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With love certain things are expected; accelerated heart beats, sweaty palms, longing, nauseatingly sweet nick names, hope for the future, desire filled stares and being a bit protective of the people whom your life continues for.

As everything else love is heightened with vampires, except of course for the human things, we don’t sweat, we have no heart beats, and the future does not have the same meaning, but in terms of being protective, well that was something else all together. If, for example, I was about to be struck by a train Edward would lift it off the tracks and scold me for being so reckless despite the fact that the train was in much more danger of me hitting it then it hitting me.

If a bear meant me harm Edward would mean it the same. The idea of someone meaning the one you adore harm if very different from a train who’s job it is to go down the tracks or the attack of a creature who’s only trying to keep alive. The night that felt centuries past when the men had hoped to do who knows what to me, Edward had almost gone out of his mind with rage and hate.

I had never seen Emmett protect Rosalie from anything more dangerous then the constant rain that she complained frizzed her perfect hair. But rose was to Emmett the same way I was to Edward, so I guess I should have not been surprised by the out come.

The sound of Tyler’s razor sharp teeth slashing through Rosalie’s perfect steel skin was worse then nails on a chalk board, as a baby cried, while a choir sang off key. The tearing blare of metallic flesh was almost immediately drowned out by Rosalie’s earsplitting surprised scream. The noise was high and twisted with an equal mixture of anger plus shock. The wolf’s teeth pulled at rose’s delicate shoulder, her bones made soft snapping noises as they broke away from their sockets. Her head leaned in a strange angle away from her body and as she let out another awful scream I understood he was trying to remove her head.

It was the sound that came from Emmett that silenced everything else. The wind seemed to stop blowing through the trees, birds stopped singing, crickets stopped chirping and every creature from vampire to succubus held their breath in fear.

Emmet’s face lost all of his sweet playful expression, even as he had been yelling at Tyler for me he still had a soft expression around the anger, but now all of my teddy bear brother was gone. His kind features were contorted into the horrific monster that people thought of when they made movies, book’s or even thought they saw us in the shadows during the darkest nights. This was the way a vampire appeared in nightmares.

Another indescribably frightening sound exploded through his quivering lips. I struggled to make out what little of the noises sounded vaguely similar to words. It seemed like he was cursing in Russian. His entire body rippled with fury, each muscle appeared to pound against his sparkling stone skin.

“You…” His inaudible shouting suddenly mixed with angry half understandable accusations. Everyone looked as if they wanted to move forward, but each of us stayed perfectly frozen where we stood, as if some force of vengeance held us back. Even Jacob and Sam’s steps to stop Emmett were slow and unhurried.

“You… rose…YOU!” With that Emmett shot forward with more speed than any of us had ever put forth before. One minute he was behind rose staring at the werewolf’s teeth rip apart her shoulder, the next Tyler’s blood exploded out of the slash deep in his transformed wolf body as Emmett tore the flesh from the boys shoulder. Blood gushed down turning Tyler’s fur from a soft honey brown to a deep scarlet. The same blood fell from Emmett’s lips dripping onto his shirt staining it past the limited ability of club soda. Tyler cried out in pain and only then did he release poor Rosalie from his razor sharp teeth. She jumped back in the same moment, her hands fumbling clumsily to press her skin back into place, the look of terror still held tightly to her eyes.

“NO EMMETT!” Edward shrieked. “THE VEMON!”

Emmett eye’s cleared at the sound of his favorite brother’s misery, the lovable innocent Emmett regained control and jumped back from the blood gushing out of the large gash, but it was too late. Emmett nearly fell off Tyler while he hurried to get down.

Without warning Tyler began to convulse. Rose caught her frightened husband with her good arm as he tumbled into her. Sam and Jacob rushed to their comrade’s side as his legs gave out from under him. The ground beneath our feet trembled as the immense beast struck the Cullen’s grassy yard with too much force, half his right side disappeared down the gap in the dirt his massive frame had made during the fall.

Tyler’s body shook with profound intensity; his eyes rolled back into his skull and bloodied foam poured from his muzzle. His breathing grew loud and heavily labored, his enormous chest fluttered, a very different appearance from the seizures. Suddenly, as quickly as the convulsions started they just stopped, with no warning of the fit slowing, the shaking just abruptly ended. The vibration in his chest moved in one last attempt to get a lungful of air. His last breath whispered through his jowl’s like the tinkle of bells. I hadn’t realized Alice had reattached my missing arm until Edward embraced me and my fingers intertwined behind him, refusing to release him. Tyler was dead. Tyler was dead and it was my fault.

hi my fellow twilighters. I am very glad to be able to write again, i missed my story! Well here is the newest chapter. A quick note to the Emmett lovers (or the Tyler lovers)- don't worry everything turns out fine. So anyways, hope you read/enjoy the new chapter and please comment it really makes writing worth while!


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