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(Fan-Fiction, Renesmee's POV) Gleaming Moon (My First Fan-Fic)

Hey guys, I am just writing a fan fiction for the first time, so go easy on me! Uhm, if the title has been already used by someone else, please notify me. Last night I was bored, so I just started writing a story about Renesmee in my Notepad. Hopefully you guys like it. Comments are certainly welcome :]

Ch. 1 [Names of the chapters will be put when I come up with a name]

I layed there listening to the sound of the birds chirping outside my window. I was up all night - considering I was too excited for my first day of Highschool. I closed my eyes, finally tired enough to close them. Right then, the door slammed open as Aunty Alice skipped in and my mom (Bella) walked in behind her. My eyes flew open. I looked to the right to see the time on my alarm clock : 6:00 am. I sighed and sat up. Aunt Alice skipped into my walk-in closet, and my mom sat next to me. She snickered.

"Whats so funny?" I demanded. Great! Now that I didn't get any sleep, I wont be able to control my attitude.
"Hah. Aaah-Ooh. Your Aunt Alice does this to me all the time. When I first became official with your father, she used to always pick out my cloths. She still does! But shes more worried about picking out your cloths now!" She smiled and peeked into the closet. "No sign of her. She mightve gotten lost in there!"
I got out of bed to get my brush, and I laughed at mommys silly joke. I brushed my hair and then began to stroke it in between my fingers. Suddenly, Aunty Alice ran outta the closet with an outfit and shoes picked out.
"Okay, here is what you haaaave to wear today! Get all those boys drooling!" She sat the cloths out on my bed. I looked at them. Truth be told, it was a very cute outfit;

A V low-cut purple shirt.
White tanktop (For underneath)
Worn-out jean short-shorts
& my awesome black converse my mom gave to me.

I shoo-ed my mom and Aunty Alice out, and I put on my cloths. I put a barrette in my hair, pulling my bangs back and I put on some black flemmy bracelettes. I sat on my bed, thinking about how they day will start out. Will I make friends? Will they hate me? Will someone figure out my secret? All these questions went through my mind. Then, the love of my life, Jacob Black, walked in and sat next to me. He took my hand, and tangled his with mine.

"So are you ready for your first day of High School?" He asked, looking me in the eyes and smiling his beautiful smile. I sighed with happyness. "As long as your with me, ofcourse I'll be ready!" He laughed, as did I too. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. At first it was just a soft kiss, but then it turned more intense. This is the first time he ever started... whats it called? Making out with me! I was mezmorized. I was in my own world, until daddy came to my bedroom door.

"Eeh-hem." Jakey pulled away and looked at Edward. "Oh, uhm... Hi Daddy! Uh, Im going to go downstairs... a-a-and get breakfast." I smiled awkwardly and left the room. I hope nothing will happen between them.

I didn't go downstairs. I decided to eesedrop on their conversation. So if daddy or Jakey got mean, I could stop them.

"Okay, look Dog. I know you imprinted on Renesmee, but you have no right to be sucking her face like that! Shes only 7 years old in vampire years. Yeah, she's 15 in human years, but just... back off dog. Okay? I bet you havent even told Nessie that you have imprinted on her. Have you Jacob?" Daddy wasnt really yelling. It was more of a stubborn tone.
"No, I havent told her yet. And I can suck her face all I want! I love her, Edward! She is my life. Without her, I would probably still hate you. Now that I think your okay, you better watch it! And ya' know what? Im going to be telling her today. Im going to be taking her hunting, and tell her. I might even ask her to be my girlfriend!" I smiled. At that moment, I felt like the happiest girl on earth.

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