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Carlisle stood over the motionless boy, I gasped as the fur began to disappear into the flesh of the dead young man, like with out a heart beat the strange gift was gone. Emmett tore off his shirt not brothering with buttons; they snapped of easily under his hurried fingers, he carefully placed the too large blue button up on Tyler. The light blue fabric covered Tyler like a blanket, the light blue fabric shifted in the wind. I flinched as the movement in the shirt feigned a heartbeat.

Carlisle busied himself around Tyler. He checked his pulse only for a moment before he bent his head and checked for any signs of breathing. It must have been a conditioned motion because even standing a foot away as Edward and I were and even with my face buried deep in the folds of my husbands chest we could hear the silence that was Tyler’s heart and lungs, an easy contradiction to the huskiness of both in life.

Carlisle didn’t need to speak, he just shook his head. I could almost feel Tyler’s absents already. The boy, and he was still just a boy, who loved extra chocolate chip cookies. Who spent most of his young life drawing and sketching; really anything that he thought would get him to ny where he would graduate graphic design school and work to create world famous cartoons. He loved to spend his time drawing detailed familiar cartoons about a red haired child and her mysterious family. He was as comfortable around us as Seth. He hugged Esme when she made him the cookies only she could make right. He wrestled with Emmett, kept up easily in conversation with jasper and Edward, played happily with Renesmee, Millie and Nathan, sketched anything they saw with Alice and was a friend to everyone, including me.

So here we were, standing over the lifeless figure of a friend. His entire life reduced to kind sentences about what he could have been, about the life he could have had. If only, if only, if only, if only it wasn’t for those Cullen’s. I could hear it already, the whispers, half glances and finger pointing. We would have to leave forks, leave Jacob, Charlie, Sam and Emily, everyone. Everyone.

“He’s gone.” Alice whispered. “I can see past him.” She leaned into jasper like all of her strength had gone alone with Tyler.

Emmett knelled beside him, his shoulders bent and shaking as he sobbed invisible tears over his friend. I wanted to run to him. I wanted to hug my big brother and tell him over and over it was all my fault, that he had nothing to feel guilty for. I wanted to promise him that for the rest of my sleepless nights on this earth I would be replaying this day in my perfect memory, seeing as each foolish move I made lead to Tyler’s preventable death. I wanted to, but my body refused to move from Edward, one part of my mind screamed ‘Selfish selfish! Tyler’s dead and you think you still deserve Edward!?!’ the other part was trying to explain how foolish it was to blame myself, but it was very hard to hearing over the screamed accusations.

“Finally!” Edward all but shouted in my ear.

“Edward?” I cried shocked.

“No....” He started to explain himself, but louder then his voice was a familiar hissing popping sound.

Everyone turned slowly almost unwilling to take our eyes off of Tyler as if he might show signs of life and we would not be there to help, everyone but Emmett and rose who stayed unmoving by his side.

Emma was the first to do anything other than turn. She screamed, not just a little burst of air escaping the lungs or the pop scream from surprise, no this was every ounce of breath in her lungs scream, it burst out high and loud. She ran towards her daughter who stood quietly by her father, her eyes were half closed, held tightly in concentration. Her strange snow white eyes had melted into the perfect shade of green; I searched for the white eyed victim only having to look up in to the frightened eyes of Raina. I felt a twinge of relief even happiness as Raina truculently clawed at her face, her mouth was open as if she was trying to scream, but nothing escaped her wicked lips not even air.

Emma scooped up her daughter backing away without turning she fought to keep Millie still in her arms.

“No mommy! Put me down, please I have to help daddy!” Millie gently pushed against her mother’s arms.

“It’s too dangerous.” Millie hummed, the words were barley audible. She didn’t look down as her baby wiggled out of her grasp or as she ran back to stand in the same stop next to her father. She couldn’t tear her gaze from Nathaniel or Raina. No one could.

Nathaniel had his fingers clenched deep into Raina’s upper body. His face was contorted in something like pain as the bright colors moved back and forth, down his hands into Raina, then back out again each time traveling further up his arms. The color was a deep blue as it left Nathaniel and a threatening crimson as it departed the body of the dreadful women immortal.

“What’s he doing?” Alice asked in a calm monotone, her eyes furrowed a little as she tried to hide her annoyance at the blindness.

“Killing her.” Edward said with a strange sort of pleasure mixed in with the words. “Killing her.”

Hey people! I am updating as soon as i write the new chapters and since i have this new computer i am writing almost everyday. Hope y'all enjoy this newest chapter. Please comment or ask any questions you might have.


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loved it

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