The Twilight Saga

FanFic. What happens when you mix vampires with angels? Chp. 1 lets find out part 2

At lunch i found the emptiest table since there was none. "Right" Eric said following my gaze. "Jasper,Alice,Edward,Bella,Emmett,Rosalie" he said with practiced ease. I just nodded and cracked my soda. "Oh please" a girl said sitting down. She had brown eyes, straight brown hair and was wearing a striped top with jeans. "I'm Jessica I heard your the new girl. Two new kids in two year thats a record" she grinned. I paused realizing i'd been blocking out auras. Brace yourself, kid. I put down my walls and colors exploded. I closed my eyes then opened to see them all looking at me weirdly. "You cool?" Erici asked. "Yeah" I replied. Red jealousy swirled Jessica's head, while blue concern was on Eric's. "So where'd you live before?" she asked. "NY home of the reckless and amazing" I anwsered automatically. I used it on everyone to get a sense of me.

"Cool" a girl said with another boy. The girl had black hair, blue eyes, glasses. The boy had brown hair, and blue eyes. "I'm Angela" she said. "I'm Mike" the boy pulled up a seat on the other side of me. I sighed. A little too close for comfort. I tucked my sketch pad onto my lap and my hand flew across it drawing all of them in perfect detail. "Hey!" I cried when Mike grabbed it. "Catch!" he called throwing it. Jessica laughed and threw it to Eric. "Come on guys not funny!" I jumped trying to grab it. Angela caught it and handed it to me after looking at it. "Thats really good" she said quietly. "Thank you" I mouthed. Mike grabbed it holding it up before yelling "HEY PEOPLE LOOK AT THIS!" I cringed wishing i could disappear knowing I was blushing. "Thanks alot" I mumbled. Jeez if he was going to act this way everyday i'd drop out before the semester was over.

Notes: yes i got descriptions wrong, i know. Don't hate me for it. Gimme suggestions for what the next chapter should be.

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Comment by Jessica Brown (JB) on November 11, 2010 at 9:16am
I like!!!!
Comment by Jessiica Cooper :D on August 31, 2010 at 2:57pm
ahh we dnt care! its rlly good

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