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Fanfic. What happens when you mix vampires with angels? Chp. 2 what just happened? part 1

I managed to get my sketch pad back just as the bell rang. 3 more periods left, you can do this J. I walked out only to get stopped by Alice. "Hi! So your new? Cool! I'm Alice, you must be Janelle!" she grinned. "Uh just Jazz" I replied. Was this normal for her? Or did the girl have two cups of coffee before school? "Really? Thats my boyfriend's nickname!" Alice squealed. "I've heard" I mumbled walking down two halls to my locker. "Hey we're locker buddies" she said. Oh my God, her locker was next to mine? I'd have to deal with this everyday? I groaned. "Whats wrong?" Alice asked her face concerned. "Just i have algebra next, ugh" I said. "Mrs. D is awesome, you'll love her" she smiled again before prancing off. Then i'd have to meet Mrs. D tomorrow or at least in a half an hour.

I ran to the girls bathroom. No one was in there, great. I shrugged off my blue jacket and let my black wings free. The girl in the mirror didn't look like me. She looked older, stronger and prettier. All the things i didn't think I was. I stretched out my wings again enjoying the feeling of usual power, knowing i could do something most people can't-unless their in a plane. The clock said 2:30. With a huff I tucked in my wings and thought of my dad. That pretty much drained all the color out of my skin. So now I looked good enough to go with my excuse. I walked into class shoulders forward eyes down. "Janelle Black why are you late?" Mrs. D asked. "Didn't feel well" I said letting my voice drop to a whisper. She eyed me, nodded and motioned for me to take a seat. I slowly walked to the one by the back. The lesson was really just on what we'd be learning, what we'd need and that stuff. The usual. I let my mind wonder to back home. What was he doing right then? Looking for me? Yelling at the tv or some guy in a store? Forget him, I thought. He's out of your life, your fine for the time being, get over it. But how could I get over the dude who ruined my life?

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