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Okay so those people who don't like rants should probably exit my blog and never read it again because I have a habit of ranting, especially when i am passionate about the subject matter, like, the Twilight Saga.
But this entry will probably not be a rant just talking about unnecessary things about yours truly that people don't really need to know but I'm going to tell you anyway. Think of this blog as like a public diary - it'll help half understand what I'm going on about.

My friends agree with me that I have far too many obsessions, I am insane (and proud of it) and I am abnormally tall for my age. I am 5'11'' or 178cm. I am a little paranoid about this sort of thing, sorry, can't tell you guys my age, you never know who might be reading this but I am quite young. As to my insanity, in this day and age with people so busy and running around with a hundred things on their mind all at once, do you not think that some of us could go slightly mad? Admittedly, I have been corrupted by my friend who are very insane but it's getting worse. But who cares? There are far more dire things happening in the world now, like global warming, the economic recession and the awful bushfires in Victoria, Australia. But I'm getting sidetracked here. I'll talk about them at a later date.

Anyway, Obsessions are usually not good things: my obsession with chocolate and the Internet for example would be decreed by normal people (but what is normal?!) as "unhealthy" but I encourage my obsessions anyway. I am quite proud to declare myself as first and foremost a Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Doctor Who tragic (yes it is a little sad how much I know about each of these masterpieces!) Actually, I know more about the history of the Elves from Lord of the Rings than I do know about American history...
But back to the point, Harry Potter was the first obsession, then Twilight. Harry Potter is most definitely a modern classic and with the popularity of Twilight, I don't think it will be far behind. But Tolkien's works in my opinion outclass them all. The scope of imagination needed to write this, languages, places, histories, tales even calendars simply boggles the mind. Oh yes, I suppose you could argue that Harry Potter and Twilight needed the same but that is beside the point - I LOVE LORD OF THE RINGS!!!

Note to self: Do NOT shout things that are un-Twilight-related. Some of the TwiHards on here might get angry. Ergh.

Oh dear it's getting a bit late and I have still got homework to do. Drat. I knew I should have done my chores before entertaining myself so brilliantly on this website.
Signing off with love to all Twilighters,

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