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Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to chit chat a bit about this website! I'm just so happy to be part of the Twilight Saga Mania!!! I've read the books before they were even that popular and absolutely love them!!!

I had a bit of a problem with Rob Pattinson being Edward at first, but you know, with some getting used to, I really like him now. He's pretty awesome! Kristen Stewart on the other hand, she's "okay", but nothing special. I think its her attitude I just don't like. It bothers me. Its like she doesn't have time for anyone and all of this is a load of bull! Its beneath her. I don't know, it might just be me. She did an okay portrayal of Bella, but I'm betting someone else could have done it better!!!

Anyway, I love the series, I absolutely love how Stephenie Meyer writes (In The Host too!) and hope to make great friends here!

Talk to you all later, Twilighters!!!

Nykki :)

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Comment by Just Brittany on February 20, 2009 at 1:10am
I think the same way about Kristen Stewart playing Bella. I only started reading the books after the movie came out. So even though there are now faces to the characters, I still have a hard time picturing Robert as Edward and Kristen as Bella. Actually it's pretty much the same with all the characters. I also feel that Kristen thinks this movie and the future ones are just paychecks and she doesn't enjoy playing Bella. But we could be wrong. I just feel that she's not connected with the character. In the books, Edward and Bella actually act like they love each other. She just dopesn't show any kind of affection in the movie. But I don't want them to recast beacause I hate that, so maybe she'll be better in the next movie.

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