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I opened my eyes and saw the the sunshine coming through the window. I couldn't take this anymore my hole body was in great pain I couldn't take it. Maria was a really bad person I dong know how come my dad trust her I just hope he could be here to protect me but I know that it impossible. I'm sure that the only thing that was keeping me alive was my boyfriend Robert I knew that what we had was special well atleast that's what I felt and I'm for sure that he feels the same way but I hated to see him suffering because of me then I had one of the many memories why I hated Maria


Robert was dropping me off in front if what used to be my home
He came with me until the front porch he kissed md and I opened the door
As usual Maria was waiting for me she was showing an evil grin that gaved me shivers down my spine but as soon as I saw that grin I knew that the beating was about to start
She pulled me by my hair and trow me against the wall I felt my back crack started to cry she make me stand up she pushed me against the wall and she started punching me in the stomach I started screamen but she scratch my mouth with her long nails just after that Robert opened the door he just stand froze in the doorway he knew Maria did this things but he didn't knew how bad it was
He pushed Maria and carry me out of the house and into his car I was partly awake Rober was driving like crazy in 10 minutes we arrived to the hospital they rushed me into a room and then everything went blank I woke the next morning I saw Robert holding my hand I stoke his cheek to make him feel better he stroked my cheek back but when he streched in his arms I saw a scratch but not any scartch Marias nails scratch I asked what had happens he said Maria had scratch him when she arrived to the hospital he said she told him that that was just a warning and that if didn't wanted another one that he should better mind his own business after he told me this I told him to go away that Maria was not fooling around but he stayed with me the entire time
After that I got better Maria obviously got away because she made up an excused
Robert refused to let me near Maria after that but I begged him to stay out and he stills is not happy with my choice but he respects it

End of flashback

I stand up and walked in the bathroom I lift up my shirt and saw all the bruises and cuts Maria left me last night
I walked in the bathroom and let the cold water come out it relaxed me and make me feel better I started thinking why did I was still hear then I knew why I was here I was here to make honor of my dads and dads name and because Robert is here he is my light in the darkness

I walked out of the shower picked out my outfit I picked a blue shirt with a black belt and some withe skinny jeans and some black botties I put my hair in a ponytail
I picked out the stairs and saw that Marias car keys were still in their place and her bedroom door was closed so I guessed she was still asleep I rushed down the stairs and run out of the door

I waited 2 minutes and Rober (or Robbie as I call him for shorts) he opened me the door like a complete gentleman I walked in his mustang
-Good morning Beautiful
-(I blushed when he said this) Good morning Handsome
We kissed ooh I loved his lips his smell the way he kissed me was unique he made made me feel special we pulled away since he had to go to school and honestly we were running late (upppps) again.

We pulled into the school parking lot
We hopped off we walked in hand by hand I could feel peoples eyes on me I didn't get why I'm not exactly miss popular I font have friends Maria won't allow me to have friends
Then I looked at my arm I forgot to cover on of my cuts I ran to the bathroom locked myself in a stall and start cleaning and covering the cut with make up it took me about 5 min.
I was an expert at this ive been doing this for 5 years
I ran out and Robbie was waiting for me he asked what happens and I explained him
He walked me to my first class Biology (one word Boring!!!) but I did my best to get good grades because as soon as I can I'm running away from my house.
I entered in the class lucky for Mr. Shetller hasn't started yet
I sat down on my desk next to Jilliana she has a huge crush on Robbie so she hates me
Class went by really fast I took my notes backed everything and leaved right in the doorway Jiluana pushed me and all my books felt to the floor obviously no one helped me but this one boy I have never seen before
Other than that my day was normal boring and quite
I walked out of the school and my handsome boyfriend was waiting for me beside his car
I smiled and he smiled back after that I just run into his arms he embraced me he lift me up and kissed me when I was in his arms i felt all the pain, sadness, worries and troubles going away we let go he opened my door I hopped in he hopped in an we drove away
I thought we were going to his house but he droved passes it and he said he was taking me to some where else
After 30 minutes we reached to a beautiful clearing and right in the midlle was a beautiful cottage
He stoped the car we motioned me to get out he showed me the cottage it was beautiful when you walked in you entered a beautiful living room with a fireplace and a comfy couch the floor was stone their was a bookshelf a plasma tv their was a kitchen it had the same floor as the living room then he led me in a hallway that had wood floors and stone walls their were three rooms the first one was big the second one was big but not as big as the first one and the third one was medium size after he showed me our future house (well if I'm still alive) we went to his house his parents weren't home we went to his room he sat in his bed we just stated into each other eyes he kissed me I kissed back he pull me closer I pulled him even closer I started taking off his shirt but he stoped me but before he could say anything I started kissing him again I finally took off his shirt he didn't stoped me this once he got on top of me and took off all my clothe and I did the something we started making love over and over it was our first time he took my virginity and I took his
I rooked up the next morning ins his arms
We both smiled
-well that was amazing Robbie
-was it what were you expecting?
Serious face
-I'm kidding silly
-I know
-but no it was not what I expected it was way better
That moment was just perfect nothing could ruin it well atleast not yet
But my bad luck is always behind me
My phone started ringing
When I checked the caller ID it was my nightmare

To be Continued.......

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Comment by Amor Murilllo on January 29, 2011 at 12:56pm
Wait and you'll see
Comment by Lily Right <3 on January 29, 2011 at 12:51pm
A few grammer issues. Otherwise it was great. (: Oh btw how can ur bf -robert- with stand seeing u get hurt over nd  over again. Is he going to kill Maria?

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