler in this form, the way the anger poured off of him give the impression of a few extra feet. The two glared at each other. Emmett’s arm was invisible under the layers of light brown fur around Tyler’s throat. Tyler glanced at me as I took a small step forward. Emmett saw this and without the slightest sound the enormous muscles in his arm pulsed once. Tyler shrieked out in pain, Emmett growled in warning, Tyler’s eyes did not move from Emmett’s.

Emmett’s arm shook after a few minutes of quite staring, the mental battle seemed to be over, Emmett causally removed his hand. He took a step back, flashing with almost invisible movement, but not to Tyler. In some half thought out attack Tyler threw his much less graceful body forward, mouth wide in hopes of catching Emmett by surprise. And he would have if at that exact moment Rosalie had not thrown herself over the enormous boy and in the path of his teeth.

hi everyone! i am so so so so sorry it took so long for me to post the next chapter. I was hoping to post the new chapter every week, but then my computer broke and we moved far away from my friend who let me use hers. So now my computer is fixed and i will really try to update as fast as i can. Hope you like the new chapter!


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