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When something unpleasant happens to someone close to use we will often understand the situation and the person well enough that you might say I feel their pain. But here now in my husbands family’s yard with my daughter, husband, Jacob and the closest family anyone could wish to have, I could feel Emma’s literal pain, as if all the overwhelming news and events had turned into a shapeless bully, roughly pushing me forward, egging on the inevitable. With each step Raina took towards her daughter and granddaughter I felt my control dripping away. Inch by inch, step by step, I could feel my self restraint chipping away.
It wasn’t until Raina’s hand brushed the air around Emma’s face that I knew I could no longer keep the rigid locked arm pose. Suddenly Alice and Edward both seemed to move as one turning, reaching their arms to stop me, even their eyes bugged out at the same moment, but it was too late. My movements were nothing short of lightening. My feet left the ground higher with each step. I had no plan b, I wasn’t really that sure I had a plan a.
I was waiting for this instant since Raina arrived here and I hadn’t realized it until I felt my fingers curling into claws, my entire body shook with the joy in what I was finally doing. The wind whipped my hair around my face; the smell of fear soaked the air, everyone but my preys. The sights around me no longer held colors. The green grass, brown dirt, the horrified face’s of my family and friends and even the different variations of pink of Alice’s party decorations blurred together creating a gray fog my eyes only assumed was there. I could only see one form; my fingers craved to dig into her, my teeth ached with the thought of slicing into the demon and ending all the overwhelming pain she had caused us for her own selfish purpose.
I had hunted animals with the intent to kill them. I had never allowed my mind to wonder what taking down a larger target would feel like. It’s a temptation that could expose my family and end my comfortable happy life. But now at this moment I had no other thought. Ever since the votaries visit Emmett, jasper, Alice and I had practiced fighting everyday with out fail. For the first month or so Jasper had pinned me with little effort in less then time it took to get into attack position. It had only been recently that I’d been able to get a few hits in. When fighting jasper it wasn’t about strength, it was all strategy and planning.

With Alice it was much more difficult, like playing chess with your eyes closed. She could see each move hours before the fight even started. I had won one out of the hundreds of fights we had battled and I never counted it since that was the day jasper nearly burned down the house trying to bake her a birthday cake. She had bigger things on her mind that day.

My favorite opponent was always Emmett; his attacks were quick and deadly, but with the right planning easily avoidable. He was clumsily impatient because he felt every fight was an easy win, no reason to think it through, I had won most of our fights.

Edward of course would not fight me, he refused to see me as a target, no matter how I tired to explain it. I kind of liked that he would never be able to put me in danger even if it was only pretend, though I would never say so.

With the worlds most talented fighters as my teachers I felt a glimmer of smugness when I thought of Raina. The legends of succubus only speak of their beauty, immortality and cruelty, but nothing of strength. My heels slammed themselves against the dirt, when instead of the fear or at least concern I had hope to see on Raina’s face, all I saw was a smile.

Tyler grabbed my arm before I had even realized he was next to me. I jumped away, trying to peel my arm from his bone shattering grip, but it only seemed to make him hold on that much harder. I felt my blood freeze when I looked up into his eyes. The unique hazel blue eyes I had grown so used to seeing with Jacob since he had formed a bond with Embry. All I saw was dead black, like smoke billowing up from a fire. Could the false imprinting be so strong?

“Your daughter or you new fake vampire family, Emma? You can’t have both.” Emma looked at me pleading for something, a sign of some plan she had not been aware of. The sounds behind me grew louder and more defined. I could tell who the growls and snarls came from. Emmett roared, I could hear him dragging his feet in the ground, probably being held back by Rosalie. Alice ground her perfect teeth together, while jasper seemed to be in such distress that he was thinking his battle strategy out loud. Edwards were the closest, loudest and most pained.

“We will never give you Millie.” My tone was strong, not a hint of fear or uncertainty. I stood a little taller, my chin held high with the decision I had made. She would never get Emma or her children, never. I wish I could say the smug proud smile stayed on my face for more then half a second, but my smile faded too quickly when Tyler flexed his hand. My heightened senses are great and for the life of me I could not think of a down side, until right now. The bone in my arm bent slightly before snapping cleanly in two. I had never felt such pain before; the closest description was the all consuming fire that ragged war in my body when I was changed.

I covered my mouth with my other hand, I knew the sound of my arm breaking was heard by everyone, but no one would hear my pain. Instead of letting me go, Tyler moved his hand to mine. He lifted my broken arm up into the air with such speed and the movement was so unexpected that I had no time to prepare myself and the scream I had tried to hide escaped. In the same moment Tyler whipped me around to face my horrified audience.

The silent storm that had been brewing behind me was more then I had even imagined. Esme, Emmett, Carlisle and Rosalie all held Edward in futile hopes to keep him back. Each one had their heels dug deep into the dirt with the effort. Edwards face was unidentifiable; every trace of my sweet wonderful true love had been washed away. Every perfect feature warped into a mask of a monster I had never seen.

Alice wore an identical mask, but more pain leaked into her eyes then I imagined she wanted. Jasper held her so tightly in his arms; his knuckles had turned red with strain. Jacob held Renesmee, her head was pressed into his chest, I could see Jacob’s chest move with Renesmee silent sobs. Jacob and my eyes met the ghost of pain I had seen when he thought I would die for my daughter loomed in his eyes. I tried to smile, some sign I was okay, but the pain echoed through me and the smile came out a wince. I tired to break free of Tyler, I wanted to be in Edwards’s arms more then I ever had before. Tyler had no free will, I knew this, I also knew that Edward no longer cared. This innocent wolf would get torn to pieces for my foolishness. Tyler didn’t bother to look down; he simply moved his hand to my pinky finger. Holding it between his thumb and pointer fingers.

“Emma, look what your selfishness is doing to this poor family.” Raina nodded at Tyler.

Tyler, with the same lightening quick movement that he had caught me with, let my finger slip for less then half a second before grabbing it again with his whole hand. He squeezed once and the sound of my steal bones breaking filled the yard once again. The pain didn’t hurt as bad this time. I knew what to expect, but still it wasn’t what I’d call pleasant. I was too busy thinking to react.

Emma stood holding on to her daughter with all the strength she could muster. Nathan had both hands wrapped around his mother’s leg. He looked up at her, hoping for a sign of a plan. Out of all the plans that must have been swirling in the heads of all the beings in the Cullen’s yard that day it was the one I would never have guessed that saved us all.

Hey twilight people! Hope you liked my newest chapter. As always feel free to comment or ask any questions you might have. I'll try to update soon. I am still using my friends computer and she uses it for work so..... i will try to update soon though. -kat

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