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When Bella felt hurt after Edward left in New moon she couldn't watch other couples anymore. She couldn't even stand to watch movies with any type of love in it. Well... now I know how she feels. My best friend(J) is in love with the guy I'm in love with. Of course I never told her or him... so it's my own fault. Even though they can't do anything because he's too old for her. Even though she told about some of their kisses. No one knows but me. And no one on this website knows the real me and my problems so I decided to blog about it.
My friend, K, from the self centered blog has a boyfriend and they are in love. My friend, T, has a boyfriend and they're already talking about marriage. My friend, KB, is in love with her boyfriend and he's already asked her to marry him... I realized a while ago I didn't like my boyfriend in that way anymore so I broke up with him. But I really didn't want to because now I'm lonely. Well the guy I thought I was in love with, I think i'm discovering feelings for his younger brother. I'm so mad and lonely and confused. I'm not picky... I just want one. One person to be my best friend and a boyfriend... ya know. I'm lonely and I don't want to be anymore.

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