The Twilight Saga

10 years after Breaking Dawn

Chapter 1
Renesme's POV

"Ness, wake up."
I groaned and rolled over towards the sound of the voice. I cracked an eye open and saw My Jacob sitting on the edge of my bed, smiling like it was Christmas. "Hey Jake." I mumbled rubbing my eyes and sitting up.
"Guess what?"
"What?" I replied opening my eyes and looking into his.
"Merry Christmas."
Wow... Christmas already... No wonder he was smiling so much... I smiled and kissed him softly on the cheek. "What time is it?" I asked.
"Now don't get mad... It's 6."
"In the morning!?" I said loudly, flopping back on my pillows.
He laughed. "Come on Nessie, it's Christmas. You're supposed to get up early on Christmas morning... It's a tradition. Now get up before I drag you out of here. You have presents to open." He said with a smile.
I groaned again and rolled back over to go back to sleep. He wouldn't actually drag me out of here.
"If that's how you want it..." He murmured.
Next thing I know he has me over his shoulder, walking out of my room. "Jake, put me down, I wanna go back to sleep." I begged, knowing he couldn't resist my innocence.
"No, no, no. You can't talk me out of this. I don't care how tired you are. Besides, your parents wanted you up too. They just aren't as cool as me." He replied walking into my parents' cottage living room, and tossing me on the couch. My parents were sitting around our tree, grinning ear to ear. "It's too early, couldn't you wait till at least 8?"
"Sorry Nessie, we have a full schedule for the day." My dad said smiling and opening his arms for a hug.
I crawled off the couch and gave my dad, my mom, then Jacob, a hug. "Okay, what did I get?" I asked sitting down and grabbing a present.

I got an awful lot of Cd's from my dad, books from my mom, and a beautiful necklace with a wolf on it from my Jacob.
We left the cottage after I had opened my presents and headed to my Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme's house. We got there and my whole vampire family was there surrounding the tree, even the wolves, and Grandpa Charlie were there.
I was still treated as if I was only ten but in reality I was more of about 17. I had stopped aging this past year, and was now a full grown half vampire- half human.
"Hey Nessie, give your old grandpa a hug." Grandpa Charlie called from his position on the couch. Sue was sitting beside him, they had married last year and were now living in Forks together.
I skipped over to him and gave him a hug, then going around the room and giving the rest of my family and friends hugs. "Please tell me I'm not the only one who got presents."I said sitting beside Jacob, who was in front of the tree and a TON of presents.
"Nope, I made sure you didn't this year." Uncle Emmet said from across the room.
"Good. Okay, dad you're first." I said smiling and tossing him a present that had his name on it.

It took all morning for everyone to get their presents opened and put away. As expected Aunt Alice gave me a car full of clothes, Everyone gave me a blue Ferrari f430 imported from Italy (, and various other items from the rest of my family.
"Nessie, come on, lets go for a walk." Jacob whispered in my ear.
"Okay." I replied smiling and getting up. 'Just going for a walk dad.' My dad was glaring at Jacob and I.
I walked out the front door with Jacob, everyone else in the house was oblivious to my leaving... they were all caught up in their 'shiny new toys'...
Once we got past earshot of my dad and them, Jacob started talking. "Hey Nessie, I have been meaning to tell you something, but I'm not sure how you'll take it, so just be open minded..." He said nervously. "Do you remember how I have told you all those stories about imprinting. You know, the ones with Sam and Emily, Jared and Kim, Quil and Claire, Paul and my sister..."
"Of course I do. I love those stories." I replied tossing a rock into the creek. What was he getting at? Had he imprinted? And if so, on who?
"Well... I imprinted a while back ago to this incredibly gorgeous girl..."
Hmmm.... hopefully he is talking about me, because it would really suck if not... considering I was already in love with him... I mean, who wouldn't be? He's perfect for me! "Keep going... who is she?" I asked nervously.
Please be me, please be me. I chanted in my head. His smile got bigger if that was even possible... "She's you." he said softly. YES!
I ran and jumped in his arms. "Yay!" I squealed in his ear as he twirled me in circles.
"I told your dad you would be happy."
"This is the BEST Christmas Ever!" I said kissing him on the lips for the first time.

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Chapter 2

Jacob and I walked slowly back to the house, enjoying our time together... alone.
"I've always known you imprinted on me... I just didn't say anything." I said with a laugh.
"Sure Sure." He replied smiling and kissing me again. He was doing that a lot, but I didn't care. I loved My Jacob, but he didn't know it... yet.
We were walking hand in hand as we walked into the yard of my Grandparent's house. "Nessie, come here! I need you for a couple of minutes." Alice called from the garage.
I quickly gave Jacob a kiss and ran to the garage. Aunt Alice and Aunt Rose were here, waiting on me. "Nessie, guess what?" Alice asked excited.
"What?" She was hiding something behind her back...
She was bouncing up and down excitedly. "Just tell her Alice." Aunt Rosalie said kind of bored.
"Okay, Okay. We all are going on vacation to travel the world." She said pulling out a packet that had a bunch of different locations on it.
"Really!?" I screeched excitedly, grabbing the packet.
"Yes!" she squealed in return.
"Is everyone going? Can My Jacob come?"
"Of course Nessie, I don't think Jacob would let you go without him anyways... Is this an awesome Christmas present or what!?"
"The best." I replied smiling and thinking about imprinting and Jacob... "So when are we leaving?"
"Today." Rosalie replied.

"Since when did you guys have an RV?" Jacob quizzed, looking at the HUGE RV that was parked out front. My dad, Edward, had driven up on it after I went into the garage.
"Since today." My mom, Bella, said.
"What do vampires need an RV for?"
"We are going on vacation to travel the world." I said happily. "And you can come."
He raised an eyebrow. "Wow... you vamps have a knack for surprises..." he mumbled. "So when are we leaving?"
"Today." Grandpa Carlisle said coming out of the RV. "Don't worry. Billy got you packed and all your stuff is already in here."
"Where are Grandpa Charlie, Sue, and all the wolves?" I asked looking around.
"They went home. They knew about the trip so they got out of the way... well... all except Seth. He begged to go and Esme said it would be fine." My mom explained.
"Hey guys. I'm packed and ready to go." Seth said coming out of the trees with a big bag of stuff.
"Okay. Come on lets get going." I said hopping into the RV.
"Here we go..."

Chapter 3

"This RV is pointless." Jacob said stretching out on the couch inside the HUGE RV. I was sitting on top of his stomach.
I shrugged. "Not really. If they didn't buy this, we would be running the whole time like the rest of my family, and they needed a place to put clothes... You know how Alice is... Plus we get to talk and do stuff together." I said smiling. "I wonder where we are going first..."
"Well... Alice said we were going to some Mexican city. Oh yea, we aren't going to be in here the whole time. We have to fly a few times... you know to get across seas..."
"Okay!" I said happily. Aunt Alice was up front driving, listening to some loud music, and Seth was playing some video game in the main room. Everyone else was running.
I started messing with Jacob's hair, making it stand up and making it messy. "Are you having fun?" he asked laughing.
"Yep!" I leaned down and kissed his nose. I stretched out putting my cheek against his chest, my legs were dangling off the side. He wrapped an arm around me. "This is going to be a fun trip."
"If it has you in it, any trip would."
I smiled and kissed him, loving every second of it.

Alice drove all day, only stopping to gas up the RV, or let someone in that didn't want to run... like Aunt Rose. She complained about the smell, but stayed in anyways, mostly up front jamming to music with Aunt Alice.
We had stopped through New Mexico the longest. My mom had stopped to see her old house for a bit, but was right back on the road with us.
We were now going into Mexico, which was a very pretty desert area, at the time.
Jacob, Seth, and I had spent the day doing various things. From playing games to snacking on stuff in the fridge, which I didn't like too much, but I made due. It never got boring, as long as Jacob was with me.
"Awe man! I lost again!" Seth complained as we played Call of Duty 4 on the X-box 360.
I laughed. "Sorry Seth, I have pure skill."
"You cheat." He complained
"Do not! Besides, you have no proof." I said with a grin. "We could always play Monopoly." I suggested.
"NO!" They both said together loudly. Earlier we had played monopoly and I had owned ALL the places. I won by a mile on that, plus it took forever...
"Rematch." Seth said glaring at me.
"Okay... if you want..." I said setting up the match.
After like 15 minutes I had schooled Seth and Jacob using the the M4 Carbine. "I give! You're officially better than me." Seth said tossing the controller down and walking out of the room.
"Bring me a soda!" Jacob called as Seth opened the fridge.
In about a minute, a Dr Pepper came flying through the door, Jacob caught it at ease. "How do you drink that? It's got too much sugar." I said making a face.
"Very carefully." He replied smiling and taking another drink.
I rolled my eyes and yawned. "I think I'm going to go to sleep." I said crawling into the bed.
Jacob downed his soda and walked along the side of the bed to 'tuck me in'. "Goodnight Nessie." He said kissing me and turning out the light.
I drifted off into a deep slumber.

Two days later we were pulling up to a deserted beach. "Where exactly are we?" I asked Alice.
"A beach near Cancun, Mexico."
"Wow..." it was stunning. Crystal blue waters, white sand, and best of all, the sun...
I changed into my swimsuit and left the RV. Everyone else was already out here, changed and ready to swim. My vampire family very sparkling brighter than the sun... It was awesome! I had a little glow to my skin but that was about it. Jacob and Seth were TAN, especially standing next to a bunch of vampires with white translucent skin.
"I'll race you to the water Jake. No phasing." I said excitedly.
"Okay. You're on!" We lined up at the edge of the RV.
"On your mark," Alice said holding up a towel, "get set, GO!" I took off running as fast as I could. I had a little more of an advantage than Jacob considering I didn't have to phase like him. My foot hit the water and I jumped.
I flew a few feet in the air and did a dive into the water. It was slightly cold, but mainly warm, which was weird since it was the end of December... but I guess since it's near the equator... Fish were everywhere! Red fish, green fish, blue fish, all fish. Jacob hit the water immediately after I did and was a little behind me.
I came up for air and saw him swimming my way. His short black hair was glistening with water. My parents were in the water a few feet away, splashing playfully. Uncle Emmett was carrying Aunt Rose into the water, she was fighting with him, but not hurting him. Aunt Alice was on Uncle Jasper's back in the water, going under to look at fish. Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme were standing on the dock looking into the water. Seth was swimming lazily on his back.
Jacob swam up to me, grabbed me and pulled me under the water playfully.
I came back up and made a fish face with crossed eyes. He came up, saw me, and started laughing hysterically. I pushed him under the water and used his shoulders as a diving board. Pushing off from his shoulders I jumped into the air, diving into the water near my parents. I swam to my mom and got on her back, spitting water into her ear. She laughed and pulled me off her back. "So are you having fun Nessie?"
"This is the best vacation ever!"

Chapter 4

"So where are we going next mom?" I asked as Jacob, Seth, Alice, my mom, and I filed into the RV.
"Well actually... We are headed to the amazon..." She replied unsure.
I thought about that for a moment. I gasped. "Are we going to see Zafrina!?"
"Yep!" Aunt Alice said as she went to drive.
"Great... More vampires..." Jacob mumbled.
"Awesome!" I said excitedly.

A little over a week later we had entered South America. We had stopped at the Mayan ruins in Belize and stopped in Panama to check out the town and buy some stuff. The Mayans ruins were really overgrown and had lots of tourists, so we parked the RV for a while and ran to areas less seen and traveled to. We also got to hunt a few jaguars and some leopards while we were there. Those were hard to catch for me, but my mom or dad or even Jacob would help me take them down. I think Uncle Emmett fought a big group of them for fun... Needless to say, he won.
"Hey mom," Jacob was fast asleep in the main bedroom, my mom was on the couch reading a book. "Do you think Nahuel and Huilen are going to be around Zafrina and them?"
"Well... I guess so. Why?" She answered putting her book down.
"Oh no reason. I was just wondering..." I curled up on the other side of the couch and closed my eyes. Hmmm... I wanted to see Nahuel and ask him a few questions about his sisters... I've been wondering also what happened to his father and sisters... Whether or not they had any special abilities like me... or if the Volturi had 'dealt' with his father... I was just wondering about little insignificant things that no one would understand... I was different and I couldn't wait to talk to someone who was like me...

We were now coming up to the Amazon Basin, where the Amazon Coven was supposed to be. Alice parked the RV in the less dense part of the forest and we all got out. Alice had made sure to pack bags for Jacob and Seth, they were going to want regular food at least for some of the time. Plus it had extra clothes for me in them too.
Jake and Seth ran into a more dense area to phase and came back a minute later in their wolf form. I smiled and Hoped on Jake's back. I wouldn't be able to keep up running so Jacob of course volunteered to carry me.
"Okay, we are going to go through the forest and take in some sights, then we are going to try to find our amazon friends." Grandpa Carlisle said showing us on the map.

"Look! A howler monkey!"
"Look! A ocelot! Awe! I want one mom. It's so cute!" I kept calling out different animals that I knew. The ocelot was so cute! It was like a house cat but bigger and I even saw one swimming!
"Renesmee, you would probably eat it after a while. Besides I don't think it would like to leave its habitat." my mom said smiling at me. She was running close to Jacob, Seth, and I. Jacob barked in approval of what my mom said, sending animals running.
"Would not." I mumbled.
We were now running along the Amazon river. I saw pink river dolphins jumping and I even saw a group of piranhas eating something dead. I think the alligators smelled my family because they swam away really fast or snapped at us.
We fed as we ran. A few capybara every now and then, some Jaguars which were now my new favorite, and I think Uncle Em and Uncle Jazz even tried to eat an anaconda...

"Hey, I smell something." Grandma Esme said from up ahead.
"It's them!" my dad yelled.
We stopped and I hopped off of Jacob's back.
A few minutes later, I heard them. "Carlisle?"
"Yes Zafrina, it's us." My grandpa called back.
The 3 amazon women ran through the trees. Zafrina was smiling widely. "Carlisle, what brings you to our land?" She asked hugging him.
"We are on vacation."
"Ah. I see"
I was bouncing up and down excitedly. Zafrina, Senna, and Kachiri walked around giving hugs and talking.
I smiled as she came up to me. "Hello Nessie!" She said giving me a hug and showing me a picture of some other place in the amazon that had a waterfall.
"Hi Zafrina!"
"How have you been? You've grown quite well."
"I've been great! I'm so glad we are here. I've missed all my vampire friends."
"Well, I've missed you as well."
We continued to talk and play in the trees. The Amazon vampires didn't mind the two werewolves that were with us. It was fun to be out Washington and in a new place that I've only dreamed of.
After a long day, Jacob, Seth, and I slept on the soft Amazon floor.
This was only the beginning...

Chapter 5

"Awe Mom, do we really have to go?"
"Yes Renesmee. We still have more places to go. Zafrina, Senna, Kachiri, it was a pleasure spending time with you all here. I hope you can come visit sometime in the future."
"Of course. I would love to spend more time with young Nessie. Thank you for coming to our homeland."
I pouted as they finished exchanging goodbyes and I'll see you laters.
"Come on Ness. You know we couldn't stay forever. Besides, I hear the next place is going to be awesome." Jacob said putting his arm around my shoulders and walking.
"Yea, yea, yea. Go phase."
He smiled and took off with Seth to phase. I was actually kind of glad to be leaving... Although I didn't get to see Nahuel or Huilen...
Jacob trotted back up to me and barked. I laughed. His tongue was hanging out of his mouth. I hopped up on his back and we all started heading back to the RV.

We were about half way back to our RV when Aunt Alice stopped. "What is it Alice?" Uncle Jasper asked. Her face was blank. She was having a vision.
She looked up after a minute, smiled, then looked at me. "Well Nessie, we might not be leaving yet..."

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Chapter 6

"Really!?" I screeched.
"Yep. We have a few more friends coming our way. I know... my vision just disappeared." Alice said rubbing her temples and sitting on a root.
"So that means,"
"Yes. Nahuel and Huilen."
Yay! I would finally get to talk to him. I put my palm on Jacob's furry cheek. 'Don't worry Jacob. I only want to see Nahuel so I can talk to him about his dad and sisters.'
He barked.
I climbed off his back and so he and Seth could phase. I closed my eyes, sniffed the air, and smelled a jaguar up the tree. I opened my eyes, looked up and saw the cat. I crouched down and sprang in the air, grabbing the cat by the neck and pulling it to the ground. We landed and I situated myself to where I was on the back of the cat. Then I bit down in its neck and snapped it all in one motion. I liked these carnivores better than the ones back home. I finished draining the cat and stood back up.
"Well I have to say, you have got good Ness." Jacob said leaning against a tree.
"Not a scratch on you." Uncle Jasper mumbled in agreement.
"No blood." Uncle Emmett said in agreement.
"So, when are they going to get here?" I asked.
"They don't know they are going to run into us, but in about 5 minutes." Aunt Alice replied.
"Are you sure you even remember them?" My dad asked smiling. Of course he knew I did. He could read my mind!
I rolled my eyes and sat on a large root. "Of course I do dad."
He smiled. Then straitened up. I smelled it too. It was them, but not just two but three people, and one beating heart.
"Alice?" Huilen asked stepping out of the brush.
"Huilen! How are you? Don't worry, its us, and two of the wolves."
Huilen walked up, then Nahuel, then another vampire girl...
"Tanya!?" Everyone said all together.
"Hi guys!" Tanya said. The Tanya from the Denali Coven.
"What are you doing here?" my mom asked.
"I came down here for to visit Zafrina last year and ran into Nahuel and Huilen. I just haven't been back. Nahuel and I are together now..."
Wow... that's a shocker...
"That's great!" Aunt Alice screeched excitedly. I could already tell what she was thinking... wedding...
Tanya, Huilen and the rest of my family started to talk.
"Hey Nahuel." I said smiling.
"Hello Nessie." He replied with a smile. I heard Jacob growl quietly.
"Hush Jacob. So did the Volturi do anything to your d- father?" I was going to say dad but father seemed like a better term.
"Well they didn't hurt him. Surprisingly, they took him with them to Volterra. Who knows... maybe they liked his idea..."
"Well that was weird. Did they do anything to your sisters?"
"Nope. Nothing. I think Caius has softened up, or Aro didn't allow him to hurt them. We all know Marcus doesn't care about anything." He said smiling.
"It's not the old guys that are doing the stuff. Everyone knows its... what was it that Alice said once... Oh yea, the witch somethings, Jane and Alec."
He shuddered slightly. "Yea. I know all too well about Jane... She came by for a 'visit' two years ago. Huilen got mad because Jane tried her little power out on me. That woman has issues."
"Yes she does... I'm glad they haven't came to visit us. I think they are still afraid of the wolves and my mom."
He laughed. "Probably so."

We spent the rest of the day hanging out with Huilen, Nahuel, and Tanya. It was the end of a good day. I got to talk to someone like me and Alice got to plan another wedding which was going to be in a year at the big house.
My mom put me on Jacob's shoulders. I was already falling asleep.
The next thing I know I'm in the RV bed curled up against Jacob.

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Chapter 7

A week and a half later, we were in Rio do Janeiro.
"Mom, why are we here?" I asked confused. There were no cool attractions in Rio. Well none that I knew of.
"We are going to an island." She replied smiling.
"Not there!?" Jacob complained.
"What's wrong with the island?" I asked Jacob.
"It's where your parents had their honeymoon." He said with a slight shudder.
I was confused. What was that supposed to mean?
Seeing my confused expression, Jacob whispered in my ear, "It's where you were conceived." I thought about that for a minute.
"Yep. Now you see why I don't want to go there."
"It's not as bad as it sounds." My mom said.
"You're right. It's worse." Jacob chimed in.
The thought of my parents- I shook the thought of it out of my head. My mom rolled her eyes. "So Nessie, did you ask Nahuel whatever you wanted to ask?"
"Yes I did. Did you know they didn't kill his father. Instead they took him, and they didn't kill his sisters." I replied.
"Humph." Jacob replied.
"Well isn't that interesting..." She continued to talk about Tanya and Nahuel as we drove, but it wasn't long that we stopped.
"Why are we stopping this time?" We were parked by a marina on the coast.
"We have to take a boat to get to the island." Jacob explained.
"Oh... right..." I replied blushing. I should have known that. It was common sense!

"Wow... This place is beautiful." I said as we walked off the boat and onto the dock.
"Just like we left it." My mom murmured, smiling widely, and looking at my dad. Ewww...
I could make out the silhouette of a house ahead. It was enveloped by jungle vegetation from the view I had.
"Jacob, stop please?" my dad asked with a face.
"Hey. You read my mind... Deal with it." he replied picking me up and putting me on his back. He was going to run human. There was no reason to phase. I wasn't fast enough and I liked being close to my Jacob.
Alice, Jazz, Rose, Em, Esme, Carlisle, Seth, my parents, and Jacob and I all took off running towards the house in the distance. Em, Jazz, and my dad carried Jacob, Seth, and my bags.
"Hopefully Kaure stocked the house with enough food." My dad said.
"She did." Alice confirmed.
"You mean the same Kaure as last time?" My mom asked bewildered.
"Yes the same one."
"Wow..." She was obviously thinking about something. I didn't care. I had my Jacob and I could smell a jaguar. I put my hand on Jacob to show him what I was wanting and he stopped.
"It'll only take a few minutes." I said smiling. The rest of my family had stopped but I waved them on.
To my left up a tree was my prey. A full grown female jaguar and two cubs. I wasn't going to hurt the cubs so I jumped up, grabbed her tail, and pulled her to the ground. The one thing I've learned about these Jaguars was the females were more aggressive, especially if they have cubs.
She was on the ground in front of me, clawing at the air and hissing loudly. I jumped in the air fast and landed on her back. She hissed again and I started draining her. She thrashed and tried to fight me off, but I was strong enough to keep her down.
I finished draining her and walked over to Jacob who was leaning against a tree. "You truly are magnificent." He said in wonder.
I smiled and stood on my tip-toes. He leaned down and kissed me earnestly, picking me up in the process.
When my lips were released, he put me back down and started to walk slowly towards the house, hand in hand.
"So what were you thinking about earlier?" I asked.
"Oh nothing in particular... just that it would be funny if things repeated..."
"Your parents made you here," he said shuddering. "It would be funny if..."
Oh... if Jacob and I... "Oh..." I said aloud.
"Your dad has quite a history with my mind..." He said with a laugh. "Did you know I kissed your mom once?"
I nodded. My mom had told me a little over a year ago. When she did all I did was shrug. The past is the past, no need for me to gripe about it.
"Come on. Let's enjoy Isle Esme." Jacob said smiling and swinging me onto his back.

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Chapter 8

We spent a week at Isle Esme, snorkeling, adventuring around the jungle areas, eating more jaguars, and other recreational activities.
So now we were back on the boat headed back to Rio. We were going to take a plane out of Rio tonight to someplace across seas. I don't know exactly where, but it's supposed to be a fun surprise.
"I call a window seat on the plane." I said smiling. I wanted to be able to look out and see the world from a new perspective.
"Fine..." Seth sighed. Jacob smiled and I leaned my head against his chest, listening to the pounding of his warm heart.
"You know, I don' t see how you all think Jake and Seth smell bad. I think they smell great." I said sniffing his shirt. "And I don't see how you think me family smells bad, they smell ... sweet."
"You're in a middle area, you don't get the bad smells." Seth replied from the back of the boat. Jacob and I were on the front, getting splashed every now and then, but enjoying the sunset.
"If you say so." I murmured against Jacob's chest. We were both warmer than regular humans so our closeness was not even an issue. I loved it...
I heard my dad cough. 'Sorry dad.' I was thinking about what Jacob had said earlier and I don't think my dad liked that much...
I put my palm against Jacob's cheek, showing him the vacation and all that I loved about it. It wasn't just all the activities, it was also the little stuff... like playing x-box, and racing Jake, walking and talking with him... I loved it all.

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Chapter 9

"I hate planes. They are so boring." Uncle Emmett mumbled from the seat in front of me. As promised, I got a window seat. Since I was half vampire and had a little better sight, the view from the window was amazing. Blue shimmering waters and an occasional island. It was a sight. "Why can't we just run to Italy?" he continued talking to Aunt Rose.
"Quit whining." She said, not taking her eyes off her magazine. My parents were talking really quite from the row beside Jacob's, Seth, and my row. They had a middle seat along with Jasper and Alice. Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme were beside two strangers in the seat in front of my parents.
"So Ness, how's the view?" Jacob asked smiling, he was leaning across me, looking out the window. I resisted the urge to kiss him. My dad coughed and I blushed. Sorry! I looked back out the window and continued thinking. For some reason we were going to Volterra. Why I didn't know. Hopefully they have a good reason to be visiting.

"I am so glad I'm only half human." I muttered to Jacob. "This place is freezing."
"Well it is nearly February... besides, you always have me to keep you warm." He said with a wink and a bright smile. I saw my dad roll his eyes in the mirror. We were in a rental car driving through Italy. All but my parents, my Jacob, Seth, and I were in the running.
The plane had stopped at some air port in an African Country, then it went strait to Italy. Now we were only about 5 minutes outside of Volterra. From a distance the place looked like a huge castle that lurked in the shadows, but now... It was a bright fortified city. I now knew why the Volturi would live here... it was old fashioned and there were tons of people.
"Now, about when are you all meeting us back up?" Jacob asked. We were going to let Jacob and Seth roam the country side or even the city if they wanted to. No need to start trouble...
"Later this evening." My mom replied passing him a little cell phone.
"Gotcha." he replied pocketing the phone and unbuckling his seat belt. My dad had stopped at the gates of the city.
Seth was already out of the car and Jacob was getting out. Before he closed the door, he leaned in and kissed me.
"See you in a bit." he said smiling, shutting the door, and waving as my dad drove off.
My cheeks were a deep red as I waved back. Within a minute we were out of their sight and in the great city of Volterra.
"Here comes the fun part..." I murmured.

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Chapter 10

It was night time before we all got out of the car and headed to this big, beautiful, building. My heart was hammering, my pulse racing, my palms were sweaty. I still had no idea to why were were here. Of all places to go on a vacation, they came here. Well it was only a piece of the vacation, but part of it nonetheless. Had my parents or someone else in my family chose to join the Volturi? Were they trying to pick a fight? Why wouldn't they tell me!?
"Calm down Nessie, it's not bad." my dad murmured to me.
'How is it not bad? Anything concerning them was bad. You have said so yourself!' I thought, directing it at my dad.
"Don't worry." was all he muttered in response.

"Ah, my dear friend Carlisle!" Aro said with a smile and wide arms. We were in this big room that was trimmed in gold. The building we were in was magnificent. Gold covered the walls, dangling chandeliers, and tons of artifacts. This room we were meeting in had jewels in cases that circled the room. Aro and his personal guards were in here, along with Jane, who had an amused face, Heidi, whom I had heard about from my mom, and Aro's wife from the looks of it.
"Hello Aro. It's been a few years hasn't it?" Grandpa Carlisle responded.
"Yes, yes it has. So why have you decided to pleasure us with your company?" So this wasn't Aro's idea.
"We have come to speak to you about a certain issue. I would prefer if you would speak to us in private." He said glancing around the room.
"Of course, of course. You shouldn't mind that my personal guards stay?" he replied looking at Renata and some other vampires that were circling him.
"As expected."
Aro nodded and Heidi, his wife, and Jane, with a snarl, left the room. "Now, what is the issue you spoke of?"

"Most peculiar... I had wondered that myself once I saw in young Edward's mind." Grandpa Carlisle had held out his hand and Aro touched it, then a minute later, he said that. I was totally confused. He walked around the room, tapping his chin, with a thoughtful look on his face. His guard walked with him although he had waved them off.
"No Aro, it isn't that much of an awkward situation. You do not know him as we do. We have learned to live with it... so to speak." My dad said, obviously in response to his thoughts.
"Yes, of course you have." he replied with a smile. Hmmm... awkward situation? Him?
Aro walked up to Alice and said a few things, then he did to everyone else. I couldn't hear him, he spoke too low, even for my ears to hear.
"Ah, young Renesmee." He said smiling and stopping in front of me. He held out his hand and I shook it. I knew he was seeing all that had ever gone on in my life/ mind, but I was oddly calm and peaceful. "Well you certainly have had an interesting life so far, have you not?"
"I like to think so." I said smiling and taking my hand back.
"It seems your vacation has been pretty exciting. Have they told you where else you get to go?" I shook my head no. "A surprise?" He asked looking at my dad. My dad nodded and Aro turned back to me. "Well then, I'm not going to spoil it..." He said with a twinkle in his eye.
"Could you tell me, since they won't, why we are here?" I asked innocently.
"I don't think they want me to tell you. Don't worry though, you will find out soon enough..."
I sighed. "I hate being out of the loop."
"Me too, me too."
"Have you thought of anything?" Grandpa Carlisle asked.
"No... nothing at this moment, but I don't think anything will happen soon that you have to really worry about... If your memories are truthful." He said smiling. He knew our memories weren't lying. It's impossible.
"Well I'm sorry I couldn't be of help, but I do hope you can stop for another visit soon. This has been pleasant and I thank you for it. Young Renesmee, I hope you can forgive us here at Volterra for scaring you all those years ago." I just nodded and smiled.
"Thank you Aro."

Sorry it's short. Time fly's. Thanks for reading! Please comment!

The rest will be posted from now on in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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i luv your stories plz plz plz finish fast

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If you want to read it easier and more Go here:
Sorry for the way its in here, hope you'll look past that and go to one of the above for it! THANKS!
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neather do i i could not find 32 yet and i want to read it soooooo bad
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i dont see number 37!!
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POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Chapter 21

“Jacob, tell me one thing, is it at Isle Esme?” I asked on the plane.
“Now it would be ironic if it was don’t you think, but no, I don’t think I ever want to go back there, especially since-”
“Yea, I get it.” I said covering his mouth. That was all I needed, mental images of my parents.
He smiled as I removed my hand. “Don’t worry about it Ness, you’ll love it either way…”

“Are you sure it’s not at Isle Esme?” I asked. We were on a boat, going the same way we had to go to Isle Esme.
“Positive!” He replied kissing me.
“See Ness, there goes Isle Esme.” He said a few minutes later.
I rolled my eyes. Where in the world are we going?
About 15 minutes later, we pulled up to a tiny island to the south of Isle Esme.
“What island is this?” I asked as I let Jacob help me out of the boat.
“Well you could say it’s a baby Isle Esme, except no one has been here, but us and I think the South American Vampires. I like to call it “The Adopt an Island Program”; we try out an island and see if we want to adopt it.” He said sarcastically.
I laughed. “No really, tell me Jacob.”
“It’s ours.” He stated plainly.
My eyes widened. “Ours?”
“Yep, donated by the vampires of the family.”
“They gave us an island?”
“Yea, it’s supposedly a part of the Isle Esme land grant and Carlisle just found the part about it in the paperwork. The South American Vampires and half vampire have been here fixing a house up for us, as their wedding present. I’d like to see how they did, wouldn’t you?”
I nodded dazed. “Okay, be right back.”
I started to go after him but thought against it. A few minutes later he returned in his wolf form. I grabbed our bags and hopped on his back easily. My short white dress flared around me.
Jacob ran at top speed to the direction I guess he thought the house would be. In a few short minutes, we neared a little 2-story white house with windows everywhere. Jacob slowed down and stopped at the porch. I slid off his back and set the stuff down and waited for Jacob to phase. A minute later he returned shirtless.
“You think they did a good enough job?” He asked grabbing the luggage.
I nodded and smiled looking at him. “Good.”
As anticipated, he reached down and picked me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he opened the door.
Looking around the room, I was stunned. Inside it was open and white. It had hard wood floors and wide open windows with white curtains blowing. I could see the sun setting over the ocean outside the windows. The living room was the first room. It had a white loveseat and chair; there was a plasma screen TV mounted on the wall opposite of the loveseat. The kitchen was opposite of the living room. It was all wide open. The only other colors besides the white were blue pillows and black marble counter tops. To the right was a white spiral staircase. And to the left on the other side of the living room was an open door.
Jacob, as if on instinct walked to the door. We were both mesmerized by the house, but the room was another story.
It was my dream room, to the tee, and most likely Jacob’s too. How they could get our wedding pictures so quick I had no clue, but our wedding kisses were in frames around the room as were pictures of us dancing. No pictures of our family, just us, even a few of us when I was growing up and over the vacation. The Bed was a huge king sized bed, with dozens of fluffy white pillows, and a light blue comforter with a brown wolf design on it. The wolf was actually Jacob, howling to the moon, and on his back was- me! Also in the room was a desk with a cell phone and a laptop, and to the right was another door, probably to the bathroom. To the left were windows, huge open windows that looked out to the beach, and a door that led to the porch. As I glanced around the room, my eyes locked on something on the nightstand, a box that had Jacob’s name on it in bold letters.
I looked at Jacob, who was looking at the box with a confused expression. He set me down on my feet gently and walked over to it. He opened the box and laughed.
“What is it?” I asked walking towards him.
“Something I should have expected,” He said holding up a little package. “Protection.”
I laughed running my hand over the bed. The comforter felt like satin but was extremely fluffy.
“This place is amazing.” I murmured.
“Yea, they did great.”
I looked away from the bed and at Jacob; he was looking at me and smiling.
“Why are you smiling?” I asked jokingly.
“Because I’m married to you.” He stated plainly.
I smiled back then put my hand on his cheek softly, showing him exactly what I wanted.
“Oh, that could be arranged.”

“Jake, don’t forget to grab the key.” I yelled to the house.
“I got it, I got it!” He ran out of the house in his swim trunks and jumped in the boat. I was already in and getting ready to kneeboard. I slid off the back and pushed away from the boat, already ready on the board.
He slowly started gained speed until I was ready. I quickly grabbed the rope and pulled back, settling in. I twisted and turned making the board jump the waves. “How’re you doing back there?!” Jacob yelled.
“Awesome!” I yelled back. He did a sharp turn, sending me flying in the air.
I landed bouncing across the waves as he stopped.
“My turn!” he yelled.
I quickly swam back, towing the kneeboard with me. He was already in the water swimming to me. I reached him and kissed him. He kissed me back eagerly but ended it and grabbed the kneeboard. “Now, don’t kill me.” he said laughing.
“Sure, sure.” I replied jumping in the boat.
“Ready?!” I yelled back.
“Yea!” He yelled in return. I slowly gained speed, looking back to make sure he was doing okay.
I sped up enough so he could get in the groove. He was quickly up and jumping the waves. I did one of the turns he did on me and watched as he flew in the air, not nearly as high as I went, but high enough. He skidded across the waves as I stopped.
“How was that?” I asked as he climbed in the boat, pulling in the rope and board.
“That was AWESOME!” he exclaimed collapsing in the driver’s seat. I finished pulling in the rope.
“Let’s go relax now.”

Jacob threw me over his shoulder and hopped out of the boat, running back to the house. I laughed as he ran into the house and tossed me on the loveseat. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Jacob went to the kitchen and returned with two glasses of ice cold water. He handed me mine and we drank deeply. My lips were cold when I finished drinking my water, so I pressed them to Jacob’s skin.
“Whoa! That’s cold!” He jumped.
I laughed. “Sorry, they’re cold.”
He laughed and kissed me. My lips warmed up as he kissed me, but his lips were cold too. A few minutes later my lips were warm again, Jacob continued kissing me.
My already fast beating heart sped up a bit. Suddenly he pulled away. I opened my eyes and looked into his. His was smiling widely, his eyes wild.
I put my hand to his cheek quickly.
His smile widened as he jumped up and picked me up, taking me to the bedroom. We were both still in our bathing suits and still wet, but I didn’t care. He laid me gently onto the edge of the bed, kissing me eagerly. We spent the rest of the afternoon and night in each other’s love.

Chapter 21

I awoke the next morning to the droning of Jacob’s snores. I smiled and sat up. The comforter was mostly on my side, only a little covering his bottom half, although his legs stuck out. The bed was long enough that Jacob was able to lay on it and not dangle off the end. I ran my hand along his chest and kissed his cheek before sliding out of bed.
I walked to the bathroom door, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and opened it. Inside was a huge Jacuzzi bathtub, a huge stand up shower with jets on the walls, two sinks that looked like giant, cupped leaf petals, A little barrier was on the other side of the shower, probably the toilet. The walls were a light blue color, like the ocean, with seashell and leaf patterns. There was a rack that had numerous towels, washrags, soap, etc. I walked in and closed the door slightly. Hanging on the door were two robes, one with Nessie stitched on the right side. There was another one with Jacob stitched on the right.
I grabbed mine and slid it on. It felt like the pillows in the bed, soft and fluffy but light and it seemed waterproof. I started the bathtub, adding bubbles to it, and then walked out of the bathroom and bedroom silently to grab the luggage.
I returned to the bedroom to see Jacob still asleep and snoring loudly. I put the bags on the floor and grabbed mine, setting it on the dresser. I opened it and grabbed my clothes and walked back to the bathroom. I slid the robe off and hung it back on the door, then closed the door and stepped into the water. It was scolding but I didn’t care, it felt good. Sinking down into the bubbles, it settled in for a long relaxing bath. There was a little remote on the edge of the tub so I grabbed it and hit the power. A loud noise came out of the wall in front of me so I hit the mute and studied the remote. There was a button on the top that said open, so I hit it.
Silently the wall in front of me opened up, revealing a 40’ plasma screen high def TV. “Whoa.” I turned the volume down and changed the channel to music.
Holding my breath and closing my eyes, I sank down under the water completely submerged. I could hear the song ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon playing. Another noise distracted me and I shot up out of the water.
“Easy, it’s just me.” Jacob said sliding on his robe.
I smiled. “Sleep well?”
“Extremely.” He replied sitting on the edge of the tub and kissing me. He stuck his finger in the water and jumped. “How can you even sit in that?”
I shrugged. “It’s not bad.”
“No wonder the room is steaming up.”
I laughed and shifted to the side, the water jet on the side of the tub was now pressed against my stomach. “Do you want to come in?”
He smiled. “No, I think my skin would burn off if I did. I’ll just go make breakfast, don’t take too long.”
I nodded and kissed him again. “I’ll be out in 10 minutes.”

I had finished my bath and was slipping on my robe when Jake called my name.
Walking out of the bathroom I could smell pancakes and bacon. I actually wanted the human food for once. I walked into the kitchen and wrapped my arms around Jacob’s waist. He was standing at the oven finishing up cooking.
“Now, I know you might not want to eat human food-”
I cut him off. “Actually I do. It smells delicious.”
He finished cooking the bacon, and set it on a plate. I released my arms and grabbed one of the plates. He piled 2 pancakes on it and 3 strips of bacon. I inhaled deeply and set it on the table. Then I went and grabbed silverware and poured us glasses of orange juice, my favorite.
I brought the stuff the table, sat down and started eating. “I had no clue you could make such a great breakfast.” I mumbled in the middle of a bite.
He laughed. “I had to learn, my sisters got lazy over the years and wouldn’t cook, so dad made me. He always swore I was going to be gay or something because I could cook.”
I laughed. “Really!?”
“Yep, it was the joke of the house for years until I got into high school.”
We finished eating and cleaned up our mess. “So what do you want to do today?” He asked.
“Well, we could get our bathing suits back on and swimming with the fish or we could do something else…”
“Or we could do both.” He replied grinning.
“I like that idea.”

*Sorry it’s short. Couldn’t think of what to put. But I do have a good idea coming to mind… Hehe*
Comment by Marisa on September 25, 2009 at 12:46pm
I love it!! I was both shocked and touched! Keep writing! I want to know what happens!!!
Comment by vampireprincess on September 25, 2009 at 7:56am
i luved it!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Aleya :) on September 24, 2009 at 8:22am
Chapter 11

"What took you so long?" Jacob asked. We were outside of the city picking them up. It was nearly midnight.
"Time fly's." My mom replied.
Jacob slid in the backseat with me, Seth slid in on the other side. I was grateful to be sitting next to the both of them, it was warmer.
"So what did you have to talk to those bloodsuckers about?"
I put my palm on his cheek and showed him all that went on. My eyes were closing involuntarily.
"Oh... Go ahead and go to sleep Ness." Jacob said wrapping his arm around me and pulling me closer.
I smiled and closed my eyes, nestling into his warm arms. "Goodnight." I muttered.

"I'm sorry love, you know as well as I do that we can't do anything to stop them. They might not do anything now, but its going to happen." my dad whispered.
My mom sighed. "I know... that's why I'm worried. I don't want her to go through what I did... She has grown up too fast. Why couldn't she grow up slowly and make him wait, like Quil is with Claire."
"Then she wouldn't be the way she is. Renesmee is special because you are."
I have got to be dreaming...

"Ness, wake up. Come on. We have to go in the airport."
I cracked my eyes open and saw Jacob staring at me. He smiled and I smiled back. "Why are we going to in the airport?" I muttered sitting up. We were still in the car. Seth was stretching beside me and my parents were outside the car with the rest of my family.
"Apparently we are going to Egypt." Egypt?
I rubbed my eyes and stretched like Seth was. "What time is it?" I asked.
"3 in the morning." Seth mumbled grumpily.
"No wonder I'm still tired."
"Come on you three, lets get going." Uncle Emmett said tapping the window.

We were now seated on the plane. I got a window seat, but didn't care much, I just wanted to sleep.
Jacob wrapped his arm around me and I leaned on his shoulder. "Go back to sleep." he whispered as he kissed my forehead. I smiled and drifted back to sleep.

"Wow... I don't think I've ever seen so much sand..." Seth said. We were in a car driving through the area. There was sand everywhere. Miles and miles and miles. All sand.
"So are we going to the pyramids?" I asked Aunt Alice, who was in the passenger's seat. Uncle Jasper was driving.
"Yep!" She replied looking back and smiling.
Awesome... A tour through the dead.

Hope everyone likes it! Guess who is coming up next... Please comment! Thanks for all the support!

Chapter 12

“Nessie,” Jacob started. We were walking through a restricted area in one of the pyramids. The current pyramid we were in was called the Pyramid of Khafre- Home of the Sphinx. At first we had went through the temple of the sphinx which was in front of the huge Sphinx statue thing.
“Yea?” I asked, still in awe, looking around the sarcophagus.
“Don’t you ever wonder if there are zombies? Considering there are Vampires and Werewolves. I bet the zombies are jealous because we get to be real.”
I quickly looked at Jacob who was smiling, trying to suppress his laugh. I started laughing and he joined in. Aunt Rose squeezed by with a look of disgust on her face. That made me laugh even harder.
“And this is Khafre’s tomb. Prior to his succession of the throne, he changed his name from Khafkhufu to Khafre. There’s quite a history that goes along with him…” My dad droned on. I was listening earlier but now Jacob was making mummy jokes.
“Uhhhhhhhh” He was making zombie noises and walking around like a zombie, or mummy, whichever you preferred. I was laughing hysterically.
“You know, this would be where people would go to find toilet paper after being stuck in the desert.” He said, and then continued to laugh with me.
“These are some of the treasures that Khafre valued most. The Egyptians believed that if you buried your valuables with you, they would go with you onto the next life…” I looked around this room and saw tons of gold and items. I sputtered a few more laughs and finally regained my composure. Along the walls were hieroglyphics, and some actual letters… it said “Scoperta da g. Belzoni. 2. Mar. 1818.”
“Dad, what’s that say?” I asked.
“It just means that Belzoni was the first to discover the inner chambers of this pyramid…” Then he launched into a detailed description of Giovanni Belzoni’s life. I caught a few words before I got lost.
I was looking up at the wall and running my fingers over the stone. I had learned how the pyramids were put together… but seeing them and being inside one, where very few people have been… was… incredible.
I heard my dad talking as they started towards the exit. Only Jacob stayed with me.
“Some vacation huh?” he said quietly from very close behind me.
“The best…” I replied. It was the best, and that was the only thing I could think to say…
I turned around and looked up at him. He was at least half a foot taller than me. I reached my hand up and put it on his face… showing him what I wanted.
His lips came down softly to mine, then more urgent. My lips molded into his warm, well known lips. I could do this all day, but my family was probably waiting.
I pulled apart, slowly and unwillingly. His hand had wound itself into my hair as mine had pulled his shirt, making him closer. I released my hand from his shirt, his hand left my hair, but stayed on my face. My eyes were locked with his, a smile on both of our lips. He rubbed my cheek softly, and then slid his hand down to mine.
We walked hand in hand to the room where my family, and Seth, had disappeared into.

“YAY!” Alice squealed. It had been two days since we left the pyramids and we were now in the Nile River Valley enjoying the water, the sand, the heat, and the sun. We were in a much less populated area than what was on most of the river.
“What is it Alice?” my mom asked.
“We have more friends coming our way…”

I was playing around in the water with Jacob, laughing and racing. The water below me started to bubble then rise. The big area of water shot up in the air taking me with it. I started laughing. Benjamin was here. I heard his laughter as he and Tia walked over the huge sand dune. Just like the rest of my family, they sparkled in the sun. Their skin was an olive tone and they had midnight hair.
I vaguely remembered them from the incident 10 years ago. I was technically, at the time, less than a year old, but since I’m half vampire, I grew and learned faster than anyone.
The water “tower” I was floating on, gradually descended back into the water. Jacob quickly grabbed me, holding me close. I was still laughing. “I’m okay.” I managed to get out. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him quickly. “Can you let me go now?”
He narrowed his eyes, smiled, then kissed me again… longer. “Now I’ll let you go.”
I smiled and jumped, swimming fast to the edge of the river. Benjamin and Tia were already with Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme.
I reached the land and started running. I skidded to a stop beside my mom. She wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I smiled up at her.
“I wish you would have told us sooner you were coming.” Ben said smiling and laughing lightly. Ah… someone must have called him or something.
“Sorry. We weren’t originally planning to stay in Egypt this long.” Carlisle responded.
“Oh well… Nessie!” He exclaimed holding his arms out. He was just my size, as was Tia.
I skipped up to him and gave him a big hug. He held me at arms length. “Wow Nessie! You’ve grown!”
“Yep! Being half vampire helps.” I said laughing. Ben released my, so I went and gave Tia a light hug.
Jacob walked up shaking off the water and wrapped an arm around my waist.
“So what are we going to do the rest of the day?” I asked.
“Have some fun!” Ben replied.

Chapter 13

“My turn!” My mom called. Ben was making waves and geysers in the water, bringing the land someone was standing on in the air and swirling it around in circles like a swiveling chair, but solid ground in the middle of the air or most of the times over the water.
My mom was on the land sitting, smiling widely. I was in the water on Jacob’s back, taking in the smell of him in the water, the contours of his chest, and also the sunshine of course. I watched as the land my mom was sitting on lifted out of the ground and slowly crept its way above the water. She smiled in anticipation. Even though she was a mother to a “16” year old, she looked as if she herself was still 16.
I giggled lightly when Ben made her do fast circles, I’d always wondered if my vampire family got dizzy…
“No Nessie, we don’t. We have great coordination.” My dad replied smiling. He was floating on his back 30 feet away. I rolled my eyes and smiled.
“NO!” Alice screamed from the beach.
Everyone was out of the water and at her side in seconds, even Jacob, who I was still perched on. “Alice, what’s wrong? What did you see?” Uncle Jasper asked worried. I glanced at my dad, whose eyes had gone wide, mouth dropped.
‘Dad… What is it? Come on…’ I thought directly to him. Everyone else had to be thinking the same things.
My dad looked over and locked eyes with me briefly before closing his mouth. ‘What is it dad, come on?’
“Alice please? Talk to me.” Jasper continued. I climbed down off of Jacob and landed softly on the ground. My dad was still looking at me. ‘Give me something to work with here… Dad? Does it have something to do with Jacob and me? Ben and Tia?’ I continued in thought to my dad.
He slowly shakes his head no, but continues to stare at me. ‘You’re killing me here!’
I look over and see Alice standing up, eyes determined. What is going on!? She starts to put everything away at vampire speed. Everyone was trying to talk to her and my dad but Alice continued putting things away and my dad just stood there.
“Edward, look at me and tell me what she saw.” My mom said grabbing him by the arms. He looks down at my mom, his eyes still wide. “Renesmee…” is all he said.
Oh crap…

Chapter 14

Everyone’s eyes turned to me, except Alice, who was still grabbing stuff. I opened my mouth to say something, but I had no idea what. The only thing I can think is something is horribly wrong…
My mom turns back to my dad. “Edward, what about Renesmee?” my mom asked calm, although I can see she’s not.
“We have to go. Now...” Alice said, walking up to us at vampire speed.
“Where?” Ben asked.
“We need to go back to Italy.” My dad replied.

“Why won’t they tell us why we have to leave so quickly?” I complained to Jacob in the plane.
“Seriously! Of all the places… We have to go back to that blood sucker’s paradise.” Seth chimed in. “I was enjoying Egypt…”
I laughed at Seth’s whining and snuggled up closer to Jacob. We were in first class this time, which was much, much more comfortable.
Alice and my dad still hadn’t said anything to any of us, but I had a feeling everyone else, excluding Seth, Jacob, and I, knew.
I sighed. This trip was amazing, but my parents wouldn’t let tell me what was going on the first time we went to the Volturi, and now, something bad was going to happen that they wouldn’t tell me either. I hate being out of the loop! Jacob was the only person that was keeping me calm, and Seth was getting me to laugh. They both knew something bad was going to happen… my dad had said my name…
“It’s okay Ness,” Jacob whispered in my ear, sensing that I was scared. “I won’t ever let anything happen to you.” He finished with a fierce note in his voice. I rolled on my back, letting my head fall in his lap. His brown eyes peered into mine.
“I know…” I whispered. Then I brought my hand to his cheek, showing him how much I loved him.
He closed his eyes and a smile formed on his lips. I continued to show him all the reasons I loved him and how I was completely happy and safe as long as I was with him…
I heard a gasp. Alice…
I sat up and looked at her; she was across the plane with Jasper, and my parents. Her eyes locked with mine. Oops… I guess my future just got a bit more complicated…

“But I thought you couldn’t see Nessie’s future?” Jacob asked stunned.
“Well when I see a baby that looks like the both of you, I can’t help it?” She whispered.
“Awesome!” Seth exclaimed.
I was totally speechless. What… I mean… How!? How could she see this? Who made up their mind…? Well I guess I did… I felt my cheeks flush red. My dad had a look of disbelief on his face, as well as everyone else for that matter, but my dad could read my mind, so his thoughts were different…
I looked at everyone thoroughly. Grandma Esme had a look of surprise but she was smiling, as was Grandpa Carlisle, but he looked like he was trying to calculate something also. Uncle Emmett was shocked but laughing lightly. Aunt Rose was smiling. Uncle Jasper looked… well like Uncle Jasper. My mom seemed to be having a silent conversation with my dad. I saw my dad giving her brief head nods, shakes, and an occasional shrug. He had a huge look of disbelief on his face along with a calculating look like Grandpa Carlisle. Seth was thrilled with it, no shock or anything there. And Jacob… ah my Jacob… he was looking at me with so much love, I was afraid my heart would burst. He was also talking to Alice who was finally opening back up out of her shell.
“I don’t control the visions Jacob. You know this. I just see what people decide.”
“Sure, sure.” He looked at me and I flushed a deeper red.
We were nearly back to Italy; luckily first class was completely empty, besides us.
“Nessie, can I talk to you honey?” my mom asked, suddenly standing in front of me. I sighed and got up.
“Sure.” She walked towards the back of the plane, and I followed. She sat down in a couple of seats that were unoccupied. The section we were in was half empty.
“Mom, wait. I know that you’re worried about what Alice saw, but-”
“No Renesmee, I’m not worried about what she saw… I’m worried that you’re not ready for all of this… A normal child has 18 years to grow into all this stuff… you don’t get that. I know you love Jacob, but I just don’t want you to go through what I went through… Having you was a blessing, but Nessie… I could have died, and nearly did… We don’t know what’ll happen to you…”
“Oh…” I had no idea what to say. Instead my emotions talked for me…
I started to cry. My mom pulled me in a hug. “It’s okay sweetie.” She whispered repeatedly.

“Do you really think it’ll actually happen?” Jacob asked. I must have fallen asleep… I opened my eyes and realized I was in a car with Jacob, Seth, Alice, and my mom.
“I don’t know Jacob…” Alice replied.
I closed my eyes and pretended that I was still asleep.
“Alice, can you tell me why we had to leave so fast? Please, I have to know.”
I heard her sigh. “We have to get back to the Volturi so they can help us protect Nessie. I don’t know who wants her dead… but someone… some vampire… does. In my vision I saw her die at the hands of immortal children…”
“I- Immortal children!?” Oh my... “But why Nessie?”
“I don’t know. All I know is that we delayed them by moving, and we are going to delay them by going to Aro.”
“I don’t know anyone that would want to go after Renesmee though… Who would want to?”
“I don’t know.” She whispered.
“Why did you have to go to the Volturi the first time?”
“We were trying to find out if Aro could help us… with you and Nessie…” My mom replied.
“Oh…” So that explains it…
They were quiet, so I figured I would ‘wake up’. I opened my eyes and sat up.
“Hey sleepyhead, you nearly slept the whole way there.” Jacob said smiling although I clearly could see the pain in his eyes from their conversation.
I smiled back. “Where are we?”
“Back in Volterra…”

Chapter 15

“Can we go hunting first please?” I asked. We were right outside the city.
“Sure, but it’s going to have to be fast.” I nodded and Alice drove down a path.
She parked the car and a knock resounded against Jacob’s window. I jumped slightly then saw Uncle Emmett standing there. Jacob opened the door and got out, towing me with him.
Emmett threw his arm around my shoulders and started walking towards the forest. “Okay Ness, let’s see who can get the best one.” He said grinning.
“You’re on!” I said taking off.
I ran while smelling the area. Carnivores were my favorite and I was determined to find one.
I stopped and expanded my senses. I heard Jacob’s paws thumping softly on the ground a little farther behind, along with another set… Seth. I smelled some type of big cat to my immediate right. A predator… perfect!
I turned and took off again, following the smell.
I approached the cat at a stealthy pace. Right before I got in pouncing distance, his ears perked up and he looked at me. A low steady growl escaped his throat, so I growled back. I circled him, his eyes never wavering from mine, but at the sound of a twig breaking, his gaze left mine and traveled to the sound. I pounced on the cat’s back and sank my teeth into his neck. He tried to throw me off, but I had a good hold. I finished draining him, then stepped back satisfied. I took and deep breathe and smelled him…My Jacob. I turned around and saw him standing against a tree shirtless.
I smiled and skipped to where I was directly in front of him. I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his chest softly, making my way up to his lips. Once my lips connected with his, an overwhelming urge too over…He picked me up and pushed me against a tree. I wound my fingers in his hair and let myself get lost in the kiss.
Then I remembered my bet with Emmett, and got an idea. I pulled back, unwillingly, and caught up my breathing.
“Do me a favor, go phase.” I said smiling.
He gave me a questioning look then set me down. I kissed him once me and let him go. “Quickly.” I said smiling.
He rolled his eyes and took off into the forest. I expanded my senses to look for Emmett. It sounded like he was fighting with something. A minute later my russet colored wolf trotted up. I put my hand against his cheek to show him why I wanted had wanted him to phase. I made a laughing noise and laid down. I sat down and leaned against him, waiting on Emmett to burst through the trees saying he won.
In about 3 minutes, sure enough, he came bursting through the trees carrying a bear. It wasn’t as big as Jacob though. “Ha! I win! That cat is nothing to my bear!” He said laughing.
I grinned. “Yea, that may be… but, he’s bigger than your bear.” I said patting Jacob’s coat. Jacob coughed out another laugh.
“That’s cheating.” Uncle Em complained. “It’s supposed to be dead.”
“You never said it had to be dead.” I said smiling wider.
“Humph… Fine, but next time I’m going to make sure its dead.”
I shrugged. “You can go phase back now.” I said facing Jacob, and getting up. He stood up and licked the whole right side of my face. I giggled and wiped the slobber off my face while Jacob took off to phase. Uncle Em threw the bear beside my cat and started back to the car.
Jacob walked back up, shirtless again. “Great Idea!” he said laughing.
I did a curtsy and laughed. “Thank you, thank you!” I placed both hands on his cheeks and showed him earlier. He smiled and leaned down to pick me up.
My back pressed against another tree, he began where we left off. I knew we should be heading back, but honestly, with Jacob I didn’t have to worry, I could lose myself in his eyes, touch, kiss, … A low moan escaped my throat as he kissed along my jaw and down to my collarbone. I leaned my head back against the tree and bit my lip to keep the moan that was threatening to escape. My hands were still pressed against his cheeks, so I was showing him everything I was thinking, and the way I was feeling… Oh well, I didn’t care.
‘I Love You’ I thought repeatedly. His lips found their way back up to my lips. I did not want him to stop, but I knew we had to.
Several wonderful minutes later, he pulled back and looked into my eyes. “I love you.” He whispered. Instead of answering, I continued to show him and tell him in thought that I loved him too.
I released my legs from around his waist and stood back on the ground. I slid my hands from his face and down his sides. He shivered slightly at my touch. I then wound my fingers with his.
“Well… we better get back. It’s time to get back to Bloodsucker Central.” Jake said smiling at me.
“Yea…” Time to hide beneath the cloaks of the evil…

Chapter 16

They still didn’t know I knew everything they had talked about. We were entering the city and I was growing restless. Alice had said the Jacob and Seth were to come with us too. The vision of me and the immortal children had set her on edge.
I was curled up against Jacob in the back seat of the car. Seth was to my left and was using my leg as an arm rest. Uncle Emmett was driving and Aunt Alice was in the passenger’s seat. The rest of my family was already in the city waiting.
“I miss the R.V.” Seth pouted.
“Yea, me too. I miss beating you on the x-box…” I said turning my head and grinning.
“You cheat…” He mumbled.
I smiled and curled back up to Jacob.

“Oh hello! Welcome back to Volterra!” A tall dark skinned vampire said greeting us as we walked in the door.
“Hello Giana, nice to see they finally turned you… Do you know where the rest of our family is?” Alice asked politely.
She smiled, he bright red eyes shinning. “Of course, right through here.”
She led us through a door to some type of waiting like room.
In the room were lots of couches with TVs. My parents were sitting together, talking quietly to one another when we came in, but all conversations stopped as we entered the room. Aunt Rose was looking through a magazine but looked up when we entered. Uncle Jasper was on a couch stretched out, looking in at us, well Alice.
Aunt Alice immediately flitted to Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett went to Aunt Rose’s side.
Jacob pulled me to one of the couches and made me sit down. “I’ll be right back. I need to talk to your dad” he said smiling. I nodded then grabbed a pillow getting comfortable.
“Oh Seth, catch!” My dad tossed Seth a large bulky case.
“What is it?” he asked as he started opening it.
“Just go sit with Nessie and watch something.”
Seth looked confused but did as he was told. He sat down beside me and opened the case.
His eyes widened and he smiled. “Earphones… movies… games…”
Inside the case was a laptop with all the gadgets, games, movies, etc. anyone would ever want. “Satellite… 8 Gigs RAM and 500 Gigs Hard Drive…” He picked it up out of the case and started rotating it, getting a better look at it. It was a black Toshiba Satellite 500, but I could tell it had been customized. I looked up to say something to my dad but Jacob, my mom and he was already gone.
Seth opened the laptop and turned it on. Within a minute it was already opened up. Wow… He said a few more things about it that I didn’t really understand, and then he opened the bag that had the games and movies.
“So what do you want to watch?”

I had fallen asleep watching “The Fast and the Furious”, but had awoken by a loud crash. I jumped up and saw Seth was still awake and alert. He looked at me, closed the laptop and put it to the side. Another crash resounded.
I quickly glanced around the room. “Where is everyone else?”
“They went out this morning to go hunt and Jake just went to the bathroom.” Another crash rang through the air, this time closer. “Do you think we should go find out what’s going on?”
I nodded. “Yea, that sounds good.”
I got up the waited on Seth to put his laptop away. “Come on Seth!”
“I have to make sure nothing happens to it, hold on.” He zipped up the case and stuck it under the couch, pushing it back far.
Another crash… “I’m good.” He grabbed my arm and we took off to the door. Before we reached the door, it busted through. We leapt backwards and Seth covered me with his body. The door’s shards flew and a few hit me but that wasn’t what had caught my attention.
I could barely make out anything because dust and smoke was billowing around the door. A very brief howl cut through me… Jacob.
Seth picked me up and ran to the very back corner of the room. “Stay. Under any circumstances, do not try to help.” He growled.
I nodded frightened. He took off towards the smoke and phased.
“Not another one…” I heard Jane complain through the fight. Seth growled and tore into the fight. I couldn’t tell who was fighting or what they were fighting.
“Jane! Now is not the time to be worrying about Seth!”
I started to move. “Renesmee, don’t you dare move!” My dad yelled.
Oh God… it’s the immortal children…

Chapter 17

“No…” This can’t be happening… How many of them were there? Where was the rest of my family? Where was Jacob?
The smoke and dust was finally starting to clear up and I could see my dad and Seth working together to kill a little girl no older than 2. I could tell that she used to be cute, but now… her expression was twisted into a snarl. Blonde curly hair framed her face; her eyes… her eyes were the deepest blood red I had ever seen.
I stood up again and moved across to the other side of the back wall. There were Jane, Felix, Demetri, my dad, and Seth, all fighting together against 8 or so immortal children. It seemed that ‘our team’ was winning. Uncle Jasper had told me years ago that immortal children were forbidden and were the strongest of our kind, but they didn’t know how to apply their strength to fight properly. They, like the newborns had no fight skills; they immediately went for the easy kills. Jane was an extreme advantage for our side. I noticed my dad and Seth had a certain style to their fighting. Felix and Demetri were extremely powerful, just like Uncle Emmett.
A baby’s screech pierced the air. I flinched at the sound. It was one of the immortal children.
Their numbers were dwindling gradually. There were now 5 left and they were being cornered out of the room.
Jane had them pinned down screeching from her ability. Oddly, I felt sorry for them. They would never get an actual life. They never had a chance…
A small tear escaped my eye.
I quickly wiped it away and focused my attention on the fight 40 feet from me.
I could barely hear my dad talking discretely with Jane, Felix and Demetri.
“No, I can’t tell, they’re thought process is much different than ours… Its- its disorientating.” My dad was saying.
“Well it’s your daughter that brought them here, so you better find out.” Felix growled.
I shuddered. It wasn’t my fault they were here… I had no clue who wanted to kill me…
My dad growled back. “Hey! Can it! We don’t have time to waste!” Jane snapped.
An immortal girl about 2 years old was creeping her way around Felix. She had pitch black hair and deep blood red eyes. Her glare was piercing through me. She looked as if she didn’t know why she was supposed to kill me, but she just was told to or she was really thirsty…
Felix caught a hold of her and threw her against the wall away from me. I had to do something… I had to help…
I grabbed a chair and dragged it along with me as I ran into the fight.
“No Nessie!” My dad yelled as I drew the chair into the air and swung it at a child. A little boy was my target. His brown hair and blood red eyes were shinning brightly.
The chair connected with him, sending him flying into the farther wall in the hall.
I righted the chair and prepared for the next attack…
To my immediate right was a red haired, pale, freckled, smiling little boy, creeping towards me. I swung the chair in a circle and it connected into his side. He made a crying sound as he hit the wall near Seth. Seth pounced on him and started ripping his little body to shreds.
There were only two children left. One my dad was dealing with and the other Jane was.
Within mere minutes, the last two children were no more. I helped gather up the pieces of them as we took them to a room specially made for the burning of vampires.
“Nessie, you shouldn’t have got in the fight.” My dad kept saying as I piled the body parts into the oven like fixture.
“Dad, I couldn’t just sit there. I had to help.” I replied. He just shook his head. “So where is everyone else?”
“Jacob is on one of the higher floors with Aro, Alec, Marcus, Giana, and a few other vampires, helping kill immortal children that had climbed through the windows. Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Emmett, Rose, Jasper, and your mom should be getting into the city now. They went out to hunt.”
I nodded. “Okay…”

“JACOB!” I ran and jumped into his arms. He had walked into the waiting room area about 10 minutes after we had put all the pieces of the immortal children into the crematory.
“Nessie, are you okay? Did they get to you?” He asked worried, holding me tight.
“There was a fight in the doorway but we killed them all.” I replied.
“You helped!”
“Yea, I helped kill two of them.”
He looked like he didn’t like the fact that I had been fighting, but I didn’t care, I was just glad he was okay. My dad had left to go find the rest of our family or to talk to the elder vampires and Seth was already back on his laptop.
I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, burying my head in his chest. He picked me up gently and walked us to a couch.
Once we were sitting down. I looked up into his eyes. “You are not going anywhere without me again… I don’t want to have to worry about you. Do you understand?”
The corner of his lips quirked into a smile, “Sure, sure.”
I smiled and pressed my lips eagerly to his.
“I’m not going anywhere without you… Don’t worry…” He said between kisses.
I nodded, my eyes closed, smiling. “Good.” I said kissing him firmly.
He stopped kissing me and a pout formed on my face. I opened my eyes to see him smiling. “I love you Nessie… with my whole heart…” He grabbed my hand and kissed it gently. Then he picked me up and set me on the other seat beside him.
My eyes widened as he slipped down on one knee in front of me.
“Renesmee Carlie Cullen, I’ve loved you ever since I locked eyes with you. I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you. You’re my best friend and the only one I will ever love. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I don’t think I’ll ever get another chance to do this… Will you marry me?”

Chapter 18

Tears welled up in my eyes. “Of course I will.” I managed to whisper. He slipped silver diamond ring on my left hand ring finger. When he let go of my hands, I threw myself into his arms, tears streaking my cheeks. My horrible day had turned completely upside down. I was going to marry my Jacob finally.
“I love you Nessie.” He repeated over and over.
I wanted to say so much to him but my tears wouldn’t let me, so I put my hand to his cheek and showed him.
I showed him my whole life, every image with him and what I had thought at the time. The pictures started to fly by, repeatedly. Then I landed on this Christmas when he told me about imprinting. I showed him exactly what I was thinking then and how much I loved him. Then I started flipping through the vacation and every moment we had together. Then I finally got to today and all the emotions running through me, the fight, how worried I was about him, everything. I was now showing him just a few moments ago when he asked me to marry him. I showed him everything I was thinking and how I was entirely in love with him. When I finished I removed my hand from his cheek and used it to wipe away my tears that were starting to stop.
“Oh Nessie.” I pulled back and looked into his eyes. We were both on our knees in the floor. Tears were on the brink of spilling over in his eyes. I laughed and wiped them away. He smiled and wiped away mine.
“I’m the one who is supposed to be crying, not you.” I said smiling as his dark eyes glistened.
He smiled and put his large hands on my cheeks. Then he leaned in and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him to keep him as close as possible. His hands slid down to my hips. Within seconds I was up against the back of the couch. Jacob continued kissing me eagerly. I couldn’t wait to marry him.
Jacob pulled back slowly and glared at Seth. Seth was smiling. “Yes?”
“Well, I thought I’d let you know that the family is almost back in.” He said proudly.
“And how do you know that?” Jacob questioned.
“E-mail.” He said pointing at his laptop.
Jacob rolled his eyes, kissed me once more and sat up grumbling. I held his hand and leaned against him, smiling. Two minutes later my family came into the torn up waiting room.
“Oh can I Nessie, can I?” Oh great, she already knew. “Please, please, please?”
I looked up at Jacob. “It okay with you?” He shrugged.
“Okay Alice.”
“YAY!” She squealed, everyone else laughed. My parents walked slowly over to us.
“Congrats Nessie!” my mom said pulling me off the couch and into a hug.
“Thanks mom.” She kissed my cheeks and passed me to my dad.
“My little girl is all grown up now.” He said smiling crookedly.
“I was never really little dad.”
“Yes you were, you didn’t finish growing up till now.”
I rolled my eyes and hugged him.
The rest of the family was at our side, waiting to talk to me and get hugs. I was passed down the line.
“Now Jacob, you know that if you hurt my daughter, in any way, I will kill you.” My dad said to Jacob while I was passed down to Aunt Rose.
“Sure, sure.” Jacob replied.
My dad chuckled. “What’s funny?” My mom asked.
“Jacob just realized that he’ll have to call us mom and dad.”
“Did I mention I hate the whole mind reading thing?” Jacob said sarcastically. I finished getting hugs and congratulations, and skipped to the couches where Jacob, Seth, and my parents were sitting.
I sat down in between Seth and Jacob, receiving a kiss on my forehead from Jacob and a hug from Seth who immersed, once again, in his laptop. Jacob wrapped an arm around me shoulder as I snuggled up to his side. He was truly the love of my life and the man of every girl’s dreams. I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

Chapter 19

“Edward, Bella, Renesmee, Jacob!” Jane yelled from the door.
Our heads snapped up.
“Come on, Aro needs you.”
We got up and rushed to the door to follow Jane. We followed Jane up the stairs and into a room where “The Elders” and their guard were. “Ah, thank you Jane, you may leave now. She bowed and left the room without a word.
“Now, straight to business, we need to know if you know anyone who would want to attack young Renesmee.”
“Aro, if we knew, don’t you think we would have hunted them down and kill them?” Jacob replied fiercely. I squeezed his hand to calm him down.
Aro nodded in thought. “Do you know of anyone who would want to hurt us?”
We all exchanged glances. “The Romanians.” My dad breathed.
Aro’s eyes widened for a fraction of a second then returned to normal. “Stefan and Vladimir?”
My dad nodded. “When they helped us stand up against you, it was because they wanted a fight with you to ensue. They thought we could win, especially with Bella and the wolves, but I don’t see why they would target Nessie… Unless they knew we would take the sanctuary of your guard, which they did. The question is, when are they going to strike next, and who else resides with them.” My dad said voicing all his thoughts.
Wow… I never would have thought…
Aro nodded. “Thank you young Edward, you all may go now.”
We all bowed slightly and left the room without another word.

“Bella, love, we need to get out of Volterra. Aro was thinking of using us to fight and I don’t want to endanger our family.” My dad said quietly to my mom, on the couch beside Jacob and me.
“I figured as much.” My mom grumbled. “So when are we leaving?”

“Carlisle, we have to go or else Aro is going to make us fight in their battle.”
Grandpa Carlisle nodded thoughtfully. We were all packing up the little bit of stuff we had with us. “I understand. The faster, the better.”
We grabbed all our stuff and slipped out of the building without being seen or heard.

“Yes Nessie?”
“We need our own place.”
“Yea, we do, don’t we?”
It was noon and we were in our own car, Jacob driving, I was in the passenger’s seat and Seth was, again, on his laptop. It was amazing how enamored one person could get with one lone laptop and loads of games and movies.
“You know Ness, I’ve really enjoyed this vacation, but I’m ready to get back home, to our semi-normal lives.” He said smiling and glancing at me.
“Yea, me too.” I loved our vacation, and it was so much better that I got to spend it with the love of my life/ existence.
“I love you.” He said softly, bringing our intertwined hands up to kiss mine.
“I love you too Jake, forever and always.”

“Ah… I never realized how good home was!” Seth exclaimed stepping out of the car.
Emmett laughed. “Hey kid, don’t get too used to our house.”
“Yea, yea, whatever.”
It was nice to be home. The warm noon April sun welcomed us. “Yea Seth, I know what you mean.” I said smiling and inhaling the cool air. “Home Sweet Home."

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